Feeling bold? This zesty orange wedding theme inspiration is what you need. Is orange too bright for a wedding? No, it's Your Day, Your Way! Here are all the ways you can have orange in your wedding, from velvet suit jackets, sexy satin bridesmaid dresses, pumpkin wedding decorations, fruity wedding cakes, aesthetic tablescapes, and dynamic stationery and signage, we’ve got all of the ultimate orange wedding inspiration you could ever want. Whether you’re choosing an orange colour palette for the vibe or because you’re having an autumnal seasonal wedding, it’s the ideal choice for couples wanting their wedding day to stand out. What does the colour orange mean? Orange is the colour of joy, optimism, confidence, and warmth. If that’s what you want to bring to your wedding day, then let’s get into it…

56 of the best orange wedding theme ideas from Rock My Wedding!

Orange Wedding Outfits

Traditional? Classic? Yes, you can absolutely go that route with the white princess wedding dress and black tuxedo or morning suit but if you do want a pop of colour in your wedding outfits, orange is one colour that will certainly POP in your wedding photos. Whether it's an orange tulle bridal gown, a velvet orange suit jacket, or a double-breasted orange jacket, we LOVE it! Don't be afraid of colour, these weddings and couples below are proof that you can play with colour in your wedding outfits. It's your day, your way!

Orange Wedding Cakes

Orange wedding cakes are like strawberries and chocolate, lime and tequila, they just go together! If you're having an autumnal wedding, then you might be using a seasonal colour palette. Orange leaves, orange drip icing or some orange flower decorations are the perfect choice for your autumn wedding cake. Similarly, even if you don't have any orange in any other part of your day orange decorations or icing absolutely makes sense if you're having orange-flavoured sponge and/or frosting!

Orange Theme Decor

Tablescapes are one of those things we could just stare at ALL day long. The details are what makes them so aesthetically pleasing, and when you add a pop of colour in there, it's just stunning! If you're going for a seasonal colour palette or you just really like the colour orange, we can confirm that it makes for a picture-perfect place setting. Orange wedding decor doesn't just stop at the table design. What about your altar, a photo backdrop wall for your guests, and even PUMPKIN?! An autumn wedding wouldn't be complete without the popular use of pumpkin decorations. Don't mind us admiring pumpkin patch weddings all afternoon.

Orange Flower Arrangements

Wedding flower arrangements are something that always gets the guests talking. As your guests take their seats at the ceremony they'll be gasping in delight if you choose to have some show-stopping orange florals. If you're a redhead, we couldn't recommend an orange and red bouquet more! Subtle coordination looks amazing in wedding photos, and when your hair matches the florals, it is perfection! Actually, we just couldn't recommend orange flowers enough. The most popular orange wedding flowers include roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, dahlias, and not forgetting the dyed bunny grass or autumn leaves for that seasonal touch.

Orange Wedding Stationery & Signage

Signage and stationery are one of those more creative parts of the wedding you can have fun with. While you might want traditional wedding outfits and that classic white wedding cake, wedding stationery and signs can give you the freedom to really have some fun. Wedding invitations and the rest of your on-the-day stationery and signage convey to your guests the overall theme of the day. Orange is one of those bold colours and when opening your bright orange invitation, it'll really get your guests hyped up to see what kind of day would involve such vibrant stationery. Keep 'em guessing...

Orange Accessories

More of the subtle type? That's fine! You can still involve some orange on your wedding day with accessories! From orange retro block heels, orange ties and pocket squares, denim jacket cover-ups, buttonholes, and gorgeous headdresses and jewellery. These brides, grooms, and wedding guests have made orange their colour with these fun bride and groom accessories!

Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

In case you've somehow missed the memo, orange bridesmaid dresses are one of the most popular bridesmaid dress colours! We even have a whole roundup of them if you want to see more. It's easy to see why these are so often chosen by brides and I Do Crews alike. Orange is such a flattering colour on all skin tones and hair colours. If you've chosen to go for orange, the next decision is what fabric you want the dresses in. Sexy satin? Velour velvet? Charming chiffon? The choice is yours.

Don't forget to work with different shades and tones! A burnt orange and gold theme is ideal for autumn! 

Has all this orange convinced you to have an orange wedding theme or at least to have some pop of colour in your day? We sure hope so. We love this colour for weddings so much that we have an orange wedding colour palette Pinterest board, so if are looking for more inspiration you don't need to worry! Not sure orange is for you, our pink wedding theme inspiration might be more your style.

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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