When you’re in the final wedding planning stages you’ll be thinking of things like your wedding table name ideas, centrepieces, signage and all those things that tie your styling into a cohesive theme (or a mismatched theme, we’re supporting whatever vibe you’re after)! Today, we’re here to help with 40 wedding table name ideas! With everything from locations, songs and music, TV shows, films, books, and classic, rustic, and retro styles, we’ve got it all! We’ve also included table number ideas for those that decide a name isn’t for them! Prepare for inspiration in 3,2,1…

40 wedding table name ideas from locations to favourite books and movies!


Naming your tables after locations is one of the most popular wedding table name ideas! You could name them after places that mean a lot to you as a couple. For example, your hometowns, countries you've visited on holiday or you are yet to visit on your honeymoon, or where you met! You may also name them after places your family is from or just make them up completely! These location table names pair incredibly well with a map seating chart!

Classic Wedding Table Name Ideas

If you think deciding on a table name is just another decision on a very long list of wedding planning decisions, then make it easy for yourself and keep things classic. Why not just number your wedding tables instead? You can either have the number in the numerical format or written out. If you have quite large table centrepieces and don't want to steal attention from those, keeping it classic and simple with your table name or numbers is ideal!

Movies and Books

Again, we love it so much when couples make their table names personal to them. It can be fun for wedding guests to try and work out the meaning behind your table names! If you don't have any special locations together because you're both homebodies, then maybe naming your tables after your favourite books, movies or TV shows would work better! For some wedding reception entertainment, you could play a game of 'Who Knows Me Best?' where your guests guess (that's a mouthful) whose favourite TV show/movie/book is whose! One of the real weddings below chose to name their tables after famous couples and duos, which is another fabulous idea!

Retro Wedding Table Name Ideas

We are seeing such a rise in 70s and 80s-style weddings! Everyone loves disco ball decorations, some epic wedding sunglasses and pops of colour! Keep things retro with a vintage-style table name! Use some bold cursive font, bright colours, a touch of glitter and voilà! Opting for table numbers instead of names but styling them in a fun retro font and colour makes it look like you've thought harder about them than you actually did!


Similar to some of the other wedding table name ideas, why not go for a musical theme that is personal to you and your partner? Name your tables after your favourite bands and artists (maybe you've seen them all in concert or at a festival together), and name them after specific songs that mean a lot to you or other family members! It's not just the name that counts here, you can display them as actual vinyl records, CD albums, musical instruments and more! Let your imagination run wild! If you were debating about what should be your first dance song, why not include your options that didn't make the cut as your table names?

Rustic Wedding Table Name Ideas

Have we saved the best for last? That's up to you, but who can resist a rustic wedding? They're full of so much charm! These wedding table name ideas are all wood-based and will play into the setting of your wedding venue! Using tree slices and carving in your table names can be a really nice touch. Surround them with lanterns, candles and other cosy wedding lighting and you have yourself a table centrepiece too! They're the perfect table name choice for a barn wedding! If you're all about the party, one of our personal fave ideas is the alcohol table name below!

Adding a personal meaning to your table names is a great conversation starter for guests!

These 40 wedding table name ideas should have your mind made up! So, onto some other styling are the 5 signs you need for your wedding day! What about your ceremony decor? We also have 32 aisle decor ideas to help you out!

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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