A Planet Flowers Wedding… Part 2

Welcome back and prepare to be absolutely blown away by this afternoons visual feast. Autumn brides take note and be inspired, flower fanatics enjoy with tea and cake. Scottish brides make note of all the suppliers involved (they are the best!) and cake-lovers, decor fanatics, colour scheme enthusiasts everywhere just enjoy the stunning wedding Gemma created, all captured perfectly by Blue Sky Photography,

Abundant Decor

On the walls we hung malus apple wreaths with velvet ribbon – I just adored all the textures!!

Again in the room we had our drinks reception we wanted it to be relaxed and autumnal!! The room had no furniture so we brought in a huge wooden side board unit and filled it with apothecary jars filled with autumn goodies like leaves, physalis, cinnamon sticks and malus apples.

We added lots of candles and vases full of malus apple branches, with the addition of a few personal touches like photos of our parents on their wedding day, some Old Letterpress Printer Blocks and framed poems written by grandmother it was such a great focus in the room.

I made huge wreaths of autumn leaves, physalis and birch that we hung around the room too – I am in no way a romantic but I read somewhere in one of many wedding magazines(!) that the wreath is a symbol of eternity and it just stuck with me so I decided to make as many as I could!!

As I am a wedding florist it was really important to me to do something different that I hadn’t seen before for the reception tables – the best way was to seat our guests on a long table – creating “tablescapes” for long tables is probably one of the most enjoyable things for me.

Having all that space just for me to play with is a joy! As we had chosen gorgeous dark grey linen from 88 events and had designed material ruffles for the back of the chairs I knew what ever we did it would have to be dramatic! We switched the autumnal vibe a little and although we still used lots of leaves and trees we turned it around and painted the branches grey.

We took the colour from the plum coloured plates and bowls we hired from 88 events and filled the table with plum carnation balls, vases full of callicarpa and black mamba orchids. Every other detail we made grey – all the candles and moss/ leaf details all grey.

I wanted it to be so full and abundant, so there was never a bare space – every time you could look at something different.

Detailed Photography

I know so many absolutely amazing photographers so this was the hardest thing to choose! When I thought about what we wanted from a photographer we knew we wanted lots of relaxed shots nothing posed or formal.

As I am a details girl and I knew I would be doing a lot of DIYing it was important that our photographer understood that I wanted a picture of all my little details that I worked hard on.

Lastly it had to be someone fun and someone that made us relaxed and that we were completely as ease with – before Chris even met Blue Sky I knew he would love them and how chilled out they were! Niels and Alie could not have done a better job for us; they really truly were part of the whole days experience.

It was like we had two more guests at our wedding that wanted to experience the day as much as our family did! We had such great fun wandering around the Hopetoun Estate – seeing parts we had never seen before.

They didn’t miss a single detail or moment that I wanted to remember.

Both of our families are cheese lovers so it had to be a cheese stack that our caterer Heritage Portfolio organised rather than a cake! I made a flower base for it to be stacked on and finished it with two personalized mice from The House of Mouse via Etsy.

I love Amy Atlas! I have been following her work for years so when the opportunity came up to do a dessert table I grabbed it with both hands! I decided I didn’t want to go for the normal sweetie table and instead wanted to make it more of a dessert table.

Using the ruffle idea that we had on the back of our chairs we created a huge back board for the table which we clothed in the grey again. I wanted to build it up with lots of heights and wanted to keep everything really neutral in colour letting the stationary bring the colour in. I knew for sure I HAD to have a macaroon tower but other than that I wasn’t too sure. The macaroon tower sat on a grey plinth my dad made to give it height rather than using a cake stand. All the other cup cakes, cake pops and meringues were made by the super talented Nicki at Cup Couture. She is absolutely full to the brim with dessert ideas! Everything tasted A M A Z I N G!! I didn’t want to ruin all the hard work that Cup Couture put in by putting everything on plates that didn’t fit in with the scheme so I went to TK Maxx and bought a load of random large really ornate photo frames which I lined with biscuit coloured paper and spray painted grey.

The result was excellent and they really looked the part – we placed these on different heights of flower pillars and along side the ceramic that we also painted full of cake pops it was finished 🙂 Susan from Knotty Stationary made signs for all the bits and pieces bringing the plum colour back on the table.


We decided to have an acoustic guitar and solo singer through our ceremony and drinks reception – giving that informal rustic vibe. At the evening reception we had a live band to get everyone up and dancing! We also hired an air hockey table from Night Train Productions for the night reception. It was a huge hit and there was pretty much a queue all night to have a shot 🙂 such a brilliant ice breaker!

Neither if us are big dancers so we decided to have a party song instead that everyone could get up to! My mum loves Barry White so we had “my first my last my ev erything” as our first dance. We put far more thought into our ceremony songs than our evening music – we just felt it was better letting the band doing what they do best!

