If your favourite season is autumn, then you need to see this pumpkin patch wedding at Wyresdale Park! Tamsin & Simon had a fun-filled October wedding with glow sticks, temporary tattoos, a thrilling game of manhunt, drinking contests, an old-school R&B music hour, arcade games AND a hot chocolate station. So when we say you need to see this wedding, we really aren’t lying. The entertainment at Tamsin & Simon’s big day is unlike any other. The couple chose Recommended supplier, Bluebells and Daisies, for all their beautiful flowers.

Pumpkin patch wedding at Wyresdale Park in October

Our reception was anything but traditional, with arcade games lining the walls (nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition) and a "pimp your hot chocolate" station filled with booze, whipped cream and all the toppings you could think of, providing endless entertainment for our guests.

Tamsin & Simon

Pumpkin Patch Wedding

Tamsin & Simon described their pumpkin patch wedding as rustic, autumnal, and timeless. They wanted their styling to reflect the season with some alternative elements. They chose black candles, and tiny pumpkins as table numbers, with handmade little stars everywhere! The couple had a lot of secondhand and DIY decor throughout the whole day. The wedding reception really got the party started with shots and speech bingo. The meal finished with Simon challenging Tamsin to a drinking contest! The night was full of excitement, with glow sticks, temporary tattoos, and a 5-piece band with saxophone. One thing we definitely approve of is the old-school R&B hour before the band came on with THAT champagne tower!

Wyresdale Park

From the moment Tamsin & Simon stepped foot on the beautiful Wyresdale Park in Lancashire, they knew that it was going to be the venue for their dream pumpkin patch wedding. With its stunning natural beauty, charming atmosphere, and breathtaking views, Wyresdale Park is the perfect setting for a wedding. The festivities kicked off the day before the wedding with the girls heading to the onsite spa and the boys heading to the local pub. That night, friends and family gathered for food and drinks followed by a thrilling game of manhunt in the woodland estate, getting everyone pumped up for the big day ahead. The guests then settled into their cosy yurts where they could admire the views and peaceful atmosphere.

Cathrine Deane boho lace wedding dress for an autumnal wedding day

Some advice would be to have speeches after food always, that way your caterer doesn't have to worry about speeches running over, people aren't hungry and everyone is a little drunker so speeches are funnier. Don't go traditional and swap your ceremony seating! Have it so you are facing your family and your other half is facing his. Always play upbeat music straight after food to make sure people don't get tired! Start your planning early and set deadlines. Ask for help! Be ruthless with your guest list.

Tamsin & Simon

Tamsin & Simon's pumpkin patch wedding is just full of so much fun and charm. Naturally, to finish off their autumnal wedding day, they had a sparkler send-off. We have a guide to get the best sparkler send-off photos that you can cherish forever. This couple also DIY'd all their wedding signs. Here are the five signs you will need for your wedding day to help things run smoothly!

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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Venue & Drinks: Wyresdale Park | Photography & Videography: Jo Greenfield | Band: The Rush | Florist: Bluebells and Daisies | Food: The Striped Kitchen | Hair & Makeup: Nala and Knot | Wedding Dress: Catherine Deane | Bridal Boutique: Pretty White Dress | Shoes: Dr Martens | Arcade Machines: Roll Model Arcade

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