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I Think We’re Alone Now.

Zoe Collyer Wedding Photography at Stoke Place

Chrissy and Clayton are the absolute CUTEST.

I mean you only have to take a look at the header image at the top here to agree don’t you?!

Factor in a couple of the sweetest flower girls, two frothy tutus, some equine inspired pyjamas, cherry blossom by the bucketload and a pair of James Bond stylee pageboys and I guarantee that you’ll think you’ve died from wedding-related perfection.

Of course it’s probably a good idea to mention at this stage that Chrissy had a little bit of help from her sister Eddie Judd – a frankly amazing wedding photographer – and her little black book containing the crème de la crème of wedding industry suppliers.

Well that’s what sisters are for…right?

Come on let’s take a look…

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0002

The Perfect Venue

Chrissy The Bride:Trying to find the perfect venue was really difficult. On so many visits to prospective venues we found ourselves saying “If only we could put together the ceremony room of this place and the wedding breakfast room of that place.” or “Loved it but what a rip off!” The totally gorgeous Stoke Place, in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire was the tenth venue we had seen. From the moment we drove through the entrance gates to the moment we drove back out we had huge smiles on our faces. I think it was the beautiful Georgian building and gardens, landscaped by Capability Brown; mixed with the modern, quirky interior; and that the owners were not in the wedding business to rip people off!

The Amazing Elbie

I am one of those girls who has been doing her hair and makeup since she was 8 years old so there was no doubt in my mind that I would be having a talented and professional makeup artist for my wedding day. My sister, Eddie Judd, works in the wedding industry and has ‘a little black book’ of awe inspiring suppliers; she introduced me to the amazing Elbie van Eeden. I had wanted to wear my hair down; as friends had commented that my hair is a huge part of who I am! However, I wanted bigger hair than my hair is capable of and as with every part of our wedding, something slightly different – I adored what Elbie created! With the make-up I just told Elbie to go for it!

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0003

I cannot leave the question of ‘The Beauty’ without mentioning the only perfume house that I would recommend to Brides – Jo Malone. I mixed two of their fragrances: Orange Blossom and Elderflower and Gooseberry (a special edition fragrance). I also purchased their Orange Blossom body cream. The assistant at Jo Malone in Selfridges gave wonderful advice on how to get the best out of the fragrance on the day.

Sexy Not Sweet

I purchased my gown from the idyllic boutique in Ripley, Miss Bush Bridal (again recommended by my sister). I had been to only two boutiques in London prior to this and had not enjoyed the experience at all yet I loved every visit at Miss Bush and every moment spent with Emma and Jen.

I had no fixed style in mind and so just tried on dresses that I liked the look of. The beautifully simple dress by Maggie Sottero that I wore was not in fact picked by me but by Emma – my, does she know her stuff! Being only 4ft 11inches Emma helped me to look sexy rather than sweet.

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0004

Diamonds Are Forever

As well as being a young girl who loved beauty I was also obsessed with shoes and would walk around in my Mum’s high heels at the age of three maybe even two so I was not going to miss out on the opportunity of buying my first luxury brand designer shoes! I wanted a shoe that I could wear again if I was going to spend so much money on them and the sparkly Jimmy Choos were perfect, plus they gave me an extra 4inches which helped to make our couple shots less comical (Clayton being 6ft)!

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0005

I felt that I could really go to town on my veil and jewellery as my dress was so simple. The stunning veil added some lace which I desperately wanted (Jen even added more lace to it!). The jewellery ended up being much less extravagant than planned as Clayton had bought me the diamond earrings I wore for Christmas and I felt it would be more special to wear these – I had planned on big dangly earrings as that is what I generally wear. My headpiece (designed by Richard Designs) was perfect for adding some subtle bling and perfect for my hairstyle. The beautiful antique ring that I wore on my right hand was my something old and a memory of my Mother who we sadly lost 11 years ago.

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0006

Grey, Green And Pink

My sister and my two gorgeous nieces were my matron of honour and flower girls; Clayton’s nephews were our page boys; his best friends were his ushers; and his sister was his best woman (we knew she’d do a cracking speech – and she did!). The colour of their attire tied in with the grey of our colour scheme. My sister wore a dress by J.Crew and my nieces tutus were from Little Dress Up.

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0007

I knew I wanted my bridal party in grey and Clayton was keen on a grey suit (Room Ten). The pastel pinks and greens came to me when I was looking at a rose one day that was turning pink but still at the white, green and pink stage.

The theme was children’s literature. Partly because I’m a primary school teacher and Clayton owns and runs, with his family, Children’s Montessori Nurseries but also because of the nature of our love for each other and the love story that we and our friends feel we are.

Idyllic Days styled our wedding and what a beautiful job they did. We particularly loved our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party cake table.

