Here is your ultimate guide to winter wedding flowers! From enchanting red roses to delicate white lilies and rich-hued amaryllis, our roundup of winter wedding flower ideas sticks to an aesthetic colour palette that captures the season's romance and elegance. Whether you envision a classic, snowy white affair or a bold, crimson-themed celebration, these floral inspirations will transform your wedding into a true winter wonderland. Discover the perfect winter floral arrangements that will forever grace the pages of your love story.

The ultimate guide to winter wedding flowers with 36 ideas featuring seasonal flowers 

White winter wedding bouquet ideas 

A pristine winter wonderland wedding would only be complete with a white winter wedding bouquet. Embrace the ethereal beauty of the winter season with white winter wedding bouquets that whisper timeless elegance. From arrangements of ivory roses, and delicate snow-white peonies to textured blends of frost-kissed foliage and glistening pine cones, these bouquet ideas truly reflect the season. Decorate your bouquet with hints of shimmering crystals or velvet ribbons to effortlessly elevate your bridal look. One of the main trends of winter wedding flowers is embracing the party season through your flowers with glittering details and monochrome colours. 

Winter Wedding Centrepieces 

Create an enchanting winter wonderland at your wedding with exquisite floral table centrepieces. Paired with twinkling candlelight, choose from snow-white blooms, elegant roses, delicate lilies, and frost-kissed baby's breath. These centrepieces not only evoke a sense of purity and sophistication but also complement the snowy backdrop of a winter wedding. Elevate the ambience with touches of greenery, red berries, and silver accents. Explore our winter wedding decor article for some more ideas on how you can use the festive magic of the season in your table decor! 

What flowers are in season for winter? 

For winter weddings, several flowers and foliage shine in their prime. 


  • Amaryllis, Roses, Anemones, Ranunculus, Tulips, Hellebore, Camellia, Poinsettia, Cyclamen, Crocus, Snowdrops, and Paperwhite Narcissus.  
  • Evergreens, Pine cones, Holly, Eucalyptus, Dusty Miller, and Mistletoe.  
  • Berries, Thistles, Cotton, Ornamental Kale, Velvet Ribbons, Glittering Crystals and Pinecones. 

Festive red winter wedding flowers 

Embrace the romance and allure of the Christmas season with ravishing red winter wedding flowers. It is the most popular season to become engaged, after all! Bold red blooms like deep red roses, enchanting amaryllis, velvety ranunculus, and dramatic anemones infuse your day with passion and elegance. Complement these bold florals with lush greenery, snowy white accents, and touches of gold or silver for a striking contrast. Whether these flowers are going in your bouquet, centrepieces, or general venue decor, these crimson hues evoke a sense of warmth and intimacy.

Magical Winter Wedding tablescapes

Transform your winter wedding with captivating tablescapes. Picture this, your tables are adorned with glittering details, twinkling candlelight, and lush greenery intertwined with frost-kissed blooms like paperwhite narcissus and delicate hellebores. Try weaving in elements like frosted pinecones, metallic accents, and touches of deep jewel tones. Whether opting for a cosy, intimate setting with rustic winter wedding flowers or a grand, opulent display, sometimes keeping things subtle with simple winter wedding flowers is the best way to go. If you’re having your winter wedding before January, then you can never go wrong with a Christmas tree in the background too! It’s the perfect backdrop for photos!  

Stunning Winter wedding flower arches 

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, flower arches symbolise the union of two souls. Flower arches can be used at entrances, as a backdrop at your wedding breakfast or as your actual altar decoration. It’s the best for photographs, you’re framed perfectly by some seasonal blooms. These winter wedding flower arches use evergreens like pine branches, eucalyptus, or cedar to evoke the winter forest's timeless beauty. For a more modern look, flower columns are another alternative! 

What colour are winter wedding flowers? 

Winter wedding flower colour palettes include white and ivory for an elegant, timeless look as well as rich, deep tones like burgundy, emerald green, navy blue, and plum. Some opt for icy shades rather than warm tones such as silver, icy blue, and dusty lavender to capture the wintery feels. Combining these hues with metallic accents like gold or silver adds to that magical feeling that also is great for a New Year’s wedding celebration!

Winter Wedding Bouquets  

Need some more inspiration? Here are some more winter wedding flowers that have more of a neutral colour palette. If you’re going for more of a boho look for your wedding day, then choosing dried or preserved wedding flowers could be a great choice! 

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Winter wedding flowers are usually red and white to evoke that magical festive feeling! 

Embrace the timeless allure of winter wedding flowers and elevate your celebration with this inspiration! Need some ideas for your dream winter wedding? Here are the best winter wedding ideas. Not sure winter is the season for you? We also have these 36 autumn wedding flower ideas if you’re after something a little different. 

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