Where are all the true romantics? Because this wedding reading is perfect for you. Do you believe in true love? You know, that thing all the Disney princesses chase after? If you’ve found it with your betrothed, then The Meaning of True Love poem we’re sharing today is the wedding reading you NEED at your ceremony. This poem explores what true love really means, how you know you’ve found it, how to feel it and give it, and how it lasts and endures time and challenges. It’s perfect for sending you and your partner off into the next chapter of your love story. Plus, we’ve made life easy for you with a free PDF version of this wedding poem that you can print and take straight to your ceremony.

The Meaning of True Love

by Anon

The meaning of true love isn’t found in a book
Or explained in a word or a phrase.
It can’t be defined in a casual thought
Or explained in the simplest of ways.
Love gives only itself, it does not possess
Yet creates a bond strong and true.
Love does not demand, it stays young and free
Yet grows with you all your life through.
Love isn’t a fashion, a trend or a whim
That’s forgotten or just cast aside.
Love is constant, fulfilling your hopes and your dreams,
It doesn’t destroy or divide.
Love isn’t accusing, it does not condemn
And though some may say it is blind;
Love is trusting, forgiving and honest
Because it lives in the heart – not the mind.
Love is not bought or sold, it’s not borrowed
Or has a price you would willingly pay.
Love is a gift that can only be kept
As long as it’s given away.

What is the meaning of true love?

This poem has all the answers for you! Print out the PDF of this reading and take it straight to your ceremony...

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The Meaning of True Love poem will have all your guests saying ‘Aww!’ at your ceremony. If you’re looking for some more romantic wedding readings, head to our roundup of readings about love! Wondering how else you will keep your guests entertained throughout the wedding day? Check out these 14+ wedding games ideas

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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