Fairynuff Flowers

Two magical words – Fairy Nuff Flowers! Steph Turpin (again a sister recommendation!) quite possibly made our wedding – I love her! We had flowers everywhere. When I was a child I had once said that I wanted to get married under a blossom tree and as we could not find the perfect venue with an outside ceremony area, we brought the outside in and had 5 blossom trees indoors. My stunning relaxed hand-tied bouquet included white (black centred) Anemones, pale pink and white Ranunculus, David Austin Roses, silver brunia berries with berried eucalyptus all tied with lace and sparkly pins.

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0008

Yes I’ll Marry You My Dear

The ceremony is all of bit of a blur – I was so emotional but the photos show just how happy and in love we are. Our readings were all from children’s literature and could not have been more perfect. We sat in bed researching one morning, me on my Laptop and Clayton on the Ipad and many were read out and dismissed (or so I thought – I’ll come back to that!).

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0009

One that we particularly loved was some extracts of a conversation between Pooh and Piglet and it was in searching for this a second time that we stumbled across the following website: www.confettidaydreams.com and found the other two readings ‘I Like You’ by Sandol Stoddard Warburg and ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ By Dr. Seuss.

A poem that we had read, but dismissed, when we found the readings from children’s literature was ‘Yes I’ll Marry You My Dear’ by Pam Ayres. Unbeknown to me, Clayton had written his own poem in response to Pam Ayres’ which he revealed during his speech! He then asked me to stand up and read her poem and to each verse he came back with his version! It was hilarious and so utterly clever.

Musical Extravaganzas

Our music was our biggest extravagance. We had visited the Designer Wedding Show and The Vernon Sisters were playing. Clayton was totally mesmerised by them and we fell in love with them instantly. They played during the ceremony, reception and Wedding Breakfast.

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0010

The evening entertainment just had to be a disco as even though there is ten years between us we both absolutely love disco music, particularly late 1970s through to the late 1980s. In fact our first date was at The Rewind Festival in 2009 which Clayton was inspired to invite me to when he saw me going crazy for ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ by Tiffany, on the first night we ever met (and yes it was on the playlist!). So once again, my sister stepped in and said we had to have Matt Maurice Event Music. We were privileged to have Matt as our DJ on the night and I could not recommend him more highly. The dance floor was never empty and at one point was full of men and men only – surely that is unheard of!

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0011

Our first dance was one of Clayton’s most special moments of the day. He said he felt like it was only us in the room. I won’t go into the detail but there is a sad story (with a happy ending!) behind our first dance and I had in fact picked out this song during a fantasy daydream when we had only been dating for a few months. The song was ‘Hold On’ by Michael Buble and the words completely tell the story of the hard times we had had before we finally met!

Cake And Cocktails

Stoke Place provided all the food (which was of a really high standard) and most of the drink! We decided that we did not want to have the traditional champagne toast and instead asked a barman from our local bar in Marlow to come and make dessert cocktails for our speeches and of course guests – thanks Cory.

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0012

We had a huge cupcake and lots of various smaller sizes of cupcakes which were beautifully laid out on a table that we had wanted to look a little like The Mad Hatters Tea Party! These stunningly beautiful and mouth wateringly tasty cakes were made by the incredibly creative Krishanthi at Cakes by Krishanthi.

I personally made the favours which seemed like such a great idea at the time but boy were they hard work and if it wasn’t for some lovely helpful friends I would never have got there! I wanted to go down the ‘eat me’ ‘drink me’ theme and also wanted to personally make something for my guests. I made Limoncello for the men and chocolate truffles for the girls –they were a real hit! One of our guests went round collecting any leftover Limoncellos, pocketed them, then drunk them – he had a great time!

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0013

Temple Island

Initially stationery was only important to me and Clayton was very ‘bloke’ about it all – “Once I know the date and location, it goes in the bin!” but after I had said it is the first impression people get of your wedding I think he was more bothered that I was. We worked with Abigail Warner to come up with all the design and it was all very personal to us, for example on the inside of our invite was a faded out picture of Temple Island which is where Clayton proposed to me. The wording on the invite was written in the style of ‘Once Upon a Time’ and there were little nods towards children’s literature such as Mr Toad in his motorcar on the map, thank you Matt Dawson Illustrations.

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0014

Our table names all started with the words ‘The tale of…’ and were places that had a story to tell of our relationship to date. The table plan was placed inside an old suitcase and the inspiration for this came from an image of just this from someone else’s wedding that was featured in You & Your Wedding.

It’ll Be Alright On The Night

I think the advice I would offer to other brides is that everything will be alright on the night, nobody knows the finer details of what you have planned for the day so if anything goes wrong, which it possibly will, it will add to your day rather than ruin it. I don’t expect any bride would listen to that as I was unable to myself. However, when Clayton’s nephew dropped a pound coin he was playing with, just as the registrar had asked for the rings, (he is four and was given it as a bribe by one of the ushers to get him to wear his button hole) it caused the ceremony room, including us, to be in fits of laughter. He then crawled across the aisle to retrieve it!

