If you're a fan of opulence, dramatics and elegance, then castle wedding venues are probably pretty high up on your wish list. We can hardly blame you - a castle setting is a perfect backdrop to knock your and your guests' socks off. Whilst there are lots of things to consider when searching for your venue, the effortless romantic appeal, the regality and the fairytale energy of castle venues are palpable in every single corner. Are you a history buff? Then castles are a fabulous choice, too. All in all, these venues are perfect for a number of couples, for a variety of reasons. If you think that you're one of them, then today is your lucky day. We have rounded up 9 of the best castle wedding venues, Recommended by Rock My Wedding - just for you. So, shall we? 

A regal roundup of 9 castle wedding venues, Recommended by Rock My Wedding!

1. Ashridge House - Hertfordshire

First up, we've got the ever-so-beautiful Recommended venue Ashridge House. This venue allows couples to immerse themselves in a rich historical tapestry whilst stepping into a place once graced by the presence of distinguished historical figures like King Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Prince Edward. At Ashridge, you'll be treated like royalty throughout your special day. Nestled within expansive and meticulously designed 190 acres of gardens, this enchanting venue provides the most serene, elegant and picturesque setting for your wedding. The venue's architecture showcases a captivating blend of romantic Gothic and Italian influences. These are accentuated by chandeliers, fireplaces, exquisite gold-leaf adorned painted ceilings, and an awe-inspiring staircase.

2. Berkeley Castle - Cotswolds - castle wedding venues

Next, we've got Recommended venue Berkeley Castle. Berkeley Castle stands proudly as the oldest inhabited castle in the country, a testament to its legacy. Nestled in the Cotswolds, amidst the picturesque countryside of Gloucestershire, Berkeley Castle exudes a sense of tranquillity and charm. Its idyllic location boasts panoramic views of the rolling landscape and the serene River Severn. Though often praised for its awe-inspiring grandeur, Berkeley Castle still manages to give off an incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere, making sure that every visitor feels welcomed. With only one wedding per week, you can rest assured that there will be no event directly preceding or following yours, granting you the freedom to arrive and depart at your leisure.

3. Cluny Castle - aberdeenshire, scotland 

Recommended venue Cluny Castle is an opulent display of secluded, captivating beauty. Concealed by over two hundred acres of parkland, this castle is magical. Dating back to the 14th century, Cluny Castle boasts crenellated architecture and picturesque grounds. It offers an exclusive and enchanting setting to celebrate your special day. Wander around and feel the palpable rich heritage, stunning architecture, and breathtaking surroundings for which Cluny Castle is renowned. Each and every space at Cluny is awe-inspiring, luxurious, and romantic. Not only that, the castle offers overnight accommodation for up to 26 guests. So you and your guests can have the day of your life followed by a fantastic night's sleep. Who wouldn't want that? 

4. Dunwood Hall Estate, staffordshire 

Experience the charm and elegance of Recommended venue Dunwood Hall Estate. This castle wedding venue simply exudes a delightful quirkiness whilst maintaining its inherent luxury. This stunning architectural gem showcases the beauty of Neo-Gothic design. The grounds include five acres of serene gardens, carefully cultivated with manicured lawns, rockeries, tranquil pools, and intricate spaces. A unique rose garden awaits, providing an extraordinary setting for wedding toasts. And that's not all! Not even close. The art deco swimming pool from the 1920s is a perfect spot for photos and a dip. The team at Dunwood prioritises magic and stress-free moments for everyone. They believe that each celebration should be unique and joyful. Dunwood Hall Estate offers unique elements, opulent architecture and an atmosphere filled with luxury, love and light. 

