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I Wanna Be Adorned.


Not so long back I was lucky enough to be invited to a wonderful lunch hosted by the lovely folk at Etsy UK in order to celebrate the brand and talk to some of the talented suppliers who sell their products on the site.

For those of you not au fait with Etsy, I recommend that you get yourselves acquainted with this awesome site quick sharp. Essentially though it’s a site where you can buy (and sell) all things handmade and it is particularly handy for those of you planning a big event like say a wedding for example. That’ll be most of you lot reading this then….

From a personal perspective I could wax lyrical all day long about the delights of Etsy. I’ve bought everything there; from bespoke paper napkins (complete with an oak tree and both my own and the boy’s initials) for our engagement party, ironic and satirical prints which I’ve framed in their tens for the new house, cute cuddlies for newborns, cards for all manner of occasions, decor for hen dos, Christmas decs and even the odd fancy dress accessory.

In fact I love the whole Etsy buying process from start to finish – it’s simple to buy, easy to communicate with sellers and then doubly wonderful to receive deliciously wrapped items in the post from all over the world. And they are wrapped with such care and such love that opening the goodies themselves is just as much as a treat as the actual product inside is.

You can see why it was especially lovely then to meet some of the UK team who help to run the site as well as some of the sellers who produce such wonderful products for the rest of us to buy. If you check into Rock My Wedding regularly then you’ll know that we like to showcase those Etsy products that have caught the eye of the RMW and RMS Teams from time to time and this afternoon is one of those occasions.

We’re feeling a little bit glitzy, a little bit glamorous this afternoon so here’s our pick of all those metallic, golden and glittery must-haves that we’re currently coveting from the site…

A Beautiful Selection Of The Best Metallic And Golden Wedding Products On Etsy._0001

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How To Create A Midsummer Night’s Dream Inspired Wedding.


Every so often I like to share a moodboard or two with you lovelies. In the past these glorious concoctions of delicious images, carefully curated from my favourite blogs and sites, were a far more regular occurrence but I confess I’ve probably been a bit remiss of late in sharing such inspiration with you.

This makes me sad. I have been a bad blogger. But I’m determined to redress the balance over the coming weeks and set about on my mission to inspire and invigorate you beauties once more starting with this Midsummer Night’s Dream affair this afternoon.

This post is a bit of a departure from my usual inspiration posts however. Because I’ll readily admit that as nice as it is to see the most wonderfully composed images slotted perfectly into a neat and tidy moodboard there’s always a part of me that scratches my head and wonders where I’ll be able to source that elegant vase or those calligraphed place names or even that elaborate headdress.

Have you ever felt like that?

The lightening bolt feeling when your eyes land upon the most perfect cushion/desk/pair of sparkly shoes on paper yet you cannot for the life of you find a source for the god damn things and google won’t play ball either.

Well far be it from us to add to your daily frustrations. This post will provide you with a link to each and every item that appears below should you take a shine to one thing or another. Yep we’ve scoured the very best of Etsy (because we love the blinking site!) to come up with a series of beautiful objects to help you plan your Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired wedding…Let’s hope they don’t sell out eh?!

You can thank us later…

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The Heart Of The Woodland.


Elena and Neil’s destination French wedding is perhaps one of the most eloquently executed woodland themed wedding I’ve seen on these pages. I’m telling you, once you cast your peepers on the tablescapes folks you’ll be blown away!

It’s clear from looking at all of the delicious details in this big day that Elena poured her heart and soul into all of the planning – from the romantic candle ceremony to the rose chandelier hanging from the trees as she and Neil said I do. Everything has been created with the greatest care and love.

Perhaps my favourite element of this wedding – from purely a decor perspective that is – is the totally bespoke ‘confetti bar’ that the pair provided for their guests. From ‘devotion’ to ‘virtue’ and so on and so forth, guests could choose which ‘blessings’ they wanted to bestow upon the lucky couple. Such a brilliant idea!

What would you choose?

A Woodland Inspired Wedding At Chateau Rigaud In France With A Watters Wedding Gown And A David Austen Rose Bouquet And Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dresses Photographed by Amy Murrell._0001

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Lakeside Loving In Romania.


Drumroll please….