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0015

I have already mentioned so many special moments but another one of Clayton’s is when I arrived to stand next to him before the registrar. At an obviously emotional time he did not feel it appropriate to kiss me as a greeting so instead we touched foreheads. A simple moment that everyone missed and would probably be insignificant at any other time, but for him, he will remember that moment forever.

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0016

A Darn Good Photographer

My final piece of advice would be to ensure that you get a darn good photographer, like we did, and that you make sure you have plenty of candid shots over formal group shots. When we got our memory stick of 800 photos of the day, it took Clayton and I right back and today I looked at them for the tenth time and still cried! Our beautiful images were captured by the wonderfully talented Zoe Collyer and her assistant for the day, the incredible Kirsten Mavric.

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0017

Zoe is a friend of my sister’s, as were most of my suppliers, and not only did she have the pressure of capturing the Bride and Groom’s day but also that the Bride was her friend’s sister. We could not have asked for more from Zoe and I know that she went above and beyond for us. What was so wonderful about Zoe, apart from her photographic skills, was her bubbly personality which put us at ease every time she photographed us. Thank you Zoe!

A romantic wedding at Stoke Place with a Maggie Sottero dress and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes with cherry blossom and rose bouquets._0018

Click here & view all images from this wedding

Venue – Stoke Place
Boutique – Miss Bush Bridal
Dress – Maggie Sottero
Make-up and Hair – Elbie van Eeden
Venue Styling – Idyllic Days
Florist – Fairy Nuff Flowers
Cake – Cakes By Krishanthi
Band – The Vernon Sisters
Stationery – Abigail Warner and Matt Dawson Illustrations
DJ – Matt Maurice
Photography – Zoe Collyer Photography

I don’t know about you but I’m sitting here with a warm and gooey feeling inside. That and I’m also slightly drooling at all the amazing florals – from Chrissy’s bouquet to those amazing centrepieces.

Congratulations you two – may this be the start of your own fairytale.

Come on, what’s your favourite part? Why not tell us in the comments box below.

All my love Lolly xxx

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Ask The Experts – Abigail Warner.

Abigail Warner Stationery

If you read our vlogging post earlier this week then you’ll already know that I’m an interior infatuated, art loving, frustrated florist. You’ll also be aware that I’m obsessed with all things paper. Be it a gorgeous print, exquisite handwritten type or the sweetest suite of personalised stationery you can guarantee that I’ll be hooked or it will be pinned to within an inch of its life on my Pinterest boards. (Incidentally you can follow me here if you’re interested in seeing what’s caught my eye this week.)

Ever since I first entered the wedding world (some time ago now folks) I’ve adored, lusted after and admired in equal parts the work of Abigail Warner.

To say she’s a perfect paper genius would be an understatement.

Abbey is the woman (actual guru!) behind the luxury paper goods company Abigail Warner creating beautiful designs for weddings, businesses and paper obssessed folk such as myself.

From designing and selling greetings cards in illustrious boutiques such as Selfridges and Paperchase the world over, to her latest venture – an interiors project with fashion and textile designer, Pearl Lowe – Abbey continues to push the boundaries of the stationery world.

And so today lovelies, we have a real treat for you; we’ve managed to persuade the lovely Abbey to down tools for a few wee hours to answer all of your stationery conundrums and perhaps suggest some solutions to your paper related woes.

Perhaps you’re having difficulty with a certain turn of phrase within your invites or you need some guidance about how to start the process of commissioning a bespoke stationery suite. Are you in a paper pickle over your table plan? Why not let this superwoman work her magic and help you on your way.

But wait. That’s not all. You see Abbey has recently launched her brand new website and some glorious new designs to boot. And folks, they are absolutely exquisite.

Don’t believe me…why not check them out for yourself.

Take it away Ms Warner.

Abigail Warner Wedding Stationery

Abbey: Hello…

I’ll be totally honest with you. As I am typing this, I have a glass of wine in one hand, phone in the other, I’m occasionally scribbling notes, checking emails and wondering if I sent the right documents to print – all whilst having an ear out for the dog wanting to be let out for pee, and planning tomorrow’s outfit in my head but that’s life for us hardworking girls, right? Right! So take a seat and pour yourself some wine {or tea/ coffee/ diet coke depending on what time of the day you are joining me}.

And Hello! I am Abigail Warner or Abbey {unless you are reading this Mum} I have a little design studio in Derby {that’s near Nottingham} but I also spend a lot of time in the smoke as that’s where most of my lovely customers seem to hail from, and as I love shopping, eating out and train travel {good job really} – I don’t mind one little bit.

