Emerald City.

Stella Fakiyesi Photography

So, what if you don’t want to wear white on your wedding day? There’s always ivory instead right?

What if you don’t want to wear either of those colours and you want to say, wear emerald? Surely you can’t wear emerald? It would be crazy to think of making such a bold statement. Or would it?

Not if you have your day your way. Exactly like Shabina did.

This wedding is all about the dress. It’s obviously about the love, the commitment and the happiness too. But aesthetically, it’s all about the dress.

Emerald City

A Blendin Of Cultures

Shabina The Bride: We met and fell in love with the backdrop of London surrounding us and although we played with other ideas the simplicity of the city we both know and love made it easy to make it work for us. Soho House offered us a venue that was quintessentially English and our Autumnal wedding was a blending of colours and cultures.

Emerald City

English Designers

My Alice Temperley emerald green kaftan dress was chosen for its design and colour and though in line with my culture, we used English designers. Richard wore Paul Smith. It was also a nod to our love of the contemporary British. My Indian head dress was from Kyles collection, a gift from a dear friend. My best mate Astra Wren is a great make-up artist so I was lucky to have her do my make-up.

Emerald City

Rustic Dreams

We chose our rings after a fruitful visit to a jewellery fair at Somerset House and ended up in Hatton Garden seeking to symbolise the union of Kashmir and Celtic Welsh. Sapphire, Gold and Celtic rustic dreams ensured the combination of engagement and wedding rings. 

Emerald City

At Last

The room we got married in was a beautifully sedate clay red and the wood panelling allowed the ceremony to feel divinely consequential. It was brightened by a huge bouquet of autumnal orange, red and green flowers that we had arranged from Bloomsbury Flowers. I’ll never forget the snapshot of flowers, smiles, and walking up the aisle to “At Last” by Etta James; it was a more memorable moment than I could have wished for.

Emerald City

A Roof Top Lunch

We had cupcakes from Hummingbird bakery. I loved them so much.

After the ceremony our guests went up to the roof top cafe of the Soho House for a light buffet lunch. For dinner close friends and family joined us at a Vietnamese Restaurant in Shoreditch.

Emerald City


My best advice…It’s all about the L.O.V.E

Emerald City

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Venue – Soho House
Brides Dress – Temperley London
Groom – Paul Smith
Cake – Hummingbird Bakery
Make-up – Astra Wren
Photographer – Stella Fakiyesi Photography

Did you spot Sabina’s coral nail polish? How perfect is that with the dress?

I love the colour of the ceremony room…everything seemed to work perfectly round that beautiful emerald green.

Will any of you be sporting a coloured dress on your days? Please do tell me all.


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

10 thoughts on “Emerald City.

  1. LOVE this wedding, the dress is divine and everything just looks like its meant to be. I’m wearing a silver dress….. would have loved something more colourful but struggled to find anyhting that was “me”

  2. @Kate – Surely that’s just the norm right?

    @madamchoochoo – It’s lush isn’t it. Silver sounds very cool! I want to seeeeee…

  3. @Madamchoochoo I also am currently admiring a silver dress! My Mum isn’t keen though, definitely wants me in white 🙂

    Love the green.

  4. I’m wearing a rich, deep teal for my wedding in 3 weeks’ time. OOOh, can’t wait! And having had 2 children already, white seemed somehow wrong for me….mainly because it would get covered in dirty fingerprints in no time at all!

  5. Gorgeous wedding… I need this fur stole for my wedding as really struggling to find anything that isn’t pure white. Help please!

  6. @madamechoochoo silver sounds gorgeous. Hopefully the sun will shine and you’ll be a sparkling beauty for all to see!

    I am also loving Shabina’s headpiece and colour pop contrasting nail varnish! Just gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful wedding and the flowers are wonderful in that room too!
    I will be wearing grey although i did go through every colour on the spectrum as I didn’t feel comfortable in the white dresses I tried. I never wear white ordinarily because I always manage to get some stain or other on it and I also don’t fancy half my photos with a wine stain centre stage!

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