A Rustic Revolution…….Part 2

Right then.

I don’t even know where to start folks.

Laura and Dave’s rustic wedding reception at “The Old Barn” in Brandgore is so unbelievably personal and inspirational, with so many unique and clever idea’s that I can’t begin to point out everything that I love about it. The escort card plan, the giant cake, the original and abundant guest entertainment, the sweetie bar…..oh my goodness the sweetie bar, by far the loveliest I have ever seen in the whole of weddingville.

Just the kind of joyous Big Day that I would give my right arm to be invited to….

Unusual Blooms

The centrepieces were designed to reflect the rustic theme and to fit into the silver birch wrap vases that my husband and I had made. They had similar blooms.

I came across an unusual flower that I had never heard of before called ‘Craspedia’ or Billy Buttons and was so taken by them, that I decided I had to have them! I chose to use them mainly for the buttonholes, as they are not overtly blousy or feminine and I thought they would go with the boy’s outfits.

THE Sweetie Bar

I loved the idea of a candy buffet but wanted something different, preferably that would excite our guests. Again, I spent hours researching, but couldn’t find anything that was right, so we decided to make our own unit. The result- a huge dresser with 21 drawers, glass jars and lots and lots of colour co-ordinated sweets! We even padlocked a drawer with a special prize and gave everyone an old iron key (part of our escort card board).

It was fun seeing all ages trying their keys in the padlock then shovelling sweets into yellow stripy bags to take away with them! We loved the whole thing so much that we are now starting our own business! www.onesweetday.co.uk

A Fruity Number

I designed a lemonade stand to compliment the rustic theme. It had a glass dispenser full of cloudy lemonade and pretty bottles of pink lemonade that guests were able to help themselves to all night! The kids loved it!

A BIG Treat

We decided that we were going to ‘go large’ on the cake! Because we didn’t want to cut the cake, we chose to have a 5 tier, alternate depth ‘dummy’, stacked on a huge chunk of wood with twigs, a birds nest and fabric birds!

My mum was responsible for the creation (although it took 4 of us to lift and place the icing on the huge bottom tier!) My mum made delicious kitchen cakes of vanilla, chocolate, carrot, toffee and fruit! Her friends ‘the dog walkers’ also contributed lots of lovely delights for the dessert table!

Aside from the lovely cakes, we had ice cream for dessert courtesy of www.brockice.co.uk 5 yummy flavours and a really nice prop for photographs. Lovely couple who run it too!

D.I.Y Decor – To the MAX

We dressed everything ourselves, with lots of help from our fantastic wedding party! Bunting, gingham table covers, dessert tables laid up with Hessian fabric, chunks of wood topped with cakes, brown labels and old iron keys, personalised teabag place-settings, cowboy hats on hooks and a guestbook area with an old typewriter, patterned paper and a battered leather suitcase that was my granddad’s.

The Piece de resistance- yellow and white paper lanterns that hung from the ceiling.

We had bales of straw for extra seating in the barn, covered in gorgeous knitted and crocheted blankets lovingly made by my mum and the dog walkers! My mum even had personalised labels made with our names and wedding date to sew onto them! We are going to sew them together to make a keepsake throw for our bed!

The guestbook area had a section for photographs taken before the wedding by our guests. Our ‘save the dates’ were actual dates in matchboxes that I designed and sent to our friends and families, requesting they take photographs of the dates for our competition! The dates went all over the world!

A matching convertible beetle and camper van trussed up with yellow ribbons to complete the look!. They were so amenable and lovely, giving me tictacs and tissues on the way!

Accidental Excitement

We accidentally came across the most wonderful photographers, Teri and David at Murakami Photography. From start to finish they have been so fantastic; friendly, creative, hard-working and professional. We chose them after we described a mad idea we had of having some wedding photographs in a pumpkin field!

Other photographers just smiled and moved on but Teri and David were as excited as we were, spouting ideas and possibilities about the shoot! They have recently won awards for one of the photographs they took in that pumpkin field! (You can access information about this on their facebook page).

All Day Entertainment

We had the brilliant ‘Switch’ a saxophone quartet to welcome our guests, which really added to the ambiance of the day. ‘Mr Wiseguy’, an amazing live cover band was our choice for the evening entertainment. We had seen them at a couple of local venues and were so impressed we had to book them! They got everyone up dancing (and even called a couple of ‘victims’ my lovely bridesmaid Cookie and our usher Dave O, to sing Mustang Sally with the band!)

