If there is one thing that the UK does spectacularly well, it's a country house wedding venue. We have a wealth of options, from manors and mansions to estates and halls. The beauty and allure of a country house are reasons enough to persuade you, but planning a wedding is a big deal. It takes a lot of thought. So we thought we'd be courteous and give you a few more reasons to consider a country house for your big day. Once we've convinced you (confidence is key, folks) then our article on some of the best UK country house wedding venues is next on your list.

5 Reasons to consider a country house wedding venue

It's all yours

Would you prefer not to share your venue? Well, a country house wedding venue is the right choice for you. These venues usually offer exclusive use for your wedding day. This means that you'll get to swan around like Lady of the Manor for an entire day. Talk about Bridgerton dreams coming true! You needn't worry about bumping into anyone other than your nearest and dearest, or the venue's expert staff. Exclusivity sometimes means different things for different people, so luckily we've got a guide on just that to clear it all up.

The Perfect Location

A country house more often than not means countryside. Great Britain is known for its remarkable countryside scenery and beautiful estate gardens. A countryside wedding venue offers an incredibly picturesque setting to celebrate nuptials. If you live in the city, it sometimes almost feels like a carnal desire to escape the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the country. Even if you don't live in the city - this feeling creeps up on us! Of course, a city wedding is gorgeous, and it has its perks. But waking up to and celebrating in the great expanses of green, blue and orange is something else.

Peace Before The Party

Tranquillity is a key word throughout this article. Peace of mind, and peace before the party! You get the best of both worlds with a serene backdrop to your morning of getting ready and/or your ceremony. Whether you've got an intimate wedding of 50, or a larger party of 150, a country house wedding venue offers the perfect setting for getting ready. Keeping calm the moments before (and during!) is important - and the serenity of the British countryside is a great way to ensure that. But don't worry - country house venues know how to party, too. The venue can turn into one giant (civilised or not) house party once the music gets notched up and the rooms get turned around for the evening. Choosing the right venue will let you decide just how much peace vs party you want on your day.

Embrace The Seasons

With those gorgeous country grounds, you get to draw beautiful inspiration from the seasons. The gardens will look completely different in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, so be sure to ask about how the views or any outdoor spots you're interested in will change with the seasons. Taking this into account is a great way to choose a colour palette or theme. Fancy yourself a winter wonderland wedding? Then whites, golds, silvers and reds are a good choice. More of a spring person? Then warm greens, yellows, orangey reds and peachy pinks could be for you. You get the gist!

Photo Ops A Plenty

Have we mentioned the serenity, beauty, and breathtaking opportunity of a country house wedding venue? One of the best things about choosing a country house is that your photographer will be spoilt for choice with backdrops. Most country house wedding venues have an array of rooms, nooks and outdoor areas that can be used for stunning wedding photography, whatever the weather. And you don't need to do a thing to make it more beautiful (unless you want to, of course). 

Have we persuaded you to book yourself a country house wedding venue?

So, with a land bursting at the seams with country house wedding venues, how do you actually go about choosing The One. Well, we've done most of that hard work for you. If you want to see a country house in action - then Vimbai & Lea's gorgeous wedding at Recommended venue Elmore Court is a great source of inspiration. If you still fancy yourself more of a city wedding person, then we're certain you'll find a venue that fits your dreams perfectly from our list of Recommended suppliers.

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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