Short And Chic.


This week’s inspiration post is short and sweet.

I say short for two reasons; namely because the focus of today’s piece is all about big-day barnet inspiration for you lovelies with cropped locks but also because the length of this post is somewhat…well um…condensed compared to the usual post that appears here every Monday afternoon.

“But why?”, I hear you cry. Bear with me folks, I’ll come onto that in a moment but first I want to address something with you.

How many of you have experienced the age-old ‘wedding day hair’ quagmire in the run up to your nuptials? The ‘I must grow my hair for the big day’ phenomenon so that you have more ‘options’ on the day itself? Hmmmm, I thought so….there’s a fair few of you out there aren’t there.

I’m not judging you ladies, I too succumbed to the imagined (?) pressure of growing out my mane for my wedding or more specifically my fridge – a decision made exactly one day after the boy proposed just so that I’d be able to ‘do more’ with my tresses without being hampered by any length restrictions.

I’m still not convinced it was the right choice. As it happened, I wore the majority of my hair down on the day so I’m not exactly sure that having a fringe would have made much difference. What will I think in five years time when I look back at the photos? Well that remains to be seen…

Short Chic Wedding Hair Inspiration_0043

Here at RMW HQ we often receive impassioned cries for help from our dedicated RMW-ettes on a variety of different topics. But the one issue that keeps rearing its hairy head (sorry couldn’t resist!) time and time again is that of bridal ideas and inspiration for brides with barnets of the short variety.

And so I set out on a mission to assist you lovely lot by hunting down the best barnets this side of short-haired town…which brings me onto the reason why this particular post is so concise.

It seems, folks, that inspiration for those girls with shorter do’s is somewhat thin on the ground. In fact, what you can see here is the culmination of two full days of searching the interweb for gorgeous images of bobbed and pixie cropped brides.

Pitiful isn’t the word.

In fact I was dismayed that there weren’t more gorgeous images of short and chic bridal hair; which probably goes some way in explaining why so many of you choose to grow your hair out for your wedding. Despite looking like a street urchin myself with a bob (trust me I still haven’t got over the psychological scars caused by my mother taking me to the hairdressers to have my tumbling locks cut off whilst I was rendered mute by tonsillitis) I admire those women that can carry off a shorter haired look. In fact there’s nothing quite so chic as a wide-eyed bride with a pixie mop – see Audrey for the ultimate in sophistication.

So why is this so?

Is there an unspoken expectancy that a bride should have long hair on her wedding day in much the same way as we assume that she’ll be wearing a white frock to say her vows?

Is it purely a case of practicality in that it’s just so much easier to curl and tong and twist and pin when there’s more hair to play with? Do you feel more feminine, more comfortable when your tresses fall past your shoulders? Does your other half prefer you with a tumbling mane and are you influenced by their preferences?

I’m hoping we can have a bit of a discussion this afternoon as I’m really interested to hear other folks’ thoughts on the whole short-haired debate.

Short Chic Wedding Hair Inspiration_0044

By my reckoning, short-haired do’s are the way to go particularly if you’re a bride that’s keen to integrate a statement headpiece into your outfit. Rather than your hair taking over the show you can allow your glistening pins, feather garnishes and glitzy circlets to shine against a sedate yet coiffed background. Plus a supersized veil against a gamine cut always looks a little bit twiggy, a little bit 1960s doesn’t it…

And you can’t beat the sixties now can you?

So are you a perfect pixie girl or a bobbed beauty?

Do you know how you’ll be styling your barnet on your big day or are you still at a loss for ideas?

Have you decided to grow out your mane for your big day and will you be lopping it all off afterwards?

I want to hear all about it!

All my love Lolly xxx

P.S. If you’re looking for hair inspiration for your big day why not check out our Pinterest board for your barnet right here. We promise you’ll find something to love.

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

23 thoughts on “Short And Chic.

  1. I’m getting married on Saturday and have a pixie crop. I got so fed up with people asking if I’m going to grow my hair for the wedding, it almost made me want to shave it all off! Why would I grow my hair? I’ve had my hair this way for 5 years and I look so much better. My fella loves it, my friends like it this way and most importantly I like it and feel like me.

    I don’t know where this obsession has come from to grow your hair but I for one can say that I’m going to proudly walk down the aisle feeling my best because my hair is part of who I am. Everyone else can lump it!

  2. I LOVE a short-haired bride!! Gorgeous! I have very long hair and the husband-to-be loves it as long as possible – I have my eye on an Olivia Palermo-esque look in the future though! xxx

  3. Oooh Katie I love Olivia Palermo – she always looks so chic! And I’m not surprised your boy loves your hair – it looks so thick and glossy!

