If you've been thinking about celebrating your big day from the comfort of your own home, then Torria & Allegra's excellent Viking themed wedding will be all the inspiration you need. The couple were officially wed amidst lockdown restrictions, reserving their intimate celebration with loved ones for a later date. Embracing their Viking-inspired theme, the couple chose to commemorate their bond through a hand-fasting ceremony, set against the backdrop of Allegra's parents' backyard. Their day seamlessly blended non-traditional elements with cherished customs, a testament to their unique and beautiful love. Recommended supplier Danielle Chambers Wedding Photography managed to capture the essence of Torria & Allegra's wonderful day perfectly. The gorgeous gift list for this gorgeous wedding was provided by Recommended supplier Prezola.

Viking themed wedding with handfasting ceremony and celestial bridal crown

We had been planning our original wedding since 2018, then it was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19 and we finally had our Viking themed wedding celebration in 2022. Our hand-fasting ceremony was our favourite part of the day. This was the ultimate celebration of our love, as an interracial queer couple, with our loved ones witnessing our commitment and dedication to each other. The moment that meant everything to us was during the binding of the knots (where our hands are tied together and blessings given) two white butterflies landed on our hands. Both of us have lost important people in our lives and this was a beautiful moment that represented a lot to us. It was as if our loved ones were there with us.

Torria & Allegra

Viking themed wedding at home

Despite their origins dating back over two millennia, handfasting ceremonies have experienced a resurgence in popularity. Today, couples are actively seeking meaningful ways to infuse symbolism into their unions. Derived from ancient Celtic customs, a handfasting ceremony stands as a poignant emblem of the intertwining of two lives. This symbolism is visually embodied by the binding of the couple's hands using a cord, reminiscent of the familiar phrase "tying the knot." Once the hands are joined, spoken words reverberate, encapsulating sentiments of commitment and unity. Interestingly, the creators initially designed this ritual for engagements, rather than weddings, to signify the forthcoming union and a willingness to remain together—a state that traditionally lasted for about a year. Wanting to really celebrate the beauty of queer love, Torria & Allegra went for an at-home handfasting ceremony - a Norse tradition. They also intertwined their love of flowers into their Viking themed wedding. The couple decided to have a simple, colourful, botanical, rustic vibe. The bridal outfits tied their theme together seamlessly. Torria rocked a gorgeous Willowby by Watters sheer dress with an incredible gold bridal crown, and Allegra's long braids were certainly Viking-esque. The entire day was meaningful, special, and filled to the brim with love. 

An intimate at-home wedding with a gold wedding dress, alternative fashion accessories and a sausage dog? Sign us up.

We'd love to thank our family for helping create the most beautiful wedding and for hosting our celebration at their home. To our friends, thank you for celebrating our love and making it a truly joyous experience. To Claire our celebrant, who was our rock from the very beginning of our journey. Thank you to the band and caterer, for being extremely adaptable and creative. Lastly, to Dannie our photographer, who came to our aid at our lowest moment and was not only a phenomenal photographer, but became our wedding planner on the day and who is now a dear friend.

Torria & Allegra

Handfasting - check. Viking inspired wedding - check. Incredible wedding outfits - check. A stunning at-home ceremony with an abundance of love, joy, music, inspiration and symbolism - check, check, check! Torria & Allegra's big day truly makes our hearts sing and dance. Speaking of dancing... If you're in the market for a fantastic playlist of first dance wedding songs, we've got you. Are you nearing the end of your planning journey and feeling concerned that you might have overlooked something? Our list of last minute wedding preparations will help you out there.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Gift List: Prezola | Photography: Danielle Chambers Wedding Photography | Food: Simply Veg | Drinks: Lyndon Roper & Parter | Cake Maker : Cornish Pasty Shop Brighton | Bridal Outfit: Willowby By Watters | Bridal Boutique: White Leaf Bridal | Fashion Accessories: Honey and Ember, Muted Luxe, Anai Haie, Vitaly , Regal Rose | Bridal Suit: All Saints | Shoes: Kurt Geiger | Stationery: Just Prints By TG | Decor and Hire: Co-ordination Hire | Celebrant: Creating Ceremony | Favours: Lucky Cat Fudge

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