Abigail Warner Bespoke Wedding Stationery Watercolour Blue

About the Business

I design luxury paper goods for weddings, businesses and people who just love design, paper and illustration. I also design and sell greetings cards for gorgeous boutiques and shops with my designs being stocked in London’s Selfridges and Paperchase as well as in beautiful boutiques in and across the UK, Europe and Australia.

I absolutely love to combine great design with traditional print-making techniques and most of my wedding commissions involve a combination of processes such as letterpress {creating a design that is pressed into the paper}, foiling {using a hot transfer process to create a gorgeous finish} or thermography {using heat to create a raised design}. I love working with brides so that I can help celebrate great love stories, and that is exactly what I do. Each one of my designs are bespoke and, just like my couples, a one off.

Abigail Pastel Bespoke Wedding Inspiration Blue Pink

I limit the number of clients I work with when it comes to wedding design which helps keep my brand exclusive. I’m neither a trendsetter nor do I follow trends, I just love the creative process and I seem to attract clients that like what I like, which is always nice, that old law of attraction at work.

I also find that because I am not known just as a wedding stationery designer I get some really interesting projects that cross weddings, designs, fashion, beauty and interiors, which also helps keep designs fresh.

Abigail Warner Black And White Glittery Metallic Wedding Invite Stationery

I’ve been lucky to be involved in lots of exciting creative projects, from designing retail space at Harrods {in the good ol’ days – until last summer – when Harrods had their own gorgeous stationery department before they sold out to WHSmith – I sold their most expensive card. If bling was your thing I had your back}.

More recently I’ve been involved in an exciting interiors project with fashion and textile designer, Pearl Lowe and her book ‘Vintage Craft’ for Harper Collins (launching May 2013) which saw me creating gorgeous craft projects and working on the design and illustrations; I am also Editor at Large of Pearl Lowe’s Vintage Home.

My client list includes lots of gorgeous folk including some lovely celebrities and also royalty {ooh I say, the girl from Derby done good hey?}.

Abigail Warner Mint Green Blush Pink Wedding Stationery Paper Pretty

My Inspirations

My designs are greatly inspired by fashion and interiors, I spend far too much time pondering love, life and the universe at the V&A, Harvey Nichols and Liberty, and my ultimate brand inspirations are Orla Kiely and Kate Spade.

I adore to travel and my favourite place in the whole wide world {except for my freshly made bed} is the Amalfi coast in Italy and {predictably} Paris. In terms of business I find incredibly successful business women who appear to have life ‘sorted’ beyond inspirational. These include Natalie Massenet who founded Net-A-Porter, India Knight (journalist) and Sophie Dahl (model turned cooking guru) and since attending the Vogue Festival at the weekend – Tamara Mellon, founder of Jimmy Choo {sold last year for over 500,000,000 people, thats A-LOT-OF-SHOES}.

Abigail Warner Pink Striped Stripy Vintage Wedding Invite RSVP Stationery Suite

I keep myself motivated by booking myself on workshops and classes to broaden my skills in design {and non design subjects – unless cakes counts as design?} I also spend lots of time hanging out with very inspirational people in the oh-so-many collaborations that I involve myself and the business in and I also like to have personal projects.

Pastel Pom Pom Wedding Decor OMG Badge

I’m inspired daily; I have a gorgeous house, rather wonderful boyfriend {I’m not being smug – believe me I kissed my fair share of frogs} lovely naughty dog and I get so much support and love from my gorgeous friends and my rather special mum, who handles everything life throws at her with a knowing nod, a wink and chink of a {large} wine glass.

Cute Dog Abigail Warner Instagram AGA

About Me

I am a keen fashion and textile lover, total typography, print-and-paper-making-geek. I am a Diet Coke-hooked, Mojito {and chavtastic Rosé wine spritzer} drinking, Mulberry loving {I have a 1978 from the Saul collection that I would save first in a fire} and Vogue-obsessed workaholic with a naughty sense of humour, the mouth of a sailor and and an eye for style always with my trademark perfectly-painted-nails and trademark never-perfect-blonde-bed-head and I always have a splash of leopard print about my person.

Vintage Mulberry Bag Romantic Florals

I like to take pictures of my feet, food, flowers and daily antics.

I tell it how it is, not always what you want to hear and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I love to smile, dance, drink cocktails and eat gorgeous food and although I have a prized handbag collection I believe it is the simple things in life that really make you happy.

Cut Glass Crystal Pink Ranunculua stripy washi tape

There are three little pieces of advice that I live by…”kill them with kindness” ”be the best that you can be at what you do” and “pay as much as you can afford.” hardly original – but seem to work for me.

Abigail Warner Metallic Cream Bespoke Wedding Invite Stationery

So then lovelies have you got any questions for the beautiful Abbey?

Just use the comments box below to ping your queries, stationery trials and tribulations or general paper trivia Abbey’s way and she’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

All my love Lolly xxx