Green is one of the most popular colour palettes for weddings with sage green wedding themes and emerald green wedding themes up there at the top. As couples seek to infuse their special day with personal touches and environmental consciousness, green wedding themes have become increasingly popular. Green is the colour of nature, it represents growth, harmony, fertility, and freshness. Out of all the colours, it is the most restful and relaxing to the eye due to its spectral wavelength. Whether you're envisioning a lush, botanical wonderland or a sleek, modern affair with eco-friendly elements, incorporating shades of green into your wedding can create a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. From breathtaking decor and stylish wedding outfits to thoughtful, sustainable details, a green wedding theme offers endless possibilities for a celebration that is both timeless and trendy. Here are 52 green wedding theme ideas we're loving right now...

52 green wedding theme ideas from green wedding outfits to green wedding flowers

Green Wedding Outfits

Consider going green for your wedding outfits. While we don’t have any images of a green wedding dress, it’s a total possibility if you so desire. At Rock My Wedding, we’re all about embracing the unconventional when it comes to weddings, so if a green outfit is what you want, we’re here for it. Some of the couples below had deep forest green wedding suits, pastel mint and sage sherwani outfits and more. We must say, they are looking so good!

Green Wedding Cakes

These green wedding cakes give off a botanical vibe decorated in foliage or being rustic in design and frosting. As we always say, your wedding cake isn’t just a second dessert but a statement decorative piece too, so it should match your wedding theme as closely as possible. If you choose to have a green wedding cake, perhaps it’s more about being reflective of flavour. A green cake is perfect for a pistachio or matcha-flavoured cake too!

Green Wedding Decor

Green is one of those colours that pairs well with every other colour. Green and white, green and pink, green and orange, green and purple…it is so versatile. The shade of green you opt for will impact your secondary accent colour. For example, an emerald green may be better paired with black, while a sage green would look so good with a burnt orange. These green wedding tablescapes and decorations are examples of what an all-green wedding looks like perhaps using different shades. 

Green Wedding Flowers

Green wedding flower arrangements and bouquets consist of lots of foliage since flowers aren’t actually green. Most foliage-heavy bouquets have white flowers for a very luxurious feel or wildflowers to add a more natural botanical vibe. Green and foliage-heavy flowers are perfect for rustic woodland weddings but also very luxe country weddings as they’re so classic and traditional. 

Green Wedding Stationery & Signage 

Why not go green with your wedding stationery too? You could take this literally by choosing more sustainable stationery or signage options like using plantable seed paper, recycled plastic, or glass for signs. If you want to go fairly minimalist in style with your stationery and signage, green is the perfect colour choice. Keep the main content black and white and then add a leafy design for a subtle touch. 

Green Bridesmaid Dresses

As we said, green is a calming colour and, on your wedding day, sometimes a bit of calm is exactly what you need. When you're feeling nervous or need a sign of reassurance, you can turn to your best girlfriends and see them all dressed in calming green bridesmaid dresses. Sage green bridesmaid dresses and emerald green bridesmaid dresses remain the top two shades of green for the bridal party. 


Green Wedding Shoes 

Something blue? We’re over it. Let’s go green. Add a pop of colour to traditional wedding outfits with green wedding shoes! At the same time, if you don't want to wear colourful shoes in the daytime for your ceremony, they could make for a gorgeous accessory for your wedding reception outfit

Green is the ultimate calming shade and symbolises new beginnings and growth

See our other colour theme roundups for more inspiration when it comes to picking your wedding colour palette. Perhaps you’d prefer to stick with one colour or pick out a few. To help you decide, here are our pink wedding theme ideas and orange wedding theme ideas as a starting point. Looking for more green? Here is our green wedding colour palette Pinterest board for all the inspiration. 

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