This afternoon we're swooning over signage. Be it a welcome sign, a cute quote, a cocktail menu or a set of dancefloor rules, we think they are a great way to enhance your decor or theme, and also have the added bonus of being super helpful for your guests. We've combined some of our favourites from real weddings with signs from our gorgeous List members, whose signs are available for you to hire for your own big day. If you're on the hunt for wedding suppliers handpicked by team RMW, then be sure to visit The List. Right, let's get on with the signage action shall we..?

Do I Really Need Signs?

Some people see signs as a totally unnecessary item of wedding decor, but we've got two reasons why we disagree with that... Firstly, although you've been to your venue several times, chances are your guests have never visited, so a few strategically placed signs will help them to find the designated ceremony area, dance floor, toilets and most importantly, the bar ;) It's also a way to potentially save money, as an Order of Service or Day and Menu sign will be cheaper than adding these to your stationery suite.

What Signs Do I Need?

Hopefully the gallery above will have filled you with inspiration, there are ALL sorts of displaying information, and even better, there are ALL sorts of making it look really, really pretty. These are the signs we'd consider for a wedding day... WELCOME - a lovely way to great guests and set the tone for the day. Chances are when they arrive you will be hidden away having your make up done. MENU - people want to know what they are eating, they will have probably forgotten what they chose when RSVPing, so a sign with the food choices on is always useful. Even more so if you're having sharing platters, or a BBQ, or a more informal dining set up. COCKTAILS & DRINKS - As above, if you've created any special his and hers cocktails for you big day, or if you have those gorgeous glass drinks dispensers, people need to know what is being served. DIRECTIONS - People need to know where the toilets are. Where the bar is. Where to go to dance. Where your ceremony will be. This one isn't essential by any means, as it's likely that your venue will have some sort of signage anyway, but if your venue is huge, sprawling or has lots of corridors, this might be a good one to consider. TABLE PLAN - Where to sit? If you're having a formal table plan, you need it to be displayed somewhere so that people can easily see where they are sitting. This is one so important, we've done a whole post about fun table plan ideas, which you can read here. SOCIAL MEDIA - If you're embracing social media on your big day, you need somewhere to display your hashtag, so people can tag photos and join in the fun. Alternatively, if you'd like guests to have their phones off and away during your ceremony, you need to let them know - a sign is a easy way to avoid awkward conversations. CUTE QUOTE - Do you and your partner have a particular song or book you both love? Why not use a quote from it to decorate your sweetie bar, gift table or bar area? We love ones that basically declare a love for food too. THANK YOU - Obviously you'll be sending out thank you cards to your guests, but a lovely way to immediately thank them for being there is with a sign. LIGHT UP LETTERS - Your names, Mr & Mrs, quirky quotes, they all look better in lights!!! Don't forgot if you're looking for any decor bits and bobs for your big day, including wedding signs to hire, check out The List where you'll find fabulous suppliers handpicked by Team RMW x

Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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