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I Wanna Be Adorned.


Not so long back I was lucky enough to be invited to a wonderful lunch hosted by the lovely folk at Etsy UK in order to celebrate the brand and talk to some of the talented suppliers who sell their products on the site.

For those of you not au fait with Etsy, I recommend that you get yourselves acquainted with this awesome site quick sharp. Essentially though it’s a site where you can buy (and sell) all things handmade and it is particularly handy for those of you planning a big event like say a wedding for example. That’ll be most of you lot reading this then….

From a personal perspective I could wax lyrical all day long about the delights of Etsy. I’ve bought everything there; from bespoke paper napkins (complete with an oak tree and both my own and the boy’s initials) for our engagement party, ironic and satirical prints which I’ve framed in their tens for the new house, cute cuddlies for newborns, cards for all manner of occasions, decor for hen dos, Christmas decs and even the odd fancy dress accessory.

In fact I love the whole Etsy buying process from start to finish – it’s simple to buy, easy to communicate with sellers and then doubly wonderful to receive deliciously wrapped items in the post from all over the world. And they are wrapped with such care and such love that opening the goodies themselves is just as much as a treat as the actual product inside is.… View the full post.


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How To Create A Midsummer Night’s Dream Inspired Wedding.


Every so often I like to share a moodboard or two with you lovelies. In the past these glorious concoctions of delicious images, carefully curated from my favourite blogs and sites, were a far more regular occurrence but I confess I’ve probably been a bit remiss of late in sharing such inspiration with you.

This makes me sad. I have been a bad blogger. But I’m determined to redress the balance over the coming weeks and set about on my mission to inspire and invigorate you beauties once more starting with this Midsummer Night’s Dream affair this afternoon.

This post is a bit of a departure from my usual inspiration posts however. Because I’ll readily admit that as nice as it is to see the most wonderfully composed images slotted perfectly into a neat and tidy moodboard there’s always a part of me that scratches my head and wonders where I’ll be able to source that elegant vase or those calligraphed place names or even that elaborate headdress.

Have you ever felt like that?

The lightening bolt feeling when your eyes land upon the most perfect cushion/desk/pair of sparkly shoes on paper yet you cannot for the life of you find a source for the god damn things and google won’t play ball either.

Well far be it from us to add to your daily frustrations. This post will provide you with a link to each and every item that appears below should you take a shine to one thing or another.… View the full post.


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The Heart Of The Woodland.


Elena and Neil’s destination French wedding is perhaps one of the most eloquently executed woodland themed wedding I’ve seen on these pages. I’m telling you, once you cast your peepers on the tablescapes folks you’ll be blown away!

It’s clear from looking at all of the delicious details in this big day that Elena poured her heart and soul into all of the planning – from the romantic candle ceremony to the rose chandelier hanging from the trees as she and Neil said I do. Everything has been created with the greatest care and love.

Perhaps my favourite element of this wedding – from purely a decor perspective that is – is the totally bespoke ‘confetti bar’ that the pair provided for their guests. From ‘devotion’ to ‘virtue’ and so on and so forth, guests could choose which ‘blessings’ they wanted to bestow upon the lucky couple. Such a brilliant idea!

What would you choose?

A Woodland Inspired Wedding At Chateau Rigaud In France With A Watters Wedding Gown And A David Austen Rose Bouquet And Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dresses Photographed by Amy Murrell._0001 View the full post.


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Lakeside Loving In Romania.


Drumroll please….

This afternoon folks sees the first Romanian wedding to appear on the glossy pages of Rock My Wedding. In fact, the gorgeous big day of Rebeca and Traian took place in the middle of Transylvanian mountains just down the road from Dracula Castle.

I know. Immense!

They put so much effort into planning their special day which I’d describe as contemporary with a beautiful outdoor religious ceremony but still with oodles of Romanian tradition. I love all the beautiful touches like the personalized wooden plates and the handmade swing with their initials.

Oh and you have to check out the sunset images by the lake as the stars came out; they’re absolutely gorgeous.