    @Jo – eeek! You’re getting married on Saturday?! How are you feeling? Excited? Nervous? Stressed out? I love the sound of your pixie crop! How will you be styling it? And are you wearing any accessories?

  4. I don’t have super short hair, it’s naturally curly and sits just above my shoulders. I too had the debate with myself as to whether to start growing it for the wedding next year and came to the conclusion that there wasn’t much point! My hair annoys me and can be quite unruly when it gets past my shoulders so why stress myself and feel annoyed with it for the next 11 months only to chop it all off afterwards!

    So I’m sticking to the length I like and as Jo says if other people don’t like it they can “lump it”.

  5. Thank you for this post! I cut my hair short 3 weeks before the proposal, and I have no intention of growing it out, but looking for inspiration has been a nightmare!

    I am thinking floral hairband/crown for the moment, but might succumb to some glitz in the end!

  6. I have a long, thick ‘sixties’ esque fringe and long hair and everyone but everyone has asked me if i’m going to grow my fringe out! To the point where I have, several times, seriously considered it. ‘But you want your hair all off your face for photos and things don’t you…??’ It’s not like my fringe covers my whole face – just my forehead and dare I say it, my eyebrows, but I do manage day to day life with it very well! Why must a bride have her all her hair pulled back and a totally exposed face, forehead and all?

    My dress is very Grace Kelly and i’m planning on having my hair back in a messy bun with a little bit of backcombing. It wont be a ‘novelty’ 60s beehive, more a modern, softer take on a classic. In my head I know what it looks like but it’s been very hard to find pictures of brides with fringes. Brides with fringes pushed to the side, yes, I’ve found those, plenty of those. But I cant help but wonder if some of those girls were pressurised into sweeping those fringes to the left or right….?

    I think ultimately the boy would be surprised if he turned round and there I was fringe-less as he has said to me several times now “You will still look like you wont you?” I think if you have short hair normally, or a thick fringe then why change it for your wedding day? Have the courage of your convictions – if that’s the look you rock day to day then stick with it for the most important of days!


  7. @ Lolly – eek indeed!! I’m getting really excited now, have had a few months of nerves and waking up in the night going ‘Yargh! I need to do ‘ but now it’s getting to the point where I can’t really do much more, I’m really looking forward to it!

    As for my hair, I’m going to style it with a bit of shape paste to get some texture in there, spritz a bit of shine spray on and have a big white feathery hairband to pop in. I got it from Sleepy Sloth when she did a craft market where I live – she has short hair so has quite a few lovely hair accessories for those who’ve decided to take the plunge!

  8. I toy with a cute ruffed-up bob type cut every year (at least twice a year) and a fringe – I toy with that too. The thing is I do like the versatility of my long hair, plaits, high buns, ponytails etc but it does take time, sometimes I’d just like something shoulder length that I could mess up a bit and leave.

    Is that realistic?!

    @Katie – I am also a fan of the Olivia.

    @Lisa – LEAVE THE FRINGE! sounds awesome.

    Charlotte xxx

  9. @Jo well you most definitely get a huge thumbs up from the blog queen and I re ‘your hair, your way ‘and an even bigger kiss of approval for your white feathery headband – it sounds delicious!!

    @NickyT We do love a floral headband or two here – my sister had very short hair for my wedding (you can spot her here and she looked epic with a hydrangea floral band in her hair so I’m positive that you’ll look gorgeous!

    @Lisa Oh to be a Grace Kelly bride! You lucky lucky thing! I adore the sound of a messy backcombed bun with a fringe. You’ll look positively awesome. I found it impossible to find any brides with fringes as well but our Real Bride Karen definitely rocked her fringed barnet on her big day so I urge you to keep the fringe and not sweep it to the side if you don’t want to.

  10. I have my hair super razor short and that is how it is going to stay. I am preparing myself for an avalanche of ‘when are you growing your hair?’ type of questions. Still could be worse, they could be saying when are you going to start the diet.

  11. Thank you so much for this post! I have short straight hair in a blunt bob, and at the moment i have a fringe too. I would love some curls with a vintage feel for my wedding, actually what I had in mind is quite like the photo of the dark haired girl with white floral headband. I think I’m actually going to grow out my fringe a bit so I can sweep it to the side, but keep the rest of my hair the same length….reason being that I think my fringe has a very sharp look which won’t go with the soft curls that I want. And it’s quite 60s and my dress has a bit of a 1930s vibe. I love having short hair and although I agree longer hair is definitely more flexible in terms of up-dos, i feel that us short haired girls have loads of options too! It’s just a bit harder to find inspiration… I found an amazing vintage style beaded head band which goes perfectly with my dress, so I need to find the perfect hair to suit it now!
    @Lisa – my friend Has similar sounding hair to you and kept her fringe for her wedding, with the rest of her hair up in braids going into a bun, and some pieces falling around the sides of her face. She has had a 60s fringe for years and her hair looked stunning, sort of a special Grecian-esque version of her normal do! So i say keep your fringe!

