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The Vintage Wall.

After the success of discovering and then shouting about Bailey’s Home Store a month or so ago (so many click throughs lovelies – I bet they ran out of crates!!) I thought we’d share another Rock My Wedding home interiors/could also be decor for W-day find.

Now then. Before I tell you exactly what it is there are a few things I should probably mention. Firstly this is not my discovery – it is 100% Adam’s. I cannot take any credit whatsoever. Secondly, we did think about not mentioning it at all, sometimes you find something that you love so much you want to keep it all for yourself – luckily our selfishness didn’t get the better of us. Thirdly, we cannot and will not be held responsible for you checking out this website every single day and subsequently bashing that plastic like a demon.

You have been warned.

You know when you look in all those fancy home decor glossies like Living Etc and Elle Decoration and you admire all of cool/retro/quirky items that they always say they found in ” a reclamation yard” or it was “the stylists own” of they found it in “some antiques store” that you’ve never heard of and are unlikely to ever find yourselves?

Well it turns our there is somewhere you can find them yourselves – and quite reasonably priced too.

The Vintage Wall is a treasure trove of delicious never-knew-you-needed-them one off pieces of pretty from both the 20th and 19th century.… View the full post.


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