A Lakeside Destination Wedding At The Yaz Wedding Venue In Romania With A Bespoke Wedding Dress And A White Peony Bouquet With Photography By Matt Penberthy._0001 View the full post.


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9 Ways To Gift Wrap.

Gift Wrap Inspiration Post From Rock My Wedding

This afternoon’s post is one of those posts that does what it says on the tin – literally nine super duper ideas to inspire you on your gift wrapping journey all the way through to Christmas Day.

From an early age I loved helping my mum wrap up our family members’ Christmas presents. Being super creative she always picked out the most beautiful papers and accessorised them with the prettiest gift tags. She is also to my knowledge an unbeaten champion in tying the best ribbons that the world has seen; they are always exactly proportioned and in the most perfect bow shape.

Anyway I digress…

You can’t failed to have noticed that it is festive week at RMW HQ (I’m actually wearing a huge flashing Christmas bow on my head as we speak, Charlotte is a reindeer, Becky a tree and Adam…well he’s a chimney) and so in keeping with aforementioned theme it seemed a no-brainer to post some Christmas DIY gift wrap ideas for you lovely lot to feast on.

It’s no secret that the RMW team are huge favourites of Etsy; we regularly feature Etsy products in our monthly newsletter recommendations and we picked the best of the best in this year’s Christmas wish list. Santa I hope you were reading!

It made sense then to select the lushest ribbons, the funniest gift tags and the most delectable papers from this oasis of handmade heaven when it came to packaging up the gifts of our nearest and dearest too.… View the full post.


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The Ultimate Cocktail Bar.

The Ultimate Bar Cart

As summer slowly sidles off-stage in the wake of Autumn’s first flush of colour, cool drinks on the terrace and in the parks and pub gardens start to become a distant memory. But the inevitable drawing-in of September nights doesn’t mean the party has to stop there.

Instead, we at RMW towers say, bring the refreshments inside with you as you reside by the fire and revel in the ‘cocktail hour’. Be it due to the popularity of Mad Men or the influence of our cousins across the pond, we’ve seen the resurgence of cocktails and bar carts of late. And from your enthusiastic response to the lovely Lauren C’s bar tray it seems that you can’t get enough of them either.

It was William Morris that said ‘have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful‘ and the bar cart is no exception. Whilst your bar cart serves a functional purpose there’s no reason why it can’t be aesthetically pleasing or sentimental too.

Below are my top tips in styling the ultimate bar cart*

An idea packed inspiration post showing you how to make a glamorous and chic bar cart for your home and wedding.

If the budget allows it then it’s worth investing in an actual cart – preferably one that moves on wheels since this makes it so much easier to ‘take the party with you’ as and when required.… View the full post.


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Oh So Etsy.

Etsy Home Rock My Wedding Picks

Every so often here at RMW HQ we like to mix things up a bit.

Sometimes we might share a beauty post with you gorgeous lot or perhaps reveal which sugary treats make our all-time top five. More often that not it just gives us an excuse to indulge in some gratuitous shots of Mr Gosling on a Friday afternoon – well they say that variety is the spice of life do they not?

And it seems that this sunny Monday afternoon is no different.

If you follow my exploits on Instagram then you might already be aware that my next adventure is in the making. The boy and I placed an offer on the house of our dreams a couple of weeks ago which was subsequently accepted and resulted in a mad scramble to get our own house market-ready and sale-worthy.

Despite the fact that it’s only been a single week since the bright red ‘For Sale’ board made its appearance outside our house and the monumental task that lies ahead of us in renovating our forever home (I swear the place was sponsored by Artex there’s that much of the blinking stuff!) I can’t help but mentally start decorating each of the airy rooms.

One of my first ports of call – for the finishing touches that is – is Etsy. Actually the entire RMW team is a little bit in love with Etsy hence the fact that we’ve decided to make them one of our prized collaborators (you might have spotted their banners on these pages over the last week or two).… View the full post.


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Ballet: The Inspiration.


