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I’m guessing that each and every one of you lovelies has some kind of body hang-up. As in, one area that you focus on more than others, the one bit that you wish you could somehow change. I bet this hang-up is more than likely unfounded, no-one notices it but you…. Nevertheless, it is what it is and no matter how many people try and convince you otherwise, the fact remains that it is and always will be the one area you don’t make any effort to emphasise.

Mine has always been my legs.

They are short, and kind of muscly. I think my calves are chunky. And my knees are not very attractive either.

I would very much like them to be long and slender. The kind of pins that look fabulous in a pair of pretty patterned hoisery. Legs that warrant wearing a short frock every day of the week.

I have tried everything in my bid to change their shape. Running. Not running (they just became increasingly bulgy). Pilates. Power Plates. Yoga. Cutting out carbs and eating more protein….

All completely and utterly pointless.

Then a couple of years ago I got over my self and realised I was pretty lucky to have a healthy body and a pair of perfectly adequate limbs. I had wasted so much precious time being preoccupied with something so trivial and achieved precisely nothing. Oh and I also discovered 80 denier opaque black tights by Wolford (not only do they hide a multitude of sins but they also seem to create the illusion of immense slenderness – worth every penny people).… View the full post.


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