A red dress for wedding, with snow, flower crown bar, paint by numbers and Karaoke! Yep, you heard us. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, it really is, and Recommended photographer, Gina Fernandes has captured all the joy and beauty it bestows. Seeing really is believing with this one folk's, so we'll let the images do all the talking, because wow!

Red dress for wedding in the snow with flower crown bar, karaoke and homemade cakes.


We knew nothing about weddings before we started, so we weren't bound to any conventions. Every aspect of our wedding was borne out of who we are, and what we wanted to do. We wanted to party. We meshed the Egyptian, the Pakistani and the Filipino. Our day started with an Egyptian Zaffa to build the energy. People mingled over Mario Kart, paint-by-numbers, and helped to make flower crowns for each other. At the end, we sang the night away.

Mahisa & Youssef

Red Dress For Wedding

The bridesmaid's emerald green satin dresses look striking next to Mahisa's red dress for wedding in the snow. Not only do they pop against the crisp white backdrop, but they are also bang-on-trend. Youssef adds a pop of colour to his outfit too with a vibrant orange tie, which is also a popular colour choice for 2022 weddings. The fiery colours signified the ending of gloomy days, which is what inspired my two-piece western lehenga design. Virsa had exactly the material I imagined and my tailor, Saeed, at Virsa made my red dress for wedding design come to life.


If we were to put a label on it, probably DIY Desi Boho Party with a sprinkle of snow from above. It was a big get-together, where people mingled and relaxed and even made new friends. Our favourite moments included all of it! Especially our friend playing the sax for our first dance. That brought us to tears. And let's not forget the SNOW.


The day was a DIY masterpiece. Mahisa made all the macramé decorations in the main dining hall. A massive macramé backdrop, heaps of plant hangers and dream catchers. Youssef made all the wedding cakes. Five cakes in total, one of which was vegan. Zero cakes remained.

Mahisa and Youssef focused on wedding suppliers whose work stood out to them. The cherry on top was, they were local!

Start planning early. Find your vibe, find suppliers who fit in with that, and ones you can talk to freely and openly. Draw, sketch, plan and then plan again. Once the big pieces are in place, the smaller details start adding up, so have a list of tasks you need to think about. Keep your suppliers informed, and know each other's expectations.

Mahisa & Youssef

It's not often we get to feature an autumn-themed wedding with snow. So special. But we're pleased to see more and more brides opting for a red dress for wedding. Or blueblack or silver for that matter. In fact, coloured wedding dresses are becoming so popular, we put together an article full of lots of our brides in coloured gowns.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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Photographer: Gina Fernandes Photography | Venue: Hanbury Wedding Barn | Videographer: Dan Dolan Films | Karaoke: Karaoke hire | Garden Games: Two Eight One Event Hire | Flower Crown Bar: Ever Wild | Flowers: Everwild | Food: Cheese and Chai

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