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Wedding Nails – 46 Real Bride Styles

Whether getting your nails done is a religious part of your beauty routine or not, on your wedding day you will want those bad boys to be pristine. Given that your hands are going to be heavily photographed and peered upon – thank you dazzling bouquet and fancy new wedding ring – it’s only right that you splash out on a set of gels, acrylics or even just a fancy polish that you love for a DIY manicure. Whatever floats your boat. And whilst we’re not here to tell you how long your wedding nails should be or what shape you should have them (do it your way), we are here with some colour inspiration from our very own featured real weddings. 

If you find yourself into any of our bride’s overall style, don’t forget that you can click the link in the image description to see their stellar wedding in all of its entirety. But for now, those wedding nails.

Neutral Wedding Nails

Neutral nails always look super chic and far from boring. They are the perfect pairing almost any colour of dress. If you want a statement neutral opt for a sharp white. It’s clean yet striking and extra beautiful against dark or swarthy skin tones.


Pink & Red Wedding Nails

Probably the most frequently seen statement wedding nail colour we see are pinks and reds. Ranging from baby pink that’s verging on a neutral right through fuchsia into the realms of deep, dark vampy red nails. We love them all. Also the perfect accompaniment to a bold lip. 


A Pop Of Colour

Want a bold pop of colour on your wedding nails but so keen on pinks and reds? Anything goes. We’ve seen deep navy, ultraviolet purple and mermaid green. If it’s ‘your’ colour or you just want those nails to pop then you have an entire spectrum to go wild with.


Wedding Nail Art

Glitz, pearls, stamps, patterns, crystals, colour combinations, anything goes. It’s your wedding day, If you can’t have sparkly nails then, when can you? So if you want to make your nails a feature in your wedding day beauty (remember all that bouquet and wedding ring showcasing you’ll be doing) find yourself a great nail tech and go to town designing a look.


Other Helpful Links

Your wedding day beauty plans don’t just stop at your nails though, so here are some helpful links for all things hair and beauty for the big day. Also don’t forget to have a look at The List to see bridal hair and beauty suppliers in your area.
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