Sunshine On A Rainy Day…….Part 1

Is it your first day back at work after all of the lovely time off for the festive period?

Are you a bit depressed and fed up about the whole situation?

Well don’t be because this simply delicious wedding will bring a big fat smile to your face….

Promise 😉

Katy and James got married in James’s sister and brother-in-law’s field which is set in a 10 acre piece of beautiful Yorkshire countryside. The couple had an intimate humanist ceremony, in front of forty immediate family and friends and had planned to marry outdoors actually in the field……but the rain meant they needed to marry inside the tipi which was originally for the evening celebrations.

Personally I don’t think it mattered a jot as the tipi absolutely rocked and you can see the total and utter unadulterated happiness and joy in every single snap.

All of the A.mazing images are courtesy of Jo and Simon at Shoot Lifestyle Photography


Pimp My Gown

At the time of choosing my dress I was working in a fashion boutique. So, from the start I knew I wanted something bespoke. That said I still had to try on loads of dresses before I figured out the style I liked. In the end I pimped up a Jasper Conran Jane Austin style dress. I used Swedish lace and beads and to add to the effect I wore a French hand made bra which was just slightly on show.

To follow our theme I wore an abundance of (home made) grey pearl beads which matched James’s suit. Much to my Dad’s dismay we spent hours & hours making my necklaces from over 600 Swarovski pearl beads.


Sexy Shoes and Sexier Wellingtons

I planned for all eventualities. I had three pairs of shoes, some beautiful ivory satin Calvin Klein’s which I didn’t get to wear but which I will cherish for ever. My second pair were some ballet shoes to match the bridesmaids but again too wet to wear them. My final and most practical pair were my sky blue spotted wellies – didn’t mind the mud on these as they weren’t designer – Asda £12!.


Shades Of Blue and Grey

James, the guys and my dad all wore silk charcoal suits with white open neck shirts, grey braces and tan brogues. My best woman wore a grey waterfall fronted cowl neck dress with pink wellies. My Bridesmaids wore dresses designed and made by me. Sky blue cotton dresses with big bows for the little ones and puff ball dresses for the older ones. The blue cotton was used to tie the sunflowers on the crook hooks and selfishly I have blue eyes so they matched me too!


Blooming Lovely

An amazing friend and I did my flowers. My bouquet consisted of white hydrangeas, rosemary, larkspur and eustoma. The two older bridesmaids had blue hydrangeas and green foliage the small bridesmaids had blue flowery bears tied from their wrists. Button holes were eustoma and rosemary. Table centres were made up of various wild flowers and foliage mixed with eustoma, hydrangeas, gerbera and larkspur. We had a path lined with crook hooks and sunflowers with corn.

You can never have too many flowers…..


Totally Tipi

The acapella version of ‘I’ll be there’ by The Jackson 5 was my entrance song and as I walked into the tipi everything was perfect, James had created an aisle and everyone was waiting to see if I was a blubbering sodden mess due to the weather but I just couldn’t stop smiling. The Humanist ceremony is basically a snapshot of your lives together, including anecdotes about us and our family and friends. It worked perfectly for us, there was laughter, tears and heaps of love and it was so special we could never thank the humanist enough.


Good grief I think I just shed a tear myself, I blo*dy love this wedding.

And there will be EVEN MORE gorgeousness and unique details on the way in Part 2 so stay tuned!

Big huge rain-soaked love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

13 thoughts on “Sunshine On A Rainy Day…….Part 1

  1. wow, just WOW from beginning to end ! i just love the atmosphere and magic in these gorgeous wedding shots by Shoot Lifestyle… the happiness of the bride, groom and whole wedding party just shines thru – who needs sunshine !

  2. This has just brought back fantastic memories for the both of us, It was a fantastic day and we want to do it all again. We hope our wedding will help future couples to laugh, love and be happy!

  3. And for me too Katie and James. You know what an emotional girl I am and this has set me off blubbing again!
    We absolutley love what we do for a living and feel so privileged to have witnessed and documented such a wonderful and joyous day. I am totally thrilled to see your day posted here on the best wedding blog in the UK for all the world to see how gorgeous you are! xxxx

  4. Fact. When I first met Aisling face-to-face, bearing in mind we could have talked about anything in the world, we had an entire conversation about THIS wedding and how ruddy perfect the whole thing was. The wellies! The hay bales! The happiness and the rain and the tipi and the happiness and the necklace and the kids and the braces and oh did I mention the happiness?

    If I could be anywhere, right this moment, it would be dancing on the field in that late afternoon sunlight. Not dancing with Katy and James, obviously, because that would be weird. I’d get Mr K in there somewhere.

  5. Anna-our conversation about this wedding was the second uptight I thought of when I saw it had been reposted!
    My first thought was that I honestly don’t know how our wedding would have turned out was it not for Katy and James’ day appearing on this here blog. You can probably see how much inspiration we took from it-their video (SO beautiful) was my starting point for every ‘trying to explain what kind of wedding we wanted’ conversation I had!

    A year later and it still inspires me and makes me want to dance in muddy field! Love it sooooo much.


  6. I really loved this wedding and the video made me cry it is by far the one that shows the most love and happiness of this couple and everything that I wanted my wedding to be like

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