A Personal Touch

We didn’t really have any favours, I suppose I felt the dessert table would do that job. Although I embroidered everyones names onto their napkins rather than having place cards and all the guests seemed to take them home if that counts!

The Finishing Touches

The venue lined the courtyard with fire buckets – with us getting married the day before Halloween they gave the fireworks night feel.

At the end of the night we had a sparklers farewell which looked brilliant and was one of my favourite moments of the day. We had baskets of blankets ready for guests to wrap up and keep warm with.

Our mini groomsmen held our rings in a personalised ring bowl from Paloma’s Nest – it was so cute, plus side is I have a ring bowl that can sit on my dresser now as a reminder of our day.

Instead of a guestbook we had a finger print tree where guests could “leaf their print” it went so well with our style and looked great hanging on the wall once everyone had left their thumb print.

We really wanted to have no stationary on our table so our great stationary lady Susan from Knotty Stationary designed a menu come escort card all in one – I loved them so much! We used an old mirror frame and hung them in the wall so guests could find their table and see the menu all in one 🙂 Knotty also used the same handwriting design to make all our signage around the venue.

The food was seriously delicious our guests were blown away by the meal that Heritage Portfolio provided.

Advice from a Super Bride!

For me my day was made special by all the amazing people involved. We were extremely lucky as we knew so many brilliant suppliers in the industry. I suppose my advice would be once you have chosen your suppliers put your trust in them let them do what they do best as you will get so much more out of them that way.

We made our wedding as personal and informal as we could keeping things relaxed and I think that’s what made it for me seeing everyone laughing and smiling and being altogether.

Flowers and Decor – Planet Flowers

Photography – BlueSky Photography

Cake Topper – The House of Mouse via Etsy.

Dessert Table – Nicki at Cup Couture

Air Hockey Table – Night Train Productions

Venue – Hopetoun House

Catering – Heritage Portfolio

Paper – Knotty Stationery

Ring Bowl – Paloma’s Nest

Wow. Just wow. I’m not sure I have any words.

You know what though, for all of you sitting there thinking that you just don’t have the budget or the contacts for this, then start thinking laterally. If there are elements of this wedding you absolutely love and can’t do without, then budget for them, great floristry, photography, stationery and catering can’t all be DIY’d this well. However, if you can be sensible about what you want, prioritise your must haves, then think about DIY-ing the rest… Lots of the wreaths here are made of dried seed pods and leaves so could be made well in advance and I’m just loving the symbolism attached to them. Pumpkins and squashes can be grown easily on a big patch of land and if a cake table is a must, think about asking friends and family to contribute then pulling it all together with DIY plates and chargers like Gemma did. Add small touches that make a big difference like the ring bowl, tiny mice and straw flags for drinks.

Thank you so much to Gemma for choosing Rock My Wedding to showcase her insane talent and beyond beautiful wedding. We are inspired and hope all our lovely readers will be too 🙂

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

38 thoughts on “A Planet Flowers Wedding… Part 2

  1. That walking through the trees shot is beautiful

    I love –

    the logs and candles
    the dessert table
    the cheesecake
    the wooden table and apothecary jars
    the flowers

    It’s nothing short of truly stunning xxx

  2. Wow! Majorly in love with this whole wedding and Thank You Gemma for the mice! I had emailed a couple of mouse makers in America through etsy – don’t know how I missed this UK one and I haven’t had a response from the others!! I’ve been looking for a pair for our cheese table (inspired by RMW)!

  3. OMG!! I am in total awe of this lady! Such beautiful room decorations. I’m loving all the pumpkins and woodland details and the “tablescapes” are simply stunning! I want to dive headlong into the dessert table and I would literally kill for that macaroon tower!! This is definitely the most beautiful autumn wedding I’ve seen!!

  4. The long table arrangements and the dessert table have literally blown me away. So creative and really awe inspiring. Oh to have been a guest at this big day!

  5. Holy Apple Wreaths Batman!

    I have actually gone through Part 2 with my mouth agape. From the warmess of the photos, to the apple wreath to *that* top table to the shot of the bride and groom walking through all those autumn leaves. Well, I die.

    I take it back, this wedding is like sitting at home with my fave jumper on AND a big fat hot chocolate with sprinkles and marshmallows and whipped cream!


  6. Oh how I love this wedding. Gemma, you should expand your business to include wedding planning, your ideas are so good!

