It's not every day we see a wedding underground - so this superb editorial shoot at Margate Caves is something to savour. An enchanting narrative influenced by twilight, this shoot honours uniqueness and the intricate textual patterns discovered within these enchanting caves. The couple both rocked some incredible alternative wedding looks, with edgy fascinators, chunky wedding jewellery, linen suits and embroidered shirts. The concept and planning behind this sensational shoot were masterminded by none other than Recommended supplier Posy Patou - and what an immaculate job she did. So, grab your helmets, folks - we're going deep into the caves.

Edgy Margate Caves editorial shoot with alternative style, abstract tableware and a grazing platter

Using repurposed fabrics and sustainable materials, each space was styled to honour the hand-crafted nature of the venue. Candlelight lit up the space for some intimate ambience, and we used the rich layering of natural textures and mineral tones to draw focus. Bundles of joyful florals brought life to the arid caverns, whilst hand-painted tablecloths and stationary illustrating Amanda & Richie was a nod to the mark-making on the cave walls. The location has a sense of ritual, very fitting for a ceremonial food moment, using chalk wells for a cake shrine and grazing altar.

Posy Patou

Love Lies Beneath at Margate Caves 

Nestled within the cliffs of Margate, a charming coastal town in Kent known for its artistic flair, exists a series of connected chambers and tunnels. The enigmatic Margate Caves exude an inherent sense of intrigue, stemming from their origins as a chalk quarry hidden beneath the residence of a prominent female astronomer, a secret only unveiled in 2019. Recently revitalised, this distinctive venue has embraced its role in hosting intimate wedding ceremonies. It therefore has solidified its status as Margate's most exceptional destination for small-scale celebrations. Bathed in the soft, ethereal glow of lantern light, the caverns served as an enchanting backdrop for this shoot. Aptly titled Love Lies Beneath, Posy Patou wanted to celebrate individuality in a magical, natural environment. The echoing whispers of the past seemed to join in, as the couple embarked on their journey together. The rugged walls, adorned with artsy, abstract wedding banners and stationery, bore witness to this stunning shoot. The fusion of timeless romance and the mystique held within the heart of Margate's hidden treasure is a fabulous sight to behold.

Wedding rings made out of re-purposed precious metals? This shoot is an eco-dream come true.

We wanted Richie & Amanda's distinctive styles to come through in the looks. And we wanted to showcase their tattoos as part of their collective story. Richie wore natural linen suits and embroidered shirts by Percival for both the groom's look and the afterparty look. Amanda wore dresses by Velvet Johnstone - and they were perfect.

Posy Patou

Who knew some caves would make the most wonderful wedding venue? Margate Caves go beyond just a stunning spot to tie the knot, though. The history seeping out of the walls makes it all the more special. The stationery and tableware were pretty special, too. Want to up your wedding tablescape game? We've got 40 wedding table name ideas that will blow your socks off. The bride's dresses also made a huge impact on the shoot - tying it together seamlessly. If you're unsure of how much wedding dresses are, we've got the answers for you. 

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Photography: Joanna Bongard | Concept and Styling : Posy Patou | Venue: The Margate Caves | Florist: Ultramarine Flowers | Stationery and Decor : Chloë Designs Things | Models: Richie , Amanda | Cake Maker: Avante Garde Cake Studio | Napkins: Amuse La Bouche | Grazing Table: Just Graze UK | Hair and Makeup Artist: Rebecca Brown | Dresses: Velvet Johnstone | Suits: Percival | Fashion Accessories: Awon Golding Millinery, Poppy & Sage | Wedding Favours: Minnie Mae Studio | Wedding Rings: Anna Loucah

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