This afternoon folks sees the first Romanian wedding to appear on the glossy pages of Rock My Wedding. In fact, the gorgeous big day of Rebeca and Traian took place in the middle of Transylvanian mountains just down the road from Dracula Castle.

I know. Immense!

They put so much effort into planning their special day which I’d describe as contemporary with a beautiful outdoor religious ceremony but still with oodles of Romanian tradition. I love all the beautiful touches like the personalized wooden plates and the handmade swing with their initials.

Oh and you have to check out the sunset images by the lake as the stars came out; they’re absolutely gorgeous.

A Lakeside Destination Wedding At The Yaz Wedding Venue In Romania With A Bespoke Wedding Dress And A White Peony Bouquet With Photography By Matt Penberthy._0001

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9 Ways To Gift Wrap.

Gift Wrap Inspiration Post From Rock My Wedding

This afternoon’s post is one of those posts that does what it says on the tin – literally nine super duper ideas to inspire you on your gift wrapping journey all the way through to Christmas Day.

From an early age I loved helping my mum wrap up our family members’ Christmas presents. Being super creative she always picked out the most beautiful papers and accessorised them with the prettiest gift tags. She is also to my knowledge an unbeaten champion in tying the best ribbons that the world has seen; they are always exactly proportioned and in the most perfect bow shape.

Anyway I digress…

You can’t failed to have noticed that it is festive week at RMW HQ (I’m actually wearing a huge flashing Christmas bow on my head as we speak, Charlotte is a reindeer, Becky a tree and Adam…well he’s a chimney) and so in keeping with aforementioned theme it seemed a no-brainer to post some Christmas DIY gift wrap ideas for you lovely lot to feast on.

It’s no secret that the RMW team are huge favourites of Etsy; we regularly feature Etsy products in our monthly newsletter recommendations and we picked the best of the best in this year’s Christmas wish list. Santa I hope you were reading!

It made sense then to select the lushest ribbons, the funniest gift tags and the most delectable papers from this oasis of handmade heaven when it came to packaging up the gifts of our nearest and dearest too.

Let’s take a look.

Nine Beautiful And Creative Christmas DIY Gift Wrap Ideas With Ribbons, Fun Gift Tags and Gorgeous Wrapping Paper From Etsy Suppliers._0001

There’s nothing that sets the heart racing in anticipation quite like a beautifully wrapped gift is there. Equally, there’s nothing that says Christmas quite like a Fair Isle Sweater complete with prancing reindeers which is probably why I adore this inspired paper at the bottom here.

If you’re an eco-friendly kinda gal then consider using this gorgeous red and white floral fabric above to wrap up your presents. Beautifully finished with ribbons sewn on to boot, ‘HappyWrap’ comes in a range of vintage patterns and prints which means that you can swathe a myriad of gifts to your heart’s content whatever the occasion.

If you’re feeling fun then Nikkipea’s Santa wrapping paper is perfect for kids and adults alike with its cute Christmas puds, snowmen and canes. Finish up with these luxurious letterpressed ‘Noel’ and ‘Cheers’ gift tags from Missive.

Nine Beautiful And Creative Christmas DIY Gift Wrap Ideas With Ribbons, Fun Gift Tags and Gorgeous Wrapping Paper From Etsy Suppliers._0002

It was love at first site when I first clapped eyes on Strand Redesign’s stag wrap – perfect for the boys in your life. If you practice a monochrome chic lifestyle then this is for you…alternatively swathe your stag parcels in bright red ribbons for a colour-pop style statement and stick a glittery antler or two on top.

If your gifts are small then it might be worth forgoing the traditional paper wrap and opting for a quirky paper bag instead. I love the silvered chevron and red spotted beauties from Whisker Graphics which can be sealed with a sticker or bound up with some bakers twine.

Nikkipea’s starry wrap is both elegant and contemporary and the quality of the paper is right up there too. Plus you can guarantee that the colour will harmonise perfectly with your Nordic pine.

Nine Beautiful And Creative Christmas DIY Gift Wrap Ideas With Ribbons, Fun Gift Tags and Gorgeous Wrapping Paper From Etsy Suppliers._0008

If traditional Christmas wrap isn’t your thing or if you’re an avid scientist looking to incorporate the wonders of the world in all areas of your life then may I suggest the ‘White Molecules’ gift wrap by Mozaiq. I couldn’t resist looping a garland of snowballs over the top for an added dose of excitement.

