This autumnal Hidden River Barn in Carlisle wedding comes with a serious tissue warning. It is very likely you’ll get emotional at this one. Okay, got your tissues? Let’s get into it. Marrying at Recommended Venue, Hidden River Cabins, the theme of this day is ‘Love Wins!’ because Kerrie & Craig certainly deserve all the love! Kerrie’s close friend, who has been there for Kerrie through thick and thin, married the couple in a humanist ceremony. Kerrie has had to bury 2 partners and raised her children completely independently. Kerrie’s eldest son gave her away, her daughter wanted to pay for her dress, another son gave a speech, and Kerrie’s auntie, whom she found through genealogy just 2 years before, sat proudly next to her! So you can see why you'll need those tissues. Recommended Supplier, Bridgette Ibbotson Photographer, captured the whole day!

A misty Hidden River Barn Carlisle wedding with an autumnal theme and SO many special moments!

Craig was a very hands-on groom. 
We paid for the entire wedding ourselves and compromise had to take place in order to afford what we wanted to achieve. Our advice would be to work together and think about what matters to you the most. Kerrie is the creative and Craig is the planner and loves a spreadsheet. Play to your strengths!

Kerrie & Craig

Hidden River Barn Carlisle

Kerrie's wedding dress was bespoke and she looked like a complete vision! By day, it was an elegant gown complimented by detachable bohemian floral sleeves. By night, the sleeves were removed, and the hair was let down (figuratively and literally) as Kerrie welcomed all those Old Hollywood vibes. 
Kerrie felt like it was extremely symbolic as a new era was on the horizon. Flaunting her gorgeous curves off is out of character for Kerri and was super brave in embracing who she is with confidence! The autumnal decor at Hidden River Barn in Carlisle worked beautifully alongside the bride's hair! With a champagne towersparkler send-off, and a killer first dance. This wedding had it all! One of our fave decorations from the day is the autumnal flower columns that the couple used in the ceremony and reception.

Family is everything

Kerrie & Craig wanted to create a safe and comfortable space at their wedding! For their wedding breakfast, Kerrie & Craig had sharing platters, so they could literally share the love! They had an informal table plan without a traditional top table, so everyone could mingle! The desserts were served on grazing tables on the mezzanine whilst a homemade movie was played showing the couple's love story and how they've created such a beautiful blended family. Kerrie & Craig have 6 wonderful children with two very beautiful grandchildren. Kerrie & James' autistic son, James, had a 'chill bill area' which comprised of a teepee, sensory materials, soft lighting and comforts from home.
 Two SEN teachers attended to make sure he was safe throughout the day/evening, which made the day even more magnificent.

With informal seating plans, dedicated kid's areas, and sharing platters of food, this day was all about love!

Craig and I danced the night away but there was one 
moment where we were dancing and we both felt a euphoric sense of love and it was like it was only us in the entire room. 
The power of music and love!
 We drifted off into a beautiful harmonious space. We both felt it and our guests noticed this moment and loved absorbing our moment.

Kerrie & Craig

An autumnal wedding theme is perfect for Hidden River Barn in Carlisle! Those stunning windows that look out onto the misty woodland with the bare trees creates such a cosy and enchanting vibe to your day. To complete the wedding theme, the bridal party wore orange autumnal bridesmaid dresses! For Kerrie & Craig the day was about spending quality time with their 6 children, 2 grandchildren (and all the other guests too!). If you're having kids attend your wedding, here are some kid's entertainment ideas to keep them occupied throughout the day. 

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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Venue: Hidden River Cabins | Photography: Bridgette Ibbotson Photography | Videographer: Jenny Appleton Film | Band: LP Collective | Florist: Emma Cox Floristry | Makeup & Hair: Daniella Makeup and Hair | Wedding Dress: Suzanne Neville | Bridal Boutique: Ellie Sanderson | Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie | Shoes: Charlotte Mills | Planner/Stylist, Stationery, Decor & Hire: Junie Poonie | Celebrant: Sarah Edwina

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