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A Retro 1950’s Bowling Alley Engagement Shoot

I’ll freely admit it, there was a time when I felt like styled e-shoots were a little contrived. Oh, how times have changed.

Now I just can’t get enough of them and I am just loving the trouble that couples are going to, to style the shoot with their beloved. Props, locations, costumes, getting the look right…. if you’re creatively inclined it’s a whole lot of fun and it’s a chance for you to really express your fun side, particularly if thats quite the opposite setting to your wedding.

If for example, you’re a young urban couple living the high life, working long hours, fast living, glam nights out, but you opt for a romantic rural rustic wedding to indulge a whimsical dream, then the Engagement shoot is a way to show the real you… or just another side to your personalities.

Sometimes people don’t quite have the confidence to style something themselves though and there are more and more teams, planners and directors ready to solve that problem for you, (if you can’t find enough inspiration right here!) That’s where todays inspiration came from. Thaoski is an art director who specialises in engagement shoots and when I saw the fun embedded in everyone of the images here, I knew we just had to share it on Rock My Wedding

“As an art director and photographic storyteller dedicated to engagement shoots, one of the things I really enjoy doing (and I try to do this with most couples) is going through their wardrobe. I love seeing how different clothes light my couple up and it was no exception with Star. She tried on a bunch of clothes from her wardrobe and as crazy as it sounds, her face lit up the most when she wore her super high waisted jeans.

I could tell she absolutely LOVED them and she became all fun and girly when she wore them. It actually made her a bit flirtatious and as soon she put them on she reminded me of Sandy from Greese. She had this gorgeous 1950s / 1960s feel about her and I knew immediately that would be the foundation of her outfit (the beautiful red shirt actually came afterward!). Sometimes the most basic clothing works because it makes the couple feel alive.

Because Star reminded me of the movie Greese, I had a deep desire to do the shoot in a retro bowling ally. Kane had access to an All Stars shirt and we constructed a whole romantic love story around Kane working at the bowling ally and Star falling in love with him at first sight… I imagined, back in the 1950s many couples would have met and fallen in love at bowling ally’s and this became the basis of the shoot and story.

In reality, Kane and Star were best friends first and lovers second. They radiate love when they’re together and this whole shoot is about the innocence of young flirtatious love. You can find out more about Kane & Star’s personalities here


Sweethearts: Kane & Star

Photographer: Darren Wong (website currently being upgraded)

Art Director: Thaoski

Fashion Stylist and Accessories by: Madame Moi

MUA: Tammi Nguyen

Location: All Stars Bowling Ally

As part of Rock My Wedding I’ve also really learnt to appreciate the telling of a story through the images and the details. Years ago the detail shots I so love now were such a mystery to me, pretty, but irrelevant. Now I can’t take photos of a day without them to detail the feel and the background. And this shoot combines the best of everything. The look, the feel, the love and the story. There’s something to olde world romance about freezing an image in time.

I’m really hoping this shoot is one of many to come, both from Thaoski and our readers, as we all get ever more creative.

So, which of you are planning a styled shoot for your e-shoot and what’s the theme?

Yours Truly,


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A Snow Sweet Engagement Shoot

On three, sing it with me Ladies….

‘I’m Dreeeeeeming of a Whiiiiiite Christmas…’

Ahem. Or maybe you’re just hoping to actually make it home for Christmas. Either way (and believe me, more than a few unrepeatable words have passed my lips as a consequence of this weather,) it is undeniably Christmassy, festive, and dare I say it… Romantic?

It’s a little unusual for us to retrospectively feature an engagement shoot, after the wedding, but you might just remember this gorgeous couple from their wedding which graced these very pages a few months back, courtesy of Craig McBeth Photography.

Sarah and Matteo had a Scottish Garden Wedding at Sarah’s parents farm. They had an outdoor ceremony in June with the most gorgeous cake and an emphasis on friends and family. Lush.

