When it comes to planning and styling your wedding day, it’s the little details that you often forget. To help out, we’ve got 36 wedding bar design ideas for every kind of wedding. Seriously, whether you’re having a marquee reception, an outdoor celebration, or something rustic or luxurious, all you need to do is scroll to find the inspiration you’ve been looking for. We’ve also included some bar design ideas with non-alcoholic options like hot chocolate stations and coffee vans. For couples wanting that wow factor, consider a cocktail cart! It’s all about having Your Day, Your Way! Let’s get into it… 

36 wedding bar design ideas to enjoy cocktail hour in style 

Outdoor Wedding Bar Design Ideas

For outdoor wedding celebrations, you can have so much fun with your wedding bar! Choose from outdoor wooden bars that you could decorate with lavish wedding flowers, rustic carts or retro minivans for your outdoor wedding bar. 

Marquee Wedding Bars

Your marquee may come with a bar as part of the package, but if it doesn’t then here are a few ideas you might like. Play around with colourful signage and lighting to let your guests know where the bar is. Go simple in design with some tables and metal bowls full of ice and beverages. Perhaps hire a bar. You could even hire some mini-fridges and build out the bar area from there. 

Themed Bar Design Ideas 

With themed wedding bar design ideas, the decor is actually surprisingly more simple. Stick with one or two drinks you’ll serve from the bar and then use old alcohol bottles, the glasses the drink/s are usually served in, and perhaps some prints or signage of the drink. The images below showcase G&T bars and a Spritz bar, but you could go wild by including only pink-themed drinks or lemon-flavoured cocktails. Let your imagination run wild! 

Pimp Your Drink Stations 

Let your guests personalise their wedding drinks with a ‘pimp your drink’ station! Have an area filled with different fruits, fruit purees or syrups, different garnishes and more. This way, guests can have fun with flavours and create their own masterpieces. It’s something interactive, so it acts as a small entertainment idea as well as decoration. 

Cocktail Carts 

Cocktail carts add a little bit of luxury to your special day. With customised wedding cocktails and a master mixologist on hand to create the heavenly drinks, your guests will feel like total VIPs at your wedding. 

Rustic Wedding Bar Design Ideas 

Want to bring the rustic vibe to your wedding bar? Then, this inspiration will certainly get the creative ideas flowing. We love these rustic letter lights and signage! Wooden crates with lanterns decorating the bar are a lovely touch. Plus, you could make your own DIY wedding bar using wooden ladders. It’s such a unique bar decoration idea and has all those relaxed, rustic vibes!

Hydration Stations 

Hydration stations could be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Hydration stations are a great way of keeping water and juices away from the bar to avoid distracting the talented mixologists with the simple drinks that guests could help themselves to. These are essential for hot summer weddings, especially if your guests are going to be outside for a while. Alternatively, fill up these glass dispensers with Pimm’s, punch or other alcoholic beverages. 

Non-Alcoholic Wedding Bar Design Ideas

If your wedding is a total sober zone or you’d just like to make sure all your guest’s choices are covered, consider these non-alcoholic drink options. Obviously, there are the 0% drinks like Nozeco and alcohol-free beer. But you could also consider a hot chocolate station or a coffee van for something non-traditional but perhaps even more yummy. Play into the season of your wedding. For summer, consider milkshakes or smoothies! 

Booze Baths 

Why not scrap the whole traditional bar idea? Keep things informal and relaxed with a booze bath! This way, guests can serve themselves and the drinks can be kept chilled by sitting in a bath of ice. It’s simple and stylish. A win-win in our eyes. Pair it with signage that matches your wedding theme to complete the look. 

Unique wedding bar design ideas for every kind of wedding from rustic, contemporary, boho and luxe! 

Love these wedding bar design ideas? Then you need to heat to our wedding cocktail ideas article to help you decide what you’ll actually be serving on the day. We’ve also got a handy list of creative cocktail names included in there too. What about a serving guide? We’ve got you covered. Our wedding day drinks guide has all the information you need.  

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