5. Eastnor Castle - herefordshire

Discover the enchanting Recommended venue Eastnor Castle. A captivating fairytale fortress nestled within a vast 5,000-acre estate in the scenic and naturally beautiful Malvern Hills. Surrounded by a serene lake, a deer park, and an arboretum, the castle offers breathtaking views. At Eastnor Castle, luxurious tranquillity awaits you. Aptly titled the ultimate jaw-dropping wedding venue, Eastnor Castle boasts exclusivity as a standard, engrained luxury, and rich romance from start to finish. Breathtaking views are not hard to come by here, either. The outstanding surrounding beauty makes for a perfect backdrop for your wedding. There is so much to discover at Eastnor Castle. Whatever your theme, this castle will prove as a perfect backdrop. 

6. Farnham Castle - surrey - Castle wedding venues

Next up is Recommended venue Farnham Castle. Located in Surrey, Farnham Castle is a remarkable wedding venue steeped in history. This iconic castle has evolved into a magnificent structure set amidst breathtaking grounds, picturesque woodlands, and enchanting gardens. Farnham Castle exudes romance, elegance, and timeless beauty. This castle venue offers a commanding position overlooking the historic town of Farnham. It also boasts five acres of landscaped gardens. Providing a unique setting, this venue promises a wedding day as magical as you. The dedicated planning team specialises in turning dreams into reality. They will collaborate with you to explore every possibility. They also ensure that your wedding at Farnham Castle becomes an unforgettable experience.

7. lulworth castle - Dorset

Nestled within 12,000 acres of picturesque Dorset countryside, Recommended venue Lulworth Castle allows couples to privately reserve an extraordinary venue for their special day. Originally designed to delight and accommodate royalty, this magnificent 17th-century castle is situated in the heart of the privately-owned Lulworth Estate. Surrounded by expansive parkland, it boasts incredible sea views and offers a charming church and private chapel within its grounds. Throughout its illustrious history, Lulworth Castle has graciously welcomed countless distinguished guests, including seven monarchs and one pop star (to our knowledge). It now offers an awe-inspiring setting on the iconic Jurassic Coast. The magical allure of Lulworth Castle lies in its adaptability. Couples are not only allowed but encouraged to fashion their perfect day. Whether you opt for a civil ceremony within the castle's grandeur or prefer to exchange vows in the time-honoured church or historic private chapel, you can revel in the blissful ambience.

8. Pennsylvania Castle Estate - Dorset

Penultimately, we've got Recommended venue Pennsylvania Castle Estate in Dorset. This glorious castle has set the stage for countless magical weddings. Right by the sea boasting captivating views, well-manicured grounds, and distinctive accommodation options, this estate offers an exquisite canvas for your big day. Whether you are after a romantic twilight ceremony or a secluded beach wedding, Pennsylvania Castle Estate can do it all. With its versatility, the Castle accommodates your individuality, allowing you to create a day that reflects your unique style. Whether you prefer a relaxed or extravagant affair, a traditional or extraordinary experience. All is possible at Pennsylvania Castle Estate. 

9. Sudeley Castle - gloucestershire 

Last but certainly not least is Recommended venue Sudeley Castle. This castle is found amidst the picturesque Cotswold Hills. Sudeley Castle is as an exceptional castle venue, boasting 1,200 acres of grounds, a storied past and an opulent atmosphere. The blend of romantic ruins and manicured gardens create a captivating canvas for your big day. With its beauty and rich heritage, Sudeley Castle has earned its place as one of the most idyllic castle wedding venues. Within the expansive grounds, you'll find a myriad of locations to wander through. The castle ruins are a perfect, romantic spot to get lost in. The hidden gems throughout the estate offer secluded spots for special moments with your partner, friends and family.

Some of the most beautiful castle wedding venues in the UK - with glorious gardens and splendorous surroundings! 

Phew, what a roundup! Just by writing about these castle wedding venues, I feel truly royal. Has anyone seen my crown? Have you got your eye on a castle wedding venue? But you're not sure how far in advance you should be booking it? Wouldn't it be handy if you had a comprehensive article helping you out on just that... Shucks. Oh, wait - we have exactly that. If you weren't aware that castles could work as wedding venues, worry not. You're certainly not alone. That's why we compiled a list of the different types of wedding venues you can book (you're welcome!). 

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Written by Sasha Kirkham

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