They were so lucky that the weather held, but this gorgeous shoot is another example of the luck they had, with the stunning snowy engagement shoot they had with Craig in last years deep snowfall across the country…

I just love the ethereal blue tinged light in these shots. There’s such a sense of the cold in them, but also a whole lotta love 🙂

Makes you kinda warm inside doesn’t it?

Yours Truly,


PS How cute is that dog?

McBeth Photography are Rock My Wedding Sponsors, however all weddings and engagement shoots are selected on individual merit. No part of this post has been sponsored.

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Cover Me In Your Candy Floss Kisses.

Ok so I think we’ve established that I love an engagement shoot. Especially when the couple involved really throw their personalities and unique style into the whole proceedings and it is captured beautifully on camera…

A while back I received an email from very excited bride-to-be Olivia who couldn’t wait to share the beachy Brighton imagery of her and her fiance Max:

“Hi Charlotte!

I’m a long time RMW fan and have really relied on your fabulous website to help me with my wedding plans – my partner, Max, and I moved over to the UK from NZ a year ago and we’re planning our wedding to take place in London this December. Having only been in the country for about a year and having no idea about anything wedding related means that RMW has been such a life saver! We’ve gotten a number of suppliers and so many ideas thanks to the website :).

Anyway, my fiancé and I had our pre-wedding shoot a while ago with our amazing photographer Aneta Mak, who we found through RMW!! We wondered whether you guys might be interested in featuring some of the photos from it?”

Um Hello….. Do I like cake?!


Think candy floss kisses and the sweetest sugar coated dreams.

Think the prettiest parasols and the most delectable dresses.

Think a cresendo of crashing waves and a stormy shaded sea.


Because this is what this is folks.


Olivia: We found our photographer, Aneta Mak, after we saw a wedding she photographed that was featured on Rock My Wedding. Her photographs were just stunning and absolutely what we were looking for. After meeting Aneta for hot chocolates and cookies (yum!) and seeing how genuinely enthusiastic she was about her work we were completely certain she was the photographer for us.

Our wedding is taking place this December in central London. Max and I moved to London from New Zealand about a year ago and we have a lot of family and friends coming over from home for the wedding. This is part of the reason we decided to have it at a gorgeous 18th century town house – it’s like nothing you’d ever find in New Zealand and, as a long-standing fan of period dramas (I just coerced Max into sitting through the whole 5 hours of BBC Pride and Prejudice (he didn’t complain all that much – talk about devotion!)), it’s a dream come true for me!

So for our engagement shoot we wanted to do something completely different i.e. outside, bright, colourful, fun, silly and in the sun (not that the wedding won’t be colourful and fun too)! After I explained our vision to Aneta she suggested going out to Brighton. Neither Max nor I had been there before and we loved the idea of going somewhere new for it. We both enjoy travelling and visiting new places and given we’ve just left everything behind in New Zealand for a new adventure it seemed kind of appropriate. We also used to live in Wellington and didn’t realise just how much we’d missed having the sea around us until that day.

In the end the weather didn’t exactly comply with our plans – the rain clouds got more and more threatening as the day went on. But we had so much fun working our way from the pier and then along the beach taking photos as we went (with a brief interlude for a costume change midway through!). It all worked out perfectly and I think some of the images from later in the day, when the sky is more moody, are my favourite.

Aside from getting an amazing set of images we both learnt so much from doing the engagement shoot. I was more than a bit nervous in front of the camera to start off with, but Aneta was great at relaxing us and giving us just the right amount of direction when we weren’t sure what to do. We both think it will be a lot easier being photographed at the wedding now which really takes the pressure off!

I mean really, how much in love are those two?

Seriously – I can’t WAIT to see the Big Day.

And if that has put you in the mood for all things retro beach inspired then you have so got to come along to Rock My Wedding tomorrow, we have one giant British seaside extravaganza of a wedding.

You guys will be loving it.


Big Candy Kissed Love

Charlotte xxx

Aneta Mak is a Rock My Wedding Sponsor but all engagement shoots are chosen on individual merit and no part of this post is sponsored.