When it comes to saying 'I do,' it's not just about the vows; it's about toasting to a lifetime of love and laughter. Elevate your wedding with these 20 signature wedding cocktail ideas! Get ready to shake things up with these cocktail ideas that will leave your guests raising their glasses for more. Your signature cocktails can set the tone of your wedding just as much as the reception decor, music, and food, so choose wisely and have a great time trying them out! Cheers! 

20 signature wedding cocktail ideas that your guests will LOVE!

What is a signature wedding drink?

A signature wedding drink is a drink or drinks that you (the couple getting married) choose to serve on your wedding day. You don’t need to be a master mixologist or worry about flavour profiles. Most signature wedding cocktails are just regular classic cocktails that have been made with a slight twist to reflect the couple’s personality and are given a new name to tie into the wedding theme. For example, the Bloody Marry Me, Mint to Be Mojito, ‘Mr & Mrs Margarita’, the ‘I Do Daquiri’, we’re having so much fun with this! 

When to serve wedding cocktails?

If you’re after a party, then why not have your signature cocktails available all day? Though, the usual vibe is to opt for a specific cocktail hour (or two!). Cocktails are pricier than beer or wine because they’re time-consuming to prepare, so it’s completely understandable that you have these available for only a select amount of time.

Plus, if you’re going for a cocktail that is pretty high on the alcohol volume, for the sake of your budget and your guests’ heads the next morning, it may be best to put a time limit on them! 

The best time to host your cocktail hour is after your ceremony. This gives your guests time to mingle after being seated for a while and it can help set the mood for the rest of your celebrations. For summer weddings, after the evening meal may be the better time to host your cocktail hour. It's the perfect sign to your guests that the evening celebrations are kicking off and the party is getting started! 

How to choose your signature wedding drinks? 

The best part about choosing a speciality cocktail for your wedding is you don't have to pick just one! If you love tequila but your spouse is more into rum, combine your tastes with a cocktail made for each of you. You'll likely only decide on a couple of cocktails unless you're dreaming up a cocktail-centric reception. But if you do want to provide a few options, consider serving one cocktail designed by you, one cocktail designed by your partner and a third one that you create together, like a signature cocktail inspired by your pet or relationship. The fun part is trying some of these drink ideas at home before you talk to your caterer or bartender about what you want! 


 1. Stick With A Theme

Kick off the festivities with signature cocktails that reflect the essence of your love story. Think creatively themed drinks with personal touches – perhaps a "Love Potion" or a "Sweet Beginnings Martini." Not only will it be a treat for the taste buds, but it'll also be a conversation starter.

2. Go Seasonal 

Go with the flow of the seasons and serve up cocktails that complement the weather. Whether it's refreshing citrus-infused sips for a summer affair or warm, spiced concoctions for a winter celebration, let the flavours mirror the ambience and create a sensory experience for your guests.

3. Interactive Mixology Stations

Turn the bar into an interactive experience with mixology stations. Let your guests become the creators of their own cocktails, customising ingredients and garnishes. Like this pimp your prosecco station! It's not just a drink; it's an activity that adds a fun and dynamic element to your wedding celebration. If this will be too messy, just ensure your mixologist puts on a masterclass show with all the bottle flips! 

4. Classic Elegance… With A Twist

Give timeless classics a modern spin. Think of a classic mojito with a unique fruity twist or a sophisticated take on a Moscow Mule. These familiar yet revamped cocktails provide a touch of elegance while satisfying every guest.

5. Colour-Coordinated Cocktails

Add a visual feast to your wedding by incorporating a colour scheme into your drink menu. From blush pink cocktails for a romantic touch to vibrant tropical hues for a destination wedding, colour-coordinated drinks not only look Instagram-worthy but also enhance the overall aesthetic of your celebration. As we said earlier, the taste and look of the drinks add as much to your day as your music choices! 

6. Local Flavors

Infuse your drink menu with local flavours or global influences that speak to your cultural backgrounds or favourite destinations. It's a delightful way to add a personal touch and take your guests on a flavorful journey.

Wedding Cocktail Name Ideas 

  1. Bloody Marry Me
  2. Mint to Be Mojito
  3. Mr & Mrs Margarita
  4. The ‘I Do Daquiri’
  5. Something Old-Fashioned
  6. Apple-y Ever After Martini
  7. Appletini Of My Eye
  8. Main-Squeeze Margarita
  9. Altar-ed State
  10. Be Mine Wine
  11. Say I Do Sangria
  12. Wedding Bell-ini 
  13. You & Me G&T
  14. Matrimony Margarita
  15. Something Blue Lagoon
  16. Cosmopolitan Kiss
  17. 24 Carat Sour
  18. Mai Tai the Knot
  19. Love Potion
  20. Amortentia 

Cheers to you! Wedding cocktail hours are so popular and give your guests time to refresh and mingle!

As you plan the perfect toast for your wedding day, these wedding cocktail ideas are sure to add a spirited touch to your celebration. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness! Ensure non-alcoholic options are just as delightful with a selection of mocktails. Make sure all your guests can partake in the toasting festivities with our non-alcoholic wedding drink ideas! So, how much booze will you need for your big day? Head to our wedding drinks serving guide for all the answers. 

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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