    I want EVERYTHING. 🙂

  7. Holy moly! What a beautiful wedding. I have been having the wedding stresses recently as we have just under three months to go and a lot of DIY to do, but this has reignited my passion for things home-made. As Rebecca quite rightly points out, we can’t all do as many things ourselves that will look as truly stunning as this day, because Gemma is clearly VERY talented and the flowers are out of this world, but I think we can all take a bit of inspiration from her day and try the odd bit of DIY. I am planning on drawing our own thumb print tree as our loose theme is spring colours and leaves, so I thought the tree print would fit in nicely, as it has done here. And I love the wreaths, so effective. The sparklers shot and the autumnal walking shot are just beautiful too. Congrats guys, it looks like you had a truly special day.

  8. wow, my jaw literally dropped when I first saw the photo of the table decorations. Absolutely gorgeous!
    A beautiful wedding and a couple so obviously very much in love – the look between them on the black and white photo at the table says it all!

  9. Wow, this wedding is truly stunning! The details are just so beautiful and the overall effect is fantastic!

    I love the ruffles on the back of the chairs, did you make these yourself? They look fab!

    Just beautiful x

  10. I’m with Maji. My mouth is like this **displays open mouth**.

    I’m at work now but I’m going to log on at home for a long hard look. THIS is wedding porn. I thought part one was pretty spectacular. THIS is off the CHART.

    The dessert table. The ruffles. The TOWER. Sweet mother of jesus come to mama.

  11. I have no words. Apart from TRUELY AWESOME wedding decor. I swore a lot viewing this weddding. Mainly out of envy.

    Congrats Gemma. You’ve made me want to get married again just so I can totally rip off your wedding decor


  12. There is only one word for this. Wow. W.O.W. So utterly gorgeously Autumnal and scrummy it makes me almost want to move my June wedding to October!

    And I want an hour alone to get intimate with that dessert table. Phwoar.

  13. As a ‘bride to be’ in September I have been scouring the internet for ideas, advice and inspiration. I came across rockmywedding a couple of days ago and have been hooked ever since!
    I am a florist/annoying perfectionist so I will be doing most of the flowers myself. I am fortunate to have a very creative mum who is currently making our invitations and will also be making our cake. I am also lucky to have a very experienced photographer in the family, so his services have also been along with my dress making auntie who is making all the right noises and any alterations with my dress…..
    So with all this creativity hopeful we will come together to make our special day very beautiful….however after seeing the pictures for this wedding I cant tell you how much it took my breath away! It is effortlessly stunning! The details are amazing, the colours work in harmony, the textures work so well….The cyclamen-how unique, the little pots with ranunculas, the cape gooseberries, the table that has been covered by leaves, the pumpkin and I cant believe i am writing this but I even love the carnations, they have been used wonderfully – very skilled people involved. The CAKES look divine!
    Gemma looks so very happy and relaxed…what a day to remember…..I have promised myself to go with it and just enjoy our day…I can only hope that our day will look somewhere near as gorgeous…beautiful x

  14. WOW! I want my wedding to have this much amazing detail! Now I just have to figure out how to translate this autumn awesomness into summer awesomeness…!!

  15. Are you kidding me?!!! This is a corker. I actually don’t think I’ve dribbled from throwing my jaw open so wide before…how did you do aaaall of this Gem? Are you a machine?! I need to go and get some kitchen roll to wipe up the drool x

  16. I haven’t posted for ages (still lurking mind!) but couldn’t not comment on this little beauty…so, WOW, what a wedding!

    I think Gem must be one of the most talented brides ever. Every little detail looks amazing.

    So many romantic photos too. I particularly love the shot of your sat on the little staircase with all the hurricane lamps.

    You both look so happy too – congratulations!

  17. Mahj. You have the best descriptions ever.

    Gemma – you have knocked this one straight out of the park. Honestly. I can’t even describe how the colours and decor make me feel. It is so beautiful, the whole thing, and you must be so proud.

  18. OMG- this is truly a beautiful Wedding – Gemma you are an inspiration to florists all around the World – even here in New Zealand!
    Congratulations your flowers are amazing but your attention to detail is astounding and you deserved your perfect day!

  19. I absolutely LOVE this wedding. The details are just gorgeous. I’m also a teeny bit jealous as I couldn’t decide between burnt orange and pink and went for pink in the end. I thought both together wouldn’t “go” but i was so wrong! I now see I could have had both and still look stunning. Is it normal for a bride-to-be to have pumpkin envy?!


  20. WOW, absolutely stunning. No words can describe how amazing this looks. You are truly very talented. Best wishes for your future together. x

  21. This is such a cool wedding with so many good ideas! Amazing!

    I’m looking for good quality sparkles – any idea where to get some?

  22. Just looked at this again – that shot of walking through the autumn leaves is amazing. If my wedding is half as lovely as this one I’ll be one happy lady 🙂

  23. Oh my goodness! I am planning my own Autumn wedding now and these beautiful photos have got me so excited. Absolutely stunning!! I love the finger print tree, the pumpkins, the dried flowers, the candles.. I could go on! So many pretty details xxx

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