  12. All I can say is THANK GOD and Lolly for this post!

    I have a pixie cut and was getting quite disheartened by the lack of inspiration about on the internet so thank you for all the lovely pics above. I’m actually thinking about no headpiece at all now and maybe just some statement earrings instead.

    I did have a few people ask about me growing my hair and I even decided to forgo a couple of trims to see if I could cope with the awkward ‘growing out’ time….. I caved when I remembered a) how bad my hair looks when it’s in that in between phase b) I don’t actually suit my hair long – at only 4’11” it tends to take over and c) my boy has only ever known me with short hair and seems to like me as I am so why conform??!!

    Added bonus… The beautiful FCNK dress I’ve set my heart on looks utterly fab without anything else!

  13. THANK YOU!

    I succumbed to the ‘must grow my hair pressure’, and lasted about 2 months. As soon as it grew a bit, I didn’t look like me, and quite frankly I felt silly. So I’ve gone super short again. Hurrah.

    The conundrum I have, however is veil related. I’m getting married in a church, and would love to wear a veil, but you don’t see many short haired brides sporting anything more than 50s style birdcage types (which I love, but won’t go with my dress). There may well be a reason for this…

  14. I lost count of the amount of people who asked me if I was going to grow my bobbed hair longer for our wedding, and the amount of people who asked me if I was going to have extensions….. oh and then people who nearly dropped to the floor when I declared I was going to wear it, dare I say it, DOWN!

    Having never had long hair I am a bit envious of those with a longer mane – it’s so much more versatile!

  15. I kept my short hair for my wedding and loved it. I did struggle with what to do with it though as combs were a no no as even with my thick hair they just fell out and the sparkly headbands I coveted were too small for my large head and just gave me a headache. In the end I went for a statement Kirby grip from Boots (of all the places!) and a few sparkly flowers on wires you just twist into your hair from Acccesorize. They (along with my mid length veil) stayed in place all day thanks to some back combing, some hairspray and the talents of my hairdresser.

    Although I can’t use the above inspiration for my wedding I’m stealing some of the ideas for the days when my hair needs a bit more pizazz

  16. @Sadie it’s a pleasure my dear! So pleased it’s helped you out. It sounds as if you could recreate a great gatsby vibe with your hair – why not softly tousle it and work the fringe into it and then add a flapper-esque headband into the mix. I promise you’ll look amazing!

    @Nikki I’m glad we answered your prayers sweetheart 😉 And I hadn’t even considered statement jewellery but it’s a fantastic idea! I think you should definitely buy some statement chandelier earrings – the shops are full of them right no so it’s not as if you’ll have to break the bank either.

    @Faye if you want to wear something longer than a birdcage length veil then definitely go for it. Hell if a cathedral length veil was good enough for Maria and the nuns in the sound of music then there’s no reason why you can’t wear one too 😉

  17. Love this, I love my short bob and was getting quite worried about my wedding hair style. These have left me with hope and a good pic for the hairdressers. Always wanted a birdcage veil too as looks fab with my So Sassi dress
    Thank you xx 😉

  18. Thanks Lolly, you have inspired me to go for the chop for my wedding day!
    I have been growing my tresses for a couple of years now (even before we got engaged-crazy) due to some silly notion that it would have to be long for the wedding. I used to have a pixie crop and then a lovely voluminous bob that was so easy to style, and the longer my hair has got the more fed up I am with it!
    As a bridal boutique owner who is designing & making my own dress, the pressure is on to look very stylish on the day, and I think there is something effortlessly glam about a short haired bride. The only problem is that my boy-0 prefers long hair…oh well you can’t please everyone! x

    p.s @Faye a long single tier veil looks awesome with super short hair…go for it!

  19. I had a pixie cut when he proposed and straight away people asked about growing my hair. My Mr doesn’t wan me to and right now it’s in the awkward stage of hating it and giving up and getting my pixie back. We get married next year and I’ve always wanted to wear a long veil but keep worrying a veil and pixie hair just won’t go, really struggling for inspiration!!

  20. Hi, love this article, i got engaged in august and always have my hair long but this week i get a bob just above the shoulders and i love it, when my best friends , who are all married, saw me they all said ” oh you should have wait after the wedding to cut your hair” . They make me sad , so i thought to start growing my hair in Jan 2014 ,becuase my wedding is iuntil Aug 2014.
    But after talking to my boyfriend ,i decided to be a bride with short hair, he love it this way and also it will be low maintaince for the honey moon!,
    Thanks so much for the photos, i am thinking to use a bird cage veil for the big day!
    Love u all

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