There’ll be a part of my sister that will be gutted that I didn’t use this turquoise blue and golden deer vintage paper for her Christmas gifts. The Goose And The Hound have the hugest archive of paper pretty from the days of yore. From snowy scenes, holly berries and even fluffy kittens in stockings you’re bound to find something that you love. They also stock wedding related vintage paper too in case you’re interested…

Nine Beautiful And Creative Christmas DIY Gift Wrap Ideas With Ribbons, Fun Gift Tags and Gorgeous Wrapping Paper From Etsy Suppliers._0004

All of the beautiful ribbons used to envelop the parcels came from The Ribbon Retreat. Check them out – they have literally hundreds of different patterns and widths in every shade of the rainbow. Also don’t be afraid to overlap one ribbon over another or tie them in an unconventional arrangement.

Nine Beautiful And Creative Christmas DIY Gift Wrap Ideas With Ribbons, Fun Gift Tags and Gorgeous Wrapping Paper From Etsy Suppliers._0005

If you’re looking for something a bit different then these pennant flag shaped tags from Oh Hello Magpie are super sweet. Mix things up by using combinations of both ribbon and bakers twine in different shades of the same colour.

Alternatively let those friends with a mischievous streak know that they’ve been naughty with their very own sticker from JulieAnn Art (pssst..she makes some brilliant cards too!).

Nine Beautiful And Creative Christmas DIY Gift Wrap Ideas With Ribbons, Fun Gift Tags and Gorgeous Wrapping Paper From Etsy Suppliers._0006

Glitterify your life with these twinkly stag head cut-outs. Literally you can pop them on anything….paper bags, ribbons, even cocktail stirrers. Sturdy as well as pretty, these little beauties would also be perfect for those brides looking to incorporate a stag motif into their big day…Cough ahem Stef ahem.

Nine Beautiful And Creative Christmas DIY Gift Wrap Ideas With Ribbons, Fun Gift Tags and Gorgeous Wrapping Paper From Etsy Suppliers._0007

And I couldn’t resist providing a close-up of some of the darling tags used throughout, particularly these hilarious Santa gift tags that come in a set of seven – ‘I know what you did last summer’ particularly tickled me…

I also fell head over heels for the clay Christmas trees that could double up as a Christmas Tree ornament once the present giving is over too.

So there you have it lovely people.

Have you started your festive wrapping and packing yet? Have any of these products caught your eye? It’s worth remembering that lots of these suppliers shut up shop for the holidays very soon so it’s worth putting your order in super soon to be in with a chance of receiving them in time.

Lastly what was the best present you ever received? We want to know!

All my love Lolly xxx

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The Ultimate Cocktail Bar.

The Ultimate Bar Cart

As summer slowly sidles off-stage in the wake of Autumn’s first flush of colour, cool drinks on the terrace and in the parks and pub gardens start to become a distant memory. But the inevitable drawing-in of September nights doesn’t mean the party has to stop there.

Instead, we at RMW towers say, bring the refreshments inside with you as you reside by the fire and revel in the ‘cocktail hour’. Be it due to the popularity of Mad Men or the influence of our cousins across the pond, we’ve seen the resurgence of cocktails and bar carts of late. And from your enthusiastic response to the lovely Lauren C’s bar tray it seems that you can’t get enough of them either.

It was William Morris that said ‘have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful‘ and the bar cart is no exception. Whilst your bar cart serves a functional purpose there’s no reason why it can’t be aesthetically pleasing or sentimental too.

Below are my top tips in styling the ultimate bar cart*

An idea packed inspiration post showing you how to make a glamorous and chic bar cart for your home and wedding.

If the budget allows it then it’s worth investing in an actual cart – preferably one that moves on wheels since this makes it so much easier to ‘take the party with you’ as and when required. I’d recommend spending as much as you can possibly afford to boot – remember folks you really do get what you pay for.

Choose a cart that has a high storage capacity (there’s nothing worse than a crammed bar cart where glassware and bottles jostle with one another for space) and a rail to hold everything in place. Better still are removable trays to allow easy transportation of drinks from cart to guest and inbuilt racks to enable wine to be stored on its side.

