Making eco-friendly and sustainable choices when wedding planning doesn't mean you have to compromise on style or quality. This honey yellow wedding inspiration proves that! All the flowers were sourced from a local farm, and the great outdoors provided the perfect backdrop for the alfresco ceremony and reception. Not to mention couples portraits, hello blossom tree! incorporating their own personal style to the wedding inspiration were the two brides who wore a stylish white suit and blush pink bridal gown. We think bridal suits and coloured wedding dresses will continue to be huge for 2022!


Honey yellow wedding inspiration with two brides and an alfresco reception.

Our vision was to create a colourful shoot that was locally sourced within our small town to support small businesses.

Heather Stone - Photographer


Inspired by sustainability and community, this shoot celebrates diversity and a community of love and support. We chose offbeat and unique details to show that weddings can reflect the uniqueness of a couple. A macaron honeybee cake, honeycomb cocktails with drizzled honey, a blush pink wedding dress and a white bridal suit. All within the beautiful and lush gardens of Filberg Park.

Honey Yellow Wedding Inspiration

The yellow honey colour scheme and styling were chosen as a way to bring brightness and happiness to a time when everything seemed very dark and moody in the world. Also, to offer a colour palette that was unconventional and could be used during any time of year.

Fashion & Beauty

We liked the idea of a white bridal suit with pink pumps and a non-traditional wedding dress for our adventurous real couple. We wanted to forgo usual traditions and complement their authentic personalities. Their hair and makeup was designed to complement their unique styles and looks.

All the florals were sourced from a nearby farm/florist and donated to a respite home following the shoot.

We wanted to source all products and services locally. An effort to show couples that a wedding can be done in a way that uplifts the community and sustains those who work around us.

Heather Stone - Photographer

Not only is this honey-yellow wedding inspiration delicious, but it's also eco-friendly. Even making small sustainable choices when wedding planning can have a big positive impact. Read our eco-friendly roundup for more sustainable and eco-friendly advice, ideas and inspiration.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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