I find romance when I start to dance in Boogie Wonderland! Welcome to Boogie Wonderland a.k.a. Yasmin & Brad’s pink retro disco wedding at the cool and industrial Recommended Venue, The Shack Revolution. Using iconic retro movies like True Romance and Pulp Fiction as the styling inspiration for their day, this wedding was full of neon signs, disco balls, vinyl record table name signs and that retro wedding car from Recommended Supplier, Lil & Blue. Recommended Supplier, Mark Horton Photos, is the genius behind these gorgeous wedding photos.

Pink retro disco wedding at The Shack Revolution inspired by iconic movies 

We have to shout out our photographer, Mark Horton, and videographer, James Fisher, who had never met but worked seamlessly together. They created a chill environment which really put us at ease and enabled us to enjoy the parts of the day we were most nervous about. 

Yas & Brad

Disco Wedding at The Shack Revolution

Yas & Brad approached their day with a laidback mentality. The main goal for the day was for everyone to have as much fun as possible! Many guests commented on how the wedding wasn't what they expected but completely reflected Yas & Brad’s personalities. For example, the couple curated playlists over the two years of their engagement. They compiled all of their favourite songs as well as any songs that reminded them of our guests. Thanks to this, the music was a huge hit, with friends and family commenting on how original the playlist was. Every time a song came on with meaning for a specific guest they'd be so excited at being included in that small, but thoughtful way. Neon lights and disco balls were the two things Yas & Brad had to have and the theme came from there. The couple had actually already married in Las Vegas with just the two of them! This also influenced the vibe of the day at The Shack Revolution. 

Wedding Music & Dances 

Initially, Yas & Brad didn't want a first dance. The couple had foregone a lot of traditions and Yas is not a fan of being the centre of attention so a first dance was off the table. Yas is a huge pop culture nerd, and references to favourite movies and music artists were included throughout the day. The couple decided they could have some fun with another pop culture reference or two. For their ‘first dance’, Yas & Brad performed the iconic dance from Pulp Fiction, knowing it wouldn't have to be perfect (and that their guests would go wild!). They also asked the brilliant DJ to cut some of the monologue from True Romance to the beginning of the song, with a good old-fashioned record rip in the middle for good measure. To fit the theme, table names were songs printed onto records, and Yas & Brad included guidance on the seating plan to head to the food truck when your song plays to avoid lots of waiting around and queuing. 

Yas and Brad’s disco wedding day is a true boogie wonderland! 

Go for the suppliers you really want, it's worth investing in the best. And stalk their socials! We kept a close eye in particular on our photographer’s and venue’s Instagram feeds and got so many priceless tips. We had an idea of what we wanted our day to look like, but a post about colour theory on our photographer's Instagram helped us zone in on what colours we really wanted to run with. It's not about looking for inspiration to emulate someone else's day, it's about hearing what a seasoned professional knows works, and then figuring out how to apply that in your own way. 

Yas & Brad

We’re so obsessed with pink weddings and we always will be. It is the colour of love after all. Head to our pink wedding theme inspiration to see all the ways you can make this colour a statement in your day with pink suits just like Brad’s to elegant signage and stationery. Loving the retro vibes of this disco wedding at The Shack Revolution? Then you should see this Lyde Court retro real wedding and this disco party wedding at The Giraffe Shed

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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Venue: The Shack Revolution | Photography: Mark Horton Photos | Videography: James Fisher | Hair: Hair Comes The Bride | Florist: Neon Knotz | Wedding Car: Lil & Blue | DJ: Gloucestershire Discos

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