If space is at a premium or there’s just no way that you’re going to be able to afford the cart and that pair of shoes that you’ve had your eye on for the last two months, then consider creating a bar ‘tray’ using a vintage tray or a reclaimed side table instead. I particularly love this mother of pearl version from Zara below.

An idea packed inspiration post showing you how to make a glamorous and chic bar cart for your home and wedding_0001

If you want to be considered Queen of the Cocktails then make sure that you’ve got the necessary tools for the job; most cocktails utilise either a shaker, an opener, a stirrer and/or strainer at some point in their creation so it’s definitely worth adding these items to your cart’s inventory. On a side note, it’s always a good idea to invest in an savvy ice bucket and tongs too.

One of the key components of a successful bar cart is gorgeous glassware. Be it a set of priceless cut crystal wine glasses that have been handed down through your family, some kitsch babycham saucers (LOVE those!) or a collection of mismatched colourful tumblers, it’s always worth paying due care and attention to the vessels in which you serve your drinks. Alternatively pretty up plain glasses by entwining some blooms around then stem for a cheap quick fix alternative.

Speaking of glassware, try picking bottles that match the beauty of your drinking vessels when kitting out your cart – Hendricks Gin and Chambord are both examples of great design as well as taste. Alternatively if you’re a fan of a particular type of spirit but you’re not so keen on the design of its container then it’s worth dispensing it into a different vessel such as a cut glass dispenser or these etched ‘white’ and ‘red’ beauties shown here.

An idea packed inspiration post showing you how to make a glamorous and chic bar cart for your home and wedding_0003

Stop right there.

Whilst we’ve talked about the tools of the trade and the glassware and the booze, you don’t actually have to cram every single piece of ‘barware’ you’ve collected on the way onto the aforementioned cart. Talk about over-egging the… ummmm… eggnog.

Instead mix it up. Keep things versatile by choosing a variety of different liquor bottles, decanters and glassware as well as colours and textures too. Don’t be afraid to play with the organisation and arrangement of the cart either. Ultimately in this case, it’s all about balance – not so little that your bar cart looks as if someone’s already been at the drinks cabinet the night before nor so full that everything goes flying when you try to mix a cocktail.

One of the easiest ways of changing it up is to opt for coasters, napkins and stirrers in a particular colour scheme or theme. Etsy abounds with plenty of examples that won’t make a major dent in your pocket but if you’re feeling crafty then it really is very simple to make your own stirrers and napkins by commissioning a bespoke stamp with your initials on or even a faux crest.

Oh, fancy!

An idea packed inspiration post showing you how to make a glamorous and chic bar cart for your home and wedding_0005

Think outside of the box when it comes to styling your cart too; display a voluminous arrangement of sweet smelling blooms in a statement vase next to your glassware or light up your treasures with an oversized lamp instead. I particularly love to have a pot of mint (in a mercuried silver vase of course!) on my bar tray so that it’s to hand when I’m making a mojito or two.

Above all, your bar cart – like all of your interiors – should be an extension of you, of your personality, your style and your life journey so far. Wherever possible try integrating items that either reflect your personal style and tastes – as Lauren did with her glitzy and fun pineapple forks. Such ‘items’ can include anything from favourite bottles of wine, a treasured set of glasses, monogrammed shakers or even vintage metal cocktail sticks.

What will you choose?

An idea packed inspiration post showing you how to make a glamorous and chic bar cart for your home and wedding_0004

So have we whet your tastebuds then?

Will you be integrating a cocktail hour into your big day?

And how many of you are already the lucky owners of glamorous drinks station already? And what component can’t you live without?

And come and tell us what your favourite tipple is….I’m partial to gin and elderflower flavoured tonic water or two.

All my love Lolly xxx

*RMW takes no responsibility for any violent cases of the green-eyed monster caused as a result of following these steps.

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Oh So Etsy.

Etsy Home Rock My Wedding Picks

Every so often here at RMW HQ we like to mix things up a bit.

Sometimes we might share a beauty post with you gorgeous lot or perhaps reveal which sugary treats make our all-time top five. More often that not it just gives us an excuse to indulge in some gratuitous shots of Mr Gosling on a Friday afternoon – well they say that variety is the spice of life do they not?

And it seems that this sunny Monday afternoon is no different.

