Just call us your hero because we’re here to ensure you get perfect Instagram-worthy engagement nails to complement THAT engagement ring picture. One of the first things you do when you get engaged is share your ring! Whether you share it on social media or just with your friends and family, getting the perfect engagement manicure is essential. It’s a picture you’ll look back on forever, so you don’t want to cringe at your peeling or chipped nails. You might be one of those brides expecting a proposal soon and have an inclination that the ultimate question will be popped soon, so now is the time to get your fresh engagement nails. But what engagement nails should you get? We’ve got the best engagement nail inspiration for 2024!

24 best engagement nail ideas and manicure inspiration for 2024 

Getting your manicure for a proposal is a great start to a wedding nail journey. Keep up the nail maintenance for the big day, and in between engagement and the wedding, you will have lots of time to try out new styles.

Angel, Lead Educator at Paint Nails London

What Is The Best Colour For Engagement Nails?

As we go into 2024, research shows that neutral and natural nails are still the top colour choice for engagement nails. Fresha London, a beauty and wellness marketplace, has stated that 20% of people will choose to go for a neutral tone, while the second-most popular colour came out as white with 11% and 10% opting for a French manicure instead. It’s common for engagement nails to only feature one colour. The main benefit of selecting a neutral tone or one single shade is to ensure that the bold colours or designs don’t distract from your sparkling new engagement ring, which should be the main event! 

The Best Engagement Nail Art Ideas 

Last year, the likes of Hailey Beiber and Dua Lipa made chrome nails or ‘glazed donut nails’ a popular manicure trend. However, this is looking less and less like a trend and more like a permanent go-to style for engaged couples and brides! A shimmering chrome over the top of a neutral base colour is the ultimate engagement nail style for 2024. Other popular nail art designs include adding glitter, abstract swirls or an angular French tip compared to the classic rounded tip. Something we absolutely love for engagement and wedding nails are accent nails! Adding a tiny heart, floral pattern or gem onto your ring finger nail draws everyone’s attention to your ring! It allows you to add some personality to your set whilst still having elegant and classy engagement nails that don’t steal attention from your rock.

What Nail Shape Is The Most Flattering For Your Engagement Ring?

According to London’s premium nail salon, Paint Nails London situated within Beauty Club London in Oxford Circus, your nail shape should add to the illusion of making your fingers long and slim, which is why oval or a soft squoval nail shape are the best choices. Nail shape is often less of a key consideration compared to colour, as it’s just as likely to be influenced by your day-to-day life. If you use your hands a lot or your job requires natural or short nails, you’re more limited in choice. 


Opting for a less dramatic nail shape like a stiletto and going for something softer and shorter also doesn’t steal attention away from your ring whilst still looking flattering. This is the best choice to go for to achieve classy engagement nails. Fresha London has all the info on the most popular nail shapes for engagement nails. In first place are mid-length square nails (26%) and then pointed (15%), while the least popular shape was coffin engagement nails (2%). However, just because something isn’t popular doesn’t mean your nails won’t look incredible with your engagement ring. It’s Your Day, Your Way!

Colourful Engagement Nail Inspiration 

What colour should you choose for your engagement nails to match your ring? Well, if you have a classic diamond, then going for colourful nails would completely distract from the shine of your ring. However, if you do want some colourful engagement nails, then this inspiration will prove to you that you absolutely can have bold nail designs for weddings and engagements! Going for darker nails like red, black, and burgundy will ensure that your nails look super classy and elegant whilst still not distracting from the ring itself. Everyone knows the magic of red nails, we’ve all heard about the red nail theory and if you haven’t, get searching! 

What engagement nails are right for you? 

Although it’s difficult to predict what your engagement ring will look like, unless you’re anything like us and have dropped so many hints you know exactly what ring you’ll be getting, if you suspect it’s going to feature white stones and/or a silver band, it’s best to opt for a cool-toned neutral shade to compliment the piece. Whereas gold rings are perfectly matched to light brown or rose pale pink nails. 


When it comes to what kind of base you use the options are endless. From builder gel and hard gel, to dip powder and acrylic, you should speak to your nail technician or nail artist about what would be best for you based on your own nail needs and requirements. Sophie Turner, Kim Kardashian (when announcing her engagement to Kanye), Sofia Vergara and Meghan Markle are the perfect examples of doing engagement nails right! 


Rock My Wedding’s engagement nail guide with inspiration on nail shape, colour, and more!

If long nails are not for you and you prefer them short, that's also fine. A short classic red is always classy for any occasion.

Angel, Lead Educator at Paint Nails London

Okay, so you have your engagement nails sorted, so what now? The next step is thinking about your wedding nails! Here are 88 wedding nail trends and ideas to get you feeling all inspired and excited about your big day. Head to our bridal accessories article to see how you can add sparkles to your look on your wedding day. 

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