If you've never come across a wedding in a swimming pool before, then let us introduce you to Charlotte & Lewis, who celebrated their love in the oh-so-quirky Victoria Baths Manchester. The couple aimed to provide their European guests with a taste of Manchester. Vibrant tropical colours like bright greens, pinks, and blues, along with geometric patterns, were incorporated into the intricate details, perfectly complementing the architecture and décor of this awesome venue. Charlotte not only dazzled in her gorgeous short wedding dress from Recommended supplier Paper To Lace, but she also designed the Japanese-inspired stationery that stood out among the striking floral arrangements. Their emphasis on lighting and music was paramount throughout the day, and thanks to Recommended supplier Festival Wedding DJs, they skillfully crafted different atmospheres that beautifully enhanced the transition from daytime to evening festivities. Recommended supplier Nicola Thompson Photography captured the quirky, zany, and incredibly cool energy perfectly, from start to finish. 

Quirky Victoria Baths Manchester wedding with short wedding dress

The venue was a very unique place, and holding the ceremony in the pool was really fun. We chose a theme that was personal to us. We came up with fun ways to incorporate it, too. Charlotte is an illustrator, creating the signage and little touches with her style. Our wedding was an excuse to have a big party with all our closest friends and family. The most rewarding thing was that guests appreciated the planning and style we put into the day. We still get our friends talking about all the little details and how it was very us.

Charlotte & Lewis

Zany celebrations at Victoria Baths Manchester

If you're looking for a truly unforgettable wedding experience that will leave a lasting impression on everyone, look no further than Victoria Baths Manchester. This extraordinarily unusual wedding venue offers a range of dramatic and distinctive spaces that couples can personalise to their heart's content. Charlotte & Lewis exchanged vows and said their I Dos on a small stage in the old swimming pool (hopefully they remembered to drain the water), with a captivating tropical backdrop as the setting. The couple seized the opportunity to make use of these unique spaces, and they made sure to prioritise lighting and music throughout the entire day. This approach resulted in the creation of various differing vibes. Their attention to detail truly elevated the overall experience for all of their guests. 

Japan meets France meets Manchester

Charlotte & Lewis definitely didn't stick to just one country for inspiration on their big day. Both deeply enamored with Japan and having lived there for nearly two years, the couple's connection to the country was undeniable. In fact, it was in Japan that Lewis proposed to Charlotte, adding an extra layer of significance to their love for the culture. They decided to center their wedding around the vibrant and uplifting genre of Japanese music known as "City Pop". As they were tying the knot in an old swimming pool, they found the perfect opportunity to intertwine the Japanese bathhouse ambiance with their chosen theme. Also, with Charlotte's friends and family from France joining the festivities, the wedding became a bilingual affair. The clever and funny translations of speeches and readings added an extra layer of joy.

Those alternative wedding shoes though... Adding heeled green shiny booties to our wish list! 

If we had any advice, it would be this. Create a theme based on your interests rather than the venue or trends. We started with a Victorian seaside theme to match Victoria Baths Manchester but realised it didn't connect with us. And trust us - we're very happy we changed it! If possible, it's great to have a day or two before the wedding to meet guests early and do something simple like a pub lunch. The day is such a blur that getting all the greetings done before gives you more time to enjoy the day.

Charlotte & Lewis

We. Are. In. Love. With a swimming pool? Who saw that one coming? Definitely not me. But Charlotte & Lewis persuaded us. And they did a swimmingly good job, at that! Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week. This wedding at Victoria Baths Manchester is evidence that there are so many different kinds of venues to choose from. So, choose wisely! If Charlotte's shoes made you swoon, we get it. We really do. If you want some more inspiration in that department, we've got you covered. Our article on bridal accessories is filled to the brim with beautiful finds.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Venue: Victoria Baths, Manchester | Photographer: Nicola Thompson Photography | Music: Festival Wedding DJs | Photobooth: The Photobooth Guys | Florist: Bread Flower | Wedding Breakfast: Luncheonette | Bruch : Hip Hop Chip Shop | Drink: Sebastien Gans | Cake: Ard Bakery | Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Anderton | Wedding Dress: Paper to Lace | Accessories: Wolf & Moon | Groom Accessories: Francis + Louise | Groom Suit: Hockerty | Bridal Shoes: Patricia Blanchet | Groom Shoes: Asakusa Tomoe | Stationery: Martin Le Lapin | Favours: Drinkind | Audio Guest Book: Tape Deck | Patterned Cassettes: Wooden Flamingo

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