We're not surprised to see the rising popularity of the honeymoon gift list. A honeymoon registry is a fantastic way for your wedding guests to gift an experience you will treasure forever. It also provides a gracious way to ask for funding. And lucky for you, there are some fantastic honeymoon gift lists to choose from! But which honeymoon gift list is best for you? Fret not! We've put together a full review of the top honeymoon funds, so you can confidently make an informed decision.

Which honeymoon gift list? We compare them!


Prezola sets the mark when it comes to a flexible, online honeymoon gift list. They offer an inspiring selection of pre-made wedding honeymoon funds (over 100 I should say!) or the choice to create your own. From snorkelling along pristine coves to experiencing the magical wonders of the Northern Lights, the choice is endless. Make it personal to you.

And it doesn't stop there. With Prezola, you can take your honeymoon gift list to the next level by adding unique holiday gifts: sleek new luggage, holiday-inspired accessories, travel vouchers, and so much more. Or, if you can't decide between a traditional wedding gift list and a honeymoon fund, you can combine the two - Mix products, cash contributions, honeymoon funds, and charity donations, all on one list.

Another lovely feature of Prezola is its customisation options. Their modern website lets you create a honeymoon gift list full of personality - add images to each honeymoon fund and descriptions to inspire your guests. The flexibility of a Prezola honeymoon list means that friends and family will have the choice to choose which special part of your honeymoon to treat you to, creating a fund that feels tangible and meaningful. Plus, Prezola tracks every guest contribution, which makes it easy for you to thank your wedding guests for their amazing gifts.

Prezola also partners with some of the leading travel partners like Airbnb and Mr & Mrs Smith to help inspire your honeymoon. You can also build your own honeymoon fund to book with your own travel company.

Prezola perks round-up; Free for guests: one-off transfer available: tour operators available: mix products and cash: track guest contributions: thank you cards: gift cards: customisable templates, modern website, financial security, low-cost.

Fee structure

Prezola offers a totally free service (the best value for money out of all the honeymoon gift list registries we've compared!) for all couples. There is a 2% handling fee paid by guests when contributing to a fund and a 2% transfer fee on all cash funds, which covers Prezola's administrative costs. So a £1,000 fund means a £20 transfer fee. All contributions are kept in a ring-fenced trust account, so your money is 100% safe. You’re always in control of your funds and can withdraw them whenever you like by booking an online transfer.


Honeyfund is a simple platform that is used solely for giving and receiving cash. Some couples use it for fundraising or crowdfunding, and others use it for honeymoon funds.

If you're looking for honeymoon inspiration, Honeyfund does have a selection of starter packs that will give you some insight into the variety of honeymoon packages available. Or, choose from a curated selection of gift cards. You can mix cash and gift cards on one list.

Honeyfund perks round-up; Free for guests: automatic deposits: tour operators available: track guest contributions: thank you cards: gift cards: customisable templates.

Fee Structure

Free of charge for guests. All cash contributions are automatically transferred to your chosen bank or PayPal account. Bank account transfers have a 3.5% charge. PayPal accounts have a 2.5% charge. Each cash gift also has an authorisation fee of roughly £0.50 depending on your chosen bank account. For a full breakdown visit Honeyfunds FAQ.


Hitchd is all about creating a honeymoon gift list full of personality. Customise your dashboard by browsing their selection of honeymoon images, which will help your guests know what type of experience they’re contributing towards. You can also add an extra personal touch with a custom welcome message, wedding hashtag and unique URL.
Another feature of Hitchd is their customisable thank you notes. For every guest contribution, Hitchd will send you a notification to let you know which guest to thank. Their thank you templates are a great way to send a personalised thank you, which has a place to include a special photo from your trip!

Hitchd perks round-up; Free for guests: automatic deposits, tour operators available: track guest contributions: thank you cards: customisable templates.

Fee structure

There is a one-off payment plan to set up your honeymoon gift list. This costs between £69 and £169+, depending on your chosen payment plan. If you would like guests to contribute with their credit card directly on Hitchd, then you will also be charged a small processing fee. (1.4% + £0.20 (+1.5% for non-UK/EU cards)) This charge can be covered by you or your guests. Alternatively, if you choose to go with a third-party payment option, such as PayPal or CashApp, they may charge a small payment fee.


Patchwork is a platform dedicated to raising cash for any special event. And in this case, your honeymoon gift list! It works by encouraging you to share all the details about your dream honeymoon. (Perhaps a secluded treehouse retreat in Kenya, safari package included, and not to forget a gorgeous romantic lake-side dinner?) Once you've painted the picture, guests can choose which part of your honeymoon to treat you to.

Patchworks perks round-up: Thank You, Manager, automatic bank transfers, collect cash gifts in any currency, customisable templates.

Fee structure

Free sign-up and always free for guests to use. Payments are made through Stripe, a secure and easy-to-use payment platform which allows automatic deposits. Patchwork charge a 3.6% commission on contributions you receive, and a 1.4% payment partner fee for using Stripe.

Four top honeymoon gift list registries, honestly compared so that you can make the best decision.

Whether you're looking for flexibility, low fees, customisable perks (or all of the above), there's something to suit every couple. Now all that's left to do is grab the hand of your forever person, dust off your luggage and set off on the adventure of a lifetime. (No jealousy here.)

If you’re still undecided about whether to have a honeymoon or homeware registry, you may want to take a look at our wedding gift list comparison. It’s exactly the same as the comparison above, but instead of honeymoons, it’s all about gorgeous gifts. With these comparisons side by side, you’ll have everything you need to make the best decision.

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