When it comes to wedding gift lists, The Wedding Shop are impossible to beat. Not only do they offer an unrivalled list of carefully curated products for your new home together but they now offer the most incredible selection of experiences for you to choose from too. The kind of magical treats you may not buy for yourself, but would absolutely love to do. Once in a lifetime days and evenings out. Want to hear more? I thought so... Whatever you enjoy doing as a couple - from cocktail masterclasses, luxury spa experiences, bespoke gin making and chocolate factory tours to fly fishing experiences, golf lessons, Bentley road trips and even a private trip to the edge of space (!) There is an experience to delight everyone. Adding a couple of these fabulous days out to your Wedding Shop Gift List would be such fun. People can group together and buy you something to really remember. After all, when you look back at your long life together, what are the things you'll remember? The endless new-model smart phones you purchased over the years? Your collection of designer handbags? Or will it be the time spent walking the streets of Rome on honeymoon with your loved one? And the excitement you felt during that special dinner you had to celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary? Opt for a wedding gift list with The Wedding Shop and you can have the best of both worlds - items you're coveting for your home, honeymoon contributions and experiences to create memories that last a lifetime.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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