If you follow my exploits on Instagram then you might already be aware that my next adventure is in the making. The boy and I placed an offer on the house of our dreams a couple of weeks ago which was subsequently accepted and resulted in a mad scramble to get our own house market-ready and sale-worthy.

Despite the fact that it’s only been a single week since the bright red ‘For Sale’ board made its appearance outside our house and the monumental task that lies ahead of us in renovating our forever home (I swear the place was sponsored by Artex there’s that much of the blinking stuff!) I can’t help but mentally start decorating each of the airy rooms.

One of my first ports of call – for the finishing touches that is – is Etsy. Actually the entire RMW team is a little bit in love with Etsy hence the fact that we’ve decided to make them one of our prized collaborators (you might have spotted their banners on these pages over the last week or two).

From weddings to customised notebooks, and from personalised prints to home decor, Etsy has it all. Actually I’m sure that many of you lovely lot have come across it in your own planning adventures haven’t you. And if you haven’t then I suggest that you hot foot it over there now!!

Forgive me then folks for veering off the wedding path in this afternoon’s post and allow me to indulge my love for interiors by sharing my favourite home decor finds from Etsy with you.

You never know, you might find something you love below too…

The Boudoir

Somehow I can’t shake the notion that The Boudoir is a feminine space, one that is full of secrets and mystery and luxury and perfumed scents and decadent bedding. The boy doesn’t help – as long as he has a place to rest his head and a plumped up feather pillow he doesn’t really care what the room looks like so I’m pretty much left to my own devices.

I adore golden hues so you can guarantee there’ll be a healthy dollop of the metallics in the colour palette albeit in small pieces rather than splashed floor to ceiling. I need this golden bowl for my knick-knacks and I’ll also be requiring my very own bureau so that I can write sweet notes on this gorgeous bee-headed notepaper by the light of the crystal desk lamp near the bottom here.


If you’ve signed up for our monthly newsletter then you’ll know that I’m a paper obsessive. In fact you can pretty much count on me to share my latest printed find in our monthly recommendations (unless I’m chatting about ribbon that is!) so it’s no surprise that I had to include a couple of my favourites in this selection.

This black and white photograph by Jon Duenas is compulsively haunting – I can’t take my eyes away from it and I love the philosophy of the ‘Non’ print. Words to live by methinks.

Oh and the dress? Well I just liked it… I’m a size 8 if anyone fancies buying it for me 😉

Luxe Living

Oh to have a beach house! For now though I’ll settle for the cushion below…so long as I can have the dish and the knotted floor cushion too.

In all seriousness though I seem to have picked a blue/golden/off-white colour scheme for this particular concoction of decor finds – it wasn’t intentional but then don’t you find that sometimes you’re just drawn to objects of a similar hue without realising it? My Pinterest boards seem to think so too. Perhaps you’re experiencing the same with your wedding decor?

Aren’t the golden horse hooks magic? I adore them. I also really love the collection of ceramic bottles at the top here but at that price tag I think they might have to go on the wishlist for now…

Etsy Home Decor

I’ve also picked up some old armchairs for a song on eBay over the last year and this Orla Kiely inspired blue fabric on the left would be the perfect reupholstery material to restore them with…perhaps a DIY project is in the making. Would any of you be interested in seeing a step-by-step?

And lastly the wallpaper stamp at the bottom is genius. Why ever didn’t we think of this sooner? I have a sneaking suspicion that this would be the perfect tool for bespoke wrapping paper…

Form an orderly queue now ladies…

You Wash, I’ll Dry

I don’t think I’m far wrong when I say that the heart of every home is the kitchen. Comforting and nurturing, this room sees the most action when it comes to relaying the week’s adventures, sharing drinks and good food with friends and hosting parties on special occasions.

In fact I’d say that the kitchen is my favourite room – not because I’m an accomplished cook (I’m really not!) – but because this space is so lived in and thus holds the best memories.

The ombre trend has been making waves in interiors as well as in the wedding world for some time now – I love these graduated French porcelain plates from Urban Cartel which come in so many colours that you can pick and choose to your heart’s content. Dry them lovingly with these calligraphed tea towels and store them next to huge earthenware bowls like the example at the top here.