Brilliant entertainment!

Wise Words

Have everything you want and make what you can’t find! It took tremendous commitment to source and make everything but we took great satisfaction in seeing little details throughout the day and so did our guests who were entertained all day by them!

Reception Venue – The Old Barn

Sweetie Bar – One Sweet Day

String Quartet – Switch

Live Band – Mr Wiseguy

Ice Cream Dessert – Brockice

Car Hire – The Wedding Bug

I want to know exactly how many of you are going to steal the following from this W-day:

A huge gigantic cake on a tree stump

A sweetie DRESSER ( marshmallows in a draw?! – I die!)

An old iron key escort card plan ( so stylish, so clever)

A help-yourself lemonade table

A “snogging at sunset” shot ( NB: can I say snogging? it just seemed appropriate….)

Let me tell you, if it was my turn I would STEAL.THEM.ALL.

With huge thanks to Dave, Laura and Murakami Photography for choosing our lovely readers to showcase this little piece of delicious to.

Big do you think a permanent sweetie dresser in my house would be OTT? Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

48 thoughts on “A Rustic Revolution…….Part 2

  1. Jesus wept.

    What a wedding.

    A DIY extravaganza that is up there with making your own barn in my opinion. I love the wood, I love the key idea., I LOVE the pumpkin photos.

    One word for me – Congrats. Stunning. Wowzers.

    OK so that’s three words.

  2. My giddy Aunt – HOW much beautiful DIY can you fit in to one wedding? Because if there is a record, I think this may have just smashed it. The keys, the sweeties, the flowers, the CAKE (can we please talk about the cake? I am so not into cakes myself, but that is a true piece of art)….all so so pretty.

    I am off to find me some yellow flowers to brighten up the day like this wedding did…

  3. WOW! What really stands out for me is the amount of detail the couple have put into their day and the fact that it is all so unique. Absolutely gorgeous! Love it – love it – love it!

  4. oh the paper balloons…
    oh the dessert table and the tree trunks….
    Oh the first photo of the couple in this post…
    Sweet Happy Friday Everyone
    ps The ‘you might also like’ button is dangerous for escaping into past prettyville….

  5. Absolutely AMAZING! Love the yellow and all the DIY – can’t get over that they made that sweetie dresser, wow! Kind of glad I’m already married as otherwise would be dying of envy right now.

  6. This is THE most incredible DIY extravaganza I ever laid eyes upon.

    In the words of Mary Poppins – practically perfect in every way!

    Incredible! x

  7. There’s DIY. And then there’s THIS type of DIY. Simply stunning! It looks amazing….oh so pretty, personal and above all else, like a whole lot of fun. One of my favourite ever weddings on here! Congratulations Laura & Dave!

  8. Wow, you guys are a very creative couple!! That dresser looks like its straight out of the Laura Ahsley catalogue. Seriously. Sweet woodwork skills!

    All of the details are so personal and unique.Your mum and the ‘dog walkers’ are seriously handy with a crochet needle! Those blankies are gorgeous. And the cake! I love it!!

    Congratulations to you both XX

  9. charlotte- I think it would be perfectly reasonable to install that dresser in your house because, lets face it, what sort of dull and miserable day would not be brightened by being able to open a drawer and pick out a flump, or a sherbet dip dab, or a swirly lolly?!

    Sooooo many stealable ideas that look like so much fun to make and then be a part of!

    r.now x x x

  10. Congratulations, Laura & Dave – what a beautiful, beautiful wedding!

    Top notch work from T&D at Murakami again. CANNOT wait to spend the day with you guys!


  11. Dear RMW –

    Please do you know what was in the padlocked drawer??! I am *dying* to know!!

    That sweetie table was inspired – this whole wedding has made me feel, well, all cheery and stuff!


    PS. Really am desperate to know what was in the drawer!!!

  12. Oh my blooming gosh….

    I did not think this wedding could get any better.

    I have been proved royally wrong!

    Steal, stole, stolen….

  13. Wow this is absolutely stunning, I love the bright beautiful yellow, all the thoughtful DIY touches, that amazing sweetie station (serious DIY envy there), the table plan, just AMAZING! Congrats on a truly beautiful wedding 🙂 x

  14. Pumpkins, personalised teabags, a handmade dresser, the cake AND ice-cream AND a dessert table, the lemonade glasses… there are no words.