If you stopped by the blog on Friday last week folks you can’t fail to have noticed Charlotte’s sneaky peek of this week’s theme; The Ballet.

Whilst the Blog Queen herself will reveal all tomorrow afternoon – the RMW editorial shoot that is, she’s not getting her kit off – I’ll be sharing the inspiration behind said theme in this afternoon’s post where we’ll cover everything from frivolous fashion, luxurious decor, sweet treats and the most beautiful hair and make-up ideas that you’ve clapped eyes on for a long time.

As a team we often spend large amounts of time discussing wedding trends and big day inspiration…yes even Adam too. We talk about what makes you tick, the next big thing on the wedding horizon, themes we love, colour schemes that make us swoon and even those trends that may have dropped off the radar.

One such theme is the ultra romantic, pink infused ballet affair so beloved of little girls with pillowcase veils over their heads. Somehow as we’ve aged, this candy coloured dream has fallen by the wayside in favour of rustic soirees, or hip city dos and this makes us sad. Gone are the dreams of the super feminine big day, dusted in pink complete with bows and satin and voluminous dresses and all-rose bouquets.

Or so you thought.

You see folks, garnered by the RMW spirit we’re determined to bring it BACK. Just like the once out of favour peach colour schemes, we want to show you how girly pink wedding themes can be cool again.… View the full post.


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Take One Summer Scorcher.

Summer Scorcher Themed Week At Rock My Wedding

I’m hot and I don’t mean in a kick-ass, lip-pouting, boys-eat-your-heart-out kinda way. I mean in a slightly clammy, I can’t be bothered to do anything with my hair, I only want to wear a bikini state of affairs.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the heat and I’m also tickled by the fact that our fickle meteorologists are calling the current weather situation ‘a heatwave’. Funny, back when I was a wee one, this would just be a standard summer but perhaps that’s the mind playing tricks on me.

Any bride marrying in either June, July or August dreams of being blessed with glorious weather – I mean you don’t pay a premium for marrying at the peak of summer for nothing you know – but I think even the lucky couples of the last few weeks will be amazed at their own good fortune.

And so in homage to the sunshine, to the scorching days and the balmy nights, we’ve decided to dedicate this week to all things summer – a ‘Summer Scorcher’ themed week if you will.

To kick things off it seemed fitting to share an inspiration post with you – designed with the intention of helping you gorgeous lot with making your guests as comfortable as possible when things are HOT HOT HOT on your big day.

Stay Cool

There’s nothing worse than going to an event, wedding or otherwise, and feeling uncomfortable in the heat. Your make-up begins to slide around and off your face, sweat starts to trickle in unmentionable and countless places and even something as simple as clutching your handbag feels as if you’re holding a ten ton weight.… View the full post.


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You Are My Happy Ending.

Kat Hill Photography

I have to admit that as soon as I clapped eyes on Selena and James’ wedding, I immediately felt an affinity with this beautiful bride. For one, Selena was an October bride who woke up to gloriously blue skies and sunshine (like me) and for another she adores fruit cake as much as I do.

Sadly I think we’re in the minority on the cake front.

And when I saw the sweet dachshunds on James and Selena’s wedding stationery a little bit of me died and went to heaven.

And I haven’t even got started on the dress or THAT headpiece…

Kat Hill Photography

Quintessentially English

Selena The Bride: Even though we live in Shanghai, we weren’t tempted by the idea of having the wedding over in China – we wanted all our friends and family, who we only get to see a couple of times a year to be there, and loved the idea of a quintessentially English setting in the autumn, just as the leaves were turning and the nights were starting to draw in.

We got married at All Saints Church in Thurlestone – the local church in the tiny village on the Devonshire coast where I grew up. The reception was at Buckland Tout Saints, a beautiful Queen Anne country house complete with an Atonement-esque fountain and a sweeping staircase.

As my parents still live in Thurlestone, it also meant I could get ready at home, looking out over the bay, with the family dachshunds ambling around at our feet – much more relaxing than an unfamiliar hotel room.… View the full post.


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