Etsy Home Decor Kitchen Dining Utility Room

Off to the the shops for more provisions? Why not be kind to the environment by forgoing the need for plastic bags by taking this savvy ‘Thunder’ shopper with you and negate the hassle of forgotten groceries by noting everything you need with this ‘Don’t Forget’ list from Quill and Fox.

I also love these golden pencils at the bottom – perfect for noting down custom recipes in your ‘Big Book of Recipes’ by Oh NO Rachio. When you’ve got a notebook as gorgeous as this one it seems rude not to experiment in the kitchen…

Krafty Kids

Whilst I don’t have kids of my own just yet, I just can’t resist a bit of home decor designed with the child in mind. Everything seems so much more cuddly, more fun, more miniature.

For a start I need these cloud trinket trays in my life right now. They’d be absolutely blinking perfect for your jewellery right? One for earrings, the other for rings and the third for your diamond necklaces. What’s that you say? Isn’t this part of the post meant to be for the kids?

Oh yes…right… why not use these fluffy clouds as the perfect piece of nursery wall decor until the little loves are old enough to use them as intended. The perfect transitional piece in my opinion.

If you’re looking for more interactive wall displays then I adore the ‘It’s Ok’ motivational flag pennant which is just as apt for grown-up kids too and this supersized pillarbox red pegasus guaranteed to fly across bedrooms walls.

The combination of this raincloud of stars mobile with the reindeer cuddly toy is the perfect recipe for peaceful slumbers. Top it off with the ‘Original Wild Catalope’ pillowcase and you’re onto a winner.

Etsy Handmade Kids Decor Bedroom

And whilst it isn’t quite Christmas yet – another four months folks! – if you’re a Santa fanatic why not get in on the action early and commission a silhouette decoration of your little one for the tree….a real life family tree so to speak.

So are you an Etsy connoisseur? Have you used the site in your wedding planning adventures yet?

And which of you are selling or buying houses at the moment? It’s all so stressful isn’t it!

I want to hear all about it.

All my love Lolly xxx

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Ballet: The Inspiration.


If you stopped by the blog on Friday last week folks you can’t fail to have noticed Charlotte’s sneaky peek of this week’s theme; The Ballet.

Whilst the Blog Queen herself will reveal all tomorrow afternoon – the RMW editorial shoot that is, she’s not getting her kit off – I’ll be sharing the inspiration behind said theme in this afternoon’s post where we’ll cover everything from frivolous fashion, luxurious decor, sweet treats and the most beautiful hair and make-up ideas that you’ve clapped eyes on for a long time.

As a team we often spend large amounts of time discussing wedding trends and big day inspiration…yes even Adam too. We talk about what makes you tick, the next big thing on the wedding horizon, themes we love, colour schemes that make us swoon and even those trends that may have dropped off the radar.

One such theme is the ultra romantic, pink infused ballet affair so beloved of little girls with pillowcase veils over their heads. Somehow as we’ve aged, this candy coloured dream has fallen by the wayside in favour of rustic soirees, or hip city dos and this makes us sad. Gone are the dreams of the super feminine big day, dusted in pink complete with bows and satin and voluminous dresses and all-rose bouquets.

Or so you thought.

You see folks, garnered by the RMW spirit we’re determined to bring it BACK. Just like the once out of favour peach colour schemes, we want to show you how girly pink wedding themes can be cool again.

Let’s see what you think.

Corps de Ballet

Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy

So named…erm because it’s really blinking obvious right. Sugar, sweet treats and confectionery delights, it’s all there folks.

Granted most ballerinas are probably not indulging their sweet tooth on a daily basis but given that classical ballet has its origins in the patisserie centre of the world (France) it seemed daft not to include some cakey treats in the editorial shoot.

Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy

And it’s all about the detail this time lovelies…detail and miniatures. Think cutesy details, ruffles, intricate piping and romantic shapes. We fell head over heels for hearts, for rose-infused flavours, for dustings of icing sugar and iced petals.

And then there was the beautiful display of such delights, on glass cakestands, within sugary coated boxes, on golden plates, all piled on top of one another. There’s something to be said for beauty in numbers…wouldn’t you agree?

A Rose By Any Other Name

If there’s any single flower that’s associated with ballet or indeed the stage then it is the beautiful Rose. Just think oodles of all those blousey blooms being thrown at beautiful ballerinas at the end of the night in appreciation of their talents.