    Congrats to Laura and Dave.

    Forget having a sweetie dresser at home, can I have one in the office right now, please?


  15. Totally in awe too! Its like all my fave bits from a wedding in one! So much hard work but totally worth it as its spectacular!!

    Definitely one of my fave weddings on here ever!
    Rachie xo

  16. So much pretty!!

    I’ve been adamant that I wanted yellow to feature in my wedding and have met with raised eyebrows and doubting looks at every turn. Now I can just show people this and tell them to shush! 🙂

  17. BEAUTIFUL!!! Can I steal EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
    I shall be keeping this page in my favourites for inspiration over the next 8 months!!! Thank you!!!


  18. I’m actually speechless!

    That is THE most gorgeous, spectacular, supecalifragalisticexpalidocious (I’m not sure what the spelling of that is supposed to be) wedding I have ever laid eyes on.

    The yellow is dreamy (my favourite colour but not right for our wedding) and the bride and groom look sensational.

    This wedding is absolutely perfect for sweet toothed me (who is now on a 6 week very sensible eating regime trying to get ready for my fitting in May – it sounds easier breaking it down into 6 week chunks and hopefully after the 6 weeksI should be nearly there, so then it’s just maintaining it).

    THe DIY is gorgeous, they are so talented, and I love the new business, it almost makes me wish I was getting married in this country!

    Sigh, I am very very jealous!

    Also, I am buying those big bell jars for when we buy our house (probably in 2050 lol) because I think they are now ESSENTIAL and will be filled with flumps for me to nibble on!


  19. My mind still boggles at what a perfect day this wedding was. The amazing details and hard work done by Laura and Dave just blew the guests away. David and I were over the moon at being able to be part of it. It was good fun when we contacted the pumpkin patch to ask if we could take some photos there on the wedding day,lol. I think it was a first for them. I love when couples put their own personal stamp on the day, it should be a day full of things they enjoy, and their joy will be infectious. Best wishes again to Laura and Dave, and best of luck on the Sweetie enterprise as well. I know it’ll be a huge success!

  20. if the bride reads this which I hope she does – its soo pretty – where can we buy the jars that are on the sweetie tables?


  21. A huge thank you to RMW for selecting Laura and Dave’s wedding to publish on the blog. As a RMW areader, it’s really a treat to see one of our weddings on here 🙂 Also a huge thank you to Laura and Dave for trusting us, and letting the creative process go amok, lol. Teri and David of Murakami Photography 🙂

  22. Wowser!

    Love the details at this wedding, its like its fallen off the pages of the other uber lovely blog from across the pond!

    I am smiling at the fact that we are seeing this in the UK, all the details which we see all the time on US blogs finally put in to action over here in little old blightly… lets hope the floodgates have been opened!
    ps and guys, think about this wedding as a civilian?! We are more used to seeing these amazingly cute ideas as brides to be, imagine what the wedding novice guests would have thought!

  23. What a lovely wedding! However, I am majorly gutted as I thought we had a unique idea that we now, er.. don’t. Bugger!!!!!
    Anyhoo, back to the wedding in hand- Oh my GOD! Rootin tooting fabulous, yeeehhhhawwwww! xxx

  24. Oh my good god this is THE best, most amazing wedding you’ve ever featured! (That I’ve seen) I was sat reading through it with my chin on my desk! A truly special wedding with all the elements of other weddings I’ve loved brought together in one day! I’m in total awe of the bride, groom and family for being able to create such a fantastic looking day. The colours are beautiful and were used so well.

    Ok so loving the flowers so so much, awesome dress, lemonade stand so cool, key escort cards and the fact that one of them opened the secret door is a genius idea! What else…frickin love the pumpkin patch and cowboy hat photos – again pure genius! Oh and don’t even get me started on the fact that they actually MADE the sweet cabinet!!!

    I only hope my wedding turns out half as beautiful and gorgeously styled as this one!

    Oh and where on earth do you get old keys from???

    Fab post today RMW!


  25. Two yellow and grey weddings on the blog in as many days – you spoil me RMW.

    I have a slightly unhealthy addiction to flumps at the moment (but they are fat free don’t ya know).

    So much inspiration in this wedding. I hope it inspires many brides to be to do it their way xx

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