The longest part of your day is spent around the tables at your wedding breakfast so you want them to be perfect. So here we are to help you design your wedding breakfast decor.

Wedding Breakfast Decor

Whether you have long trestle tables or round ones, Charlotte and Becky give you the low down on what exactly you need to create the perfect tables for yourself and your guests. They talk typical table setups… You know, all the forks. There’s laughs about linen and chat about chairs and then the piéce de resistance… the centrepieces. Now you know, centrepieces probably need a whole episode of their own but the girls pick apart how to find inspiration for your table decoration and how to execute it perfectly.

Eco-Friendly Centrepieces

From flowers to fruit and everything in between, get ready to be inspired and be sure to check out all the weddings below. It’s such a visual thing to chat about so hopefully the words will come to life when you click through to the amazing weddings below. Enjoy!


Episode 24

Wedding Breakfast Decor

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