There’s something timeless about the Rose, its unrelenting beauty, its womanly charms and sophisticated elegance. This is a bloom that will always take centre-stage.

From the get-go, we were determined to use the flower in all of our floral associated styling – from the table centrepieces to the bouquets and even the smaller prop related scenes too. Quantity was key, volume the watchword; it was less about the foliage and more about the flower itself.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Big, blousy, full-headed blooms in pinks, creams, off-whites, caramels, blushes, peaches with maybe even a splash of yellow here and there. Our preference was for roses of the older varieties with amazing scents like the O’Hara. We chose to follow two different directions when it came to our bouquets too – one that fitted with the more traditional ballet look and then another that was less structured, more ethereal. 

We can’t wait to show you the results…

See You At The Make-up Barre

Whilst I don’t want to give too much away at this point I will say that the traditional ballet bun was definitely a must have for Charlotte and I – you may even have seen our sneaky peek of our ballerina on both of our Instagram walls – see here and here. In fact we love the ballerina topknot so much that we always squeal in glee when we spot a bride that chooses an updo for her big day.

See You At The Make-up Barre

The beauty of the stage and actually for a bride on her big day is that all the normal rules can be thrown out of the window. If you want glitter on your eyelids, a metallic catflick or the longest of (fake) eyelashes, nine times out of ten you can get away with it. Perhaps not so much with the smokey tulle and net creation near the bottom here but you catch my drift.

Exquisite hair and eyes ‘looks’ were a particular focus for us in this piece of editorial and much like the classical ballet of Swan Lake there was most definitely a White Swan/ Black swan split.

Stay tuned.

Set For The Stage

Perhaps my favourite part of any editorial shoot apart from the florals (never going to give up that wannabe florist ghost) is the prop and tablescape styling. Whereas Charlotte is the fashion, hair, make-up queen, I revel in decor detail. Give me a table and some linen and some utensils and I’m as happy as a pig in mud.

I’m not going to go into detail…after all I cover the inspiration for the tablescape styling in tomorrow’s post but what I will say is that there are stripes, and lots of shimmering gold details and pink glass and cut crystal. There are blooms a-dozen and rose petals and the sweetest pieces of stationery DIY that are as easy as pie for you lovelies to download and recreate.

And yes there are pointe shoes and ribbon and so much pretty that your heart aches with the beauty of it all.

Set For The Stage

So then are you excited? Have we whetted your tastebuds?

Can you wait until tomorrow afternoon?

I’m not sure we can…

All my love Lolly xxx

P.S. You know that image of the model in the frothy delicious pink dress by the sink at the very top of the post there? Well that was the very first image I ever ripped out of a magazine for my wedding inspiration. I think I was thirteen years old…They say that it never leaves you.

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Take One Summer Scorcher.

Summer Scorcher Themed Week At Rock My Wedding

I’m hot and I don’t mean in a kick-ass, lip-pouting, boys-eat-your-heart-out kinda way. I mean in a slightly clammy, I can’t be bothered to do anything with my hair, I only want to wear a bikini state of affairs.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the heat and I’m also tickled by the fact that our fickle meteorologists are calling the current weather situation ‘a heatwave’. Funny, back when I was a wee one, this would just be a standard summer but perhaps that’s the mind playing tricks on me.

Any bride marrying in either June, July or August dreams of being blessed with glorious weather – I mean you don’t pay a premium for marrying at the peak of summer for nothing you know – but I think even the lucky couples of the last few weeks will be amazed at their own good fortune.

And so in homage to the sunshine, to the scorching days and the balmy nights, we’ve decided to dedicate this week to all things summer – a ‘Summer Scorcher’ themed week if you will.

To kick things off it seemed fitting to share an inspiration post with you – designed with the intention of helping you gorgeous lot with making your guests as comfortable as possible when things are HOT HOT HOT on your big day.

Stay Cool

There’s nothing worse than going to an event, wedding or otherwise, and feeling uncomfortable in the heat. Your make-up begins to slide around and off your face, sweat starts to trickle in unmentionable and countless places and even something as simple as clutching your handbag feels as if you’re holding a ten ton weight.

But there’s no need to fret if you’re expecting the mercury to go sky high on your big day -there’s many simple methods and means to make sure that your guests stay cool without breaking the budget.

