Mary & Damian's stunning summer fusion wedding was an amalgamation of vibrancy, love, laughter, incredible hair, and some truly tropical flowers. Their big day took place in a charming Cornish village. The church ceremony occurred on a scorching hot day with a clear blue sky, adding perfectly to the tropical theme of the floral arrangements. The big day was a spectacular display of colour, emotion, and character that was captured to perfection. Mary is of Zimbabwean heritage, while Damian is from London, and the multicultural ambiance was evident throughout the day. 

Zimbabwean-Cornish fusion wedding with tropical flowers and a sweetheart neckline wedding dress

There were so many aspects of the day that were special and unique. The Temple Church on the Cornish moor was beyond beautiful. We had an informal family celebration, with pasties and Pimms during the photos. The unique music by Jude Johnson Music kept us up and moving throughout the entirety of the amazing party at St Breward Village Hall.

Mary & Damian

Zimbabwean Cornish Fusion wedding 

It's not often we come across a Zimbabwean Cornish fusion wedding, especially one as fabulous as this. So when we do, we tend to savour it. Zimbabwean marriage culture is rich and diverse, with various traditional customs and practices observed. Zimbabwean weddings are usually lavish affairs, with colorful traditional attire, music, and dance. Family and community are vital components of Zimbabwean marriage culture, and weddings are joyful events that celebrate the union of two families. Mix all of this in with Cornish pasties and a gorgeous Cornwall church? You're in for one heck of a wedding.

Tropical vibes all day long

Tropical weddings have been all the rage for some time. And that's very understandable! They're vibrant, gorgeous, and so much fun. The colour scheme at Mary & Damian's big day represented tropical goodness perfectly. Bright, bold hues of fuchsia, turquoise, and yellow. These colours evoke the lush, exotic ambiance of a tropical paradise. Incorporating floral arrangements with tropical flowers such as hibiscus, orchids, and birds of paradise can also help create a stunning visual impact. And that's exactly what they did - and they did it brilliantly.

We're obsessed with the tropical flowers, the baby pink bridesmaid dresses and the bride's incredible rainbow hair!

There are so many moments to choose from. Cuddles on the moor, the readings, speeches, the dancing... It's too hard to pick. It was all perfect.

Mary & Damian

We must warn you. Looking at these glorious photos for too long might just make you yearn so intensely for a tropical summer holiday that you'll fall over. That's what happened to me, at least. The florals chosen for Mary and Damian's big day added tremendously to the tropical aspects. If you want a quick run-down, our guide to wedding bouquets is a great place to start. If Mary's gorgeous sweetheart neckline has made you green with dress-related envy - don't fear. You can find yourself something similar, as long as you have enough time. If you're not sure how far in advance you should get your wedding dress, we've got all the answers. 

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

Photography: Hannah Wilde Photography | Entertainment: Jude Johnson Music | Florist: Fleurtations Cornwall | Food: The Cornish Chief | Venue: Temple Church

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