Take a look at this fun-filled summer tipi wedding! The stunning tipi is from Recommended Supplier, Buffalo Tipi. With an exciting wedding cake contest, a roaming wedding band that followed guests from the church to the reception, and laugh-out-loud wedding speeches, this wedding just has such a contagious positive energy. F (bride) & J (groom) are beaming in every single wedding photo and they radiate happiness. All of which was captured by Recommended Supplier, Daniel McClane Photography. The couple also chose Recommended Supplier, Papier, for their wedding stationery.

A summer tipi wedding with a wedding cake contest and roaming band

For me, J’s speech or both of us being on shoulders in the air to our closing song were my favourite moments. This moment might sound small but there was a magic moment when we looked up during the main course and nudged each other as we watched our favourite people from opposite corners of our lives altogether. Watching the electric energy, all with the sun setting behind them…it was pure joy. 

The Bride

Fun Tipi Wedding 

The energy is what makes F & J’s wedding so unique. The couple knew they wanted the day to feel relaxed. Still elegant, but informal and fun. Their wedding suppliers were the ultimate dream team. They were all so warm and incredibly skilled, which made the whole day relaxed for the couple and their guests too because they trusted them so easily. The tipi was amongst tall golden grass which made a cracking canvas! The decor and styling were kept neutral with plenty of texture including ceramics, tonal mixed height taper candles, wild florals and warm lighting! 

Wedding Cake Contest 

The Social Table feasting meal was unreal according to F & J. The food was phenomenal and the family-style menu and sharing style were a great way to break the ice for guests who might not know each other. Sunny Side Up, the wedding band,  did a roaming set walking everyone from the church to the tipi wedding reception. It made what could be a dull walk, a highlight of the day. If you’ve ever wanted to be in a musical (we certainly have), then this is the perfect idea for you. There was also a cake contest! Guests baked cakes for the wedding, which were then judged. What a great way to get everyone involved!

It’s impossible not to smile at this summer tipi wedding, the energy is infectious!

Make sure to allow yourself to benefit from all your planning, relax and enjoy the day you carved out. For us, getting someone to coordinate on the day allowed us to do that.

F & J

Are you planning your own tipi wedding? Here are some great tipi and marquee wedding ideas to inspire you. They’re incredible blank canvases that you can truly make your own. The roaming wedding band was an absolute highlight of the day for F & J. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a wedding band

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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Photography: Daniel McClane Photography | Catering: The Social Table | Tipi: Buffalo Tipi | MC: Danny Dukebox | Florist: House of Flowers | Band: Sunny Side Up | Tents: Bumble Bell Tents | On The Day Coordinator: Your Wedding Your Way, Gemma McGrath Events | Food: Taco Truck | Cocktail Truck: Maverick Bar Company | Stationery: Papier

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