Stay Cool 1

I’m sure that the vast majority of you will have already seen the programme/ fan combo but for those of you that haven’t it’s a fantastic way of amalgamating your order of service and a cooling device into one simple prop, plus you can DIY it too. Usually the bride and groom’s names are scrawled along with the wedding date onto one side of a supersized piece of card – I love the heart and shield shapes making the rounds at the moment – and the order of service is daubed on the other. Add a rounded stick and bob’s your uncle you’ve got a fan to boot!

If you’re looking to add an extra special touch to your festivities then it might be worth investing in some parasols for your guests too. Presentation is key so consider storing them in an old tea crate or a large wicker basket with a sign to encourage your nearest and dearest to take one. They also make for epic portrait shots or a handy screen if you’re a little bit shy but still want to give your new hubby a snog.

Stay Cool 2

If you’re keen to take it that one step further – hell why not?! – then make like the RMW team and build a fort in the grounds of your venue. All you need is some sheets, a few blooms and a comfy rug and you’ve got yourself a shaded sanctuary where guests can relax. Plus it would make an immense photobooth when the sun goes down too!

Failing that slinging a hammock between some accommodating trees would almost make guests think that they were somewhere tropical and you can’t say fairer than that…

Consuming enough fluids on hot days is important at the best of times but even more so when alcohol is added into the mix. Make the non-alcoholic drinking process fun by introducing an interactive element for your guests. Building a lemonade stand complete with unique vessels, straws and miniature umbrellas and flamingos is one way of sparking your guests’ interests. Introducing the comedy factor through utilising unusual containers as a fridge is another – beer barrow anyone? I’ve even seen a vintage canoe used in the past too!

Iced Delights

It’s not just strategic and considered pieces of big day decor that can make your guests more comfortable; it’s so easy to make simple tweaks to your menu so that your culinary treats can too.

Keep your nearest and dearest cool by offering sweet miniature lollipops alongside your savoury canapés at your drinks reception. If you’re after something naughty then I love these neon ice pops at the top here created from sprite and gummi bears would you believe it! If you’re after something a tad healthier try mixing slices of mango with yogurt instead. Finish by scrawling naughty phrases on the ends of wooden lolly sticks.

Iced Delights

I love the ever popular DIY of freezing beautiful flowerheads and vibrant leaves into ice cubes as a way of pimping your drink. It’s worth investigating which flowers are edible so that guests can rest easy once the ice-cubes have melted. My favourite idea is that of using herbs rather than flowers for perfectly flavoured water – mint anyone?

It’s also worth considering serving small portions of ice-cream and sorbets in the evening when your nearest and dearest have raved (and sweated!) the night away on the dance floor. If you’re looking for something a little bit different but still refreshing try unconventional flavours – basil ice-cream is a particular favourite of mine.

Iced Delights

Lastly, replace traditionally hot tea and coffee refreshments after dinner with iced versions like this cherry infused iced tea in a mason jar – perfect if your big day is a vintage rustic inspired affair. If you’ve got little ones attending or picky guests that drink neither tea nor coffee (like me!) then substitute caffeinated drinks for personalised bottles of old fashioned lemonade.

Hot Hommes

And then we have the hot hommes which granted is a tenuous link to the whole ‘Summer Scorcher’ themed week but we just couldn’t resist. For me there’s nothing that quite beats a gorgeous man in a clean well-fitting white t-shirt…or in black tie…or with his sleeves rolled up ready to get stuck into something…or even in a partial state of undress.

Ahem, let me rephrase that. There’s nothing that quite beats a gorgeous man.

You’ll see that Mr Gosling makes an appearance – good day to you Sir! Oh and there’s Eddie (personal fave of mine) and we couldn’t resist a snap of Jonny either. Don’t say that Team RMW don’t spoil you lovely lot.

Which hunk is your favourite?

Hot Hommes

So are you enjoying the sunshine or are you an ice queen? Have you been to any weddings since the ‘heatwave’ began? Did you melt?

And what thoughtful touches did the couple provide for you to ensure that you stayed as cool as a cucumber throughout their big day?

I’m off to put my feet into a bucket of cold water which is as near as I can get to a paddling pool right now.

All my love Lolly xxx