Having a mixed gender wedding party has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years. The idea of gendered wedding parties might be perfect for some, but for other couples, not quite. Lest we forget our ethos; your day, your way. For brides who want their guy best friend at their bachelorette, or grooms wanting their sister at the altar with the rest of the groomsmen, this is a fantastic solution. The rise of the best woman is evidence that couples are now more often going against the grain when it comes to gendered parties. Although growing in popularity, mixed wedding parties still are not something you come across every day. If you think you want a mix on your big day, but are not sure how to go about it, then this is for you.

Want a mixed gender wedding party? This roundup will no doubt spark some inspiration!

Eden Barn Socially Distanced Wedding With Groomswoman

Starting off strong, we've got Rebecca & Rob's socially distanced wedding with not only an outdoor picnic, but a groomswoman, too. By groomswoman, we mean that a member of the groom party was a close female friend! The wedding itself, although disrupted slightly by COVID, was entirely breathtaking with its idyllic picnic and Lake District views. What made it even more personable and relaxed was having a bridesmate there. Perfectly encompassing the normality and opportunity that comes with a mixed gender wedding party. Cheers to that!

Rustic Luxe Wedding With Sequin Bridesmaids and Bridesman Jacket

What's better than a rustic, romantic fairytale wedding, you ask? The answer is a rustic, romantic fairytale wedding with a bridesman in a sequin, sparkly jacket. Billie & Jonny's dreamy wedding had it all; a pink wedding dress, the ever-gorgeous Tythe Barn, fairy lights, a sparkler exit, and a fantastic bridal party, including two different genders! The bridesman in question wore the most incredible jacket that emulates a similar vibe to that of a pink disco ball. Christmas is coming up, and if anyone is unsure of what to get me this year...

Notley Abbey & Jimmy Choo Shoes With A Mixed Gender Wedding Party

Luisa & Stuart's wedding at Notley Abbey was magical for many reasons. The first, Luisa was sporting the most incredible Pronovias dress along with some killer Jimmy Choo shoes. Secondly, the groom had a very stylish mixed gender wedding party in tow. The groomswoman's sparkling bottle green dress is utterly gorgeous! Thirdly, the chic, European countryside wedding vibe can be felt in each and every one of these photos. If you need wedding inspiration in any area, this is certainly a great place to start looking.

Fusion Wedding With Layered Tulle Wedding Dress And Bridesmate

So, you want your (male) mate in your bridal party. How can it be done? Simple - combine the two words, and you've got bridesmate. Melica & Jasper clearly had the right idea! The pink satin slip dresses of the rest of the bridal party coincided perfectly with the bridemate's tie, another element of thoughtfulness and precision found throughout their big day. We really love seeing diverse weddings, and Melica & Jasper's Iranian-inspired wedding certainly ticks a lot of inspirational boxes. Things we love to see = that.

Gender Neutral Wedding With Epic I Do Crew

Amanda & Ceri's super hot, super stylish retro wedding is an absolute dream. Ceri identifies as non-binary, so they decided to de-gender their day as much as possible. This in turn led to using an absolutely fantastic term: I Do Crew. This wedding proved that no matter your gender, an oh-so-gorgeous wedding filled with love, life, laughs and celebration is always possible if you know where to look. (Hint - right here!) We also can't forget to mention one of the stars of the show; Dug the dog.

Emmy Mae Bridal Gown at Cripps Barn With Groomsmaid

Little in life is as elegant as an Emmy Mae bridal gown, Cripps Barn, and white bridesmaid dresses. And little in life is as full of joy as having all of your closest friends, regardless of gender, by your side on your big day. All of this and more is what made Charlotte & Stuart's wedding oh so special for oh so many reasons. And may we just say - the groomsmaid in Charlotte's squad looked absolutely fantastic next to all those white dresses.

Fireworks and Friends at Drumtochty Castle Wedding with Male Bridesmaid

If you, like us, are feeling some November moodiness, then this wedding at Drumtochty Castle wedding is here to fuel it. Kara & Stephen wanted a magical witchy vibe inspired by the film Practical Magic, and boy, did they deliver! One part of the wedding that was less autumnally moody and more joyful was the inclusion of a male bridesmaid in Kara's bridal party, who looks like he's having the absolute time of his life in all the photos. Any wedding with some mixed gender goodness that takes place in a castle venue is a huge yes from us.

Industrial White Skye Fields Wedding With Gorgeous Groomswoman

If you love a bright and bold colour palette with sprinkles of boho and industrial vibes along with a drop-dead gorgeous groomswoman, then you're in the right place. Katie & Daniel's super laid-back yet equally personal and thoughtful wedding is a sight for sore eyes. It's also a visual reminder that no matter your gender or your thoughts on wedding traditions, anyone can get involved to make the event that little bit more special. And the groomswoman in question certainly did! The huge smiles on their faces is evidence enough.

Mixed gender wedding parties are on the rise, and we're here for it!

The role of gender and its relationship with long-standing wedding traditions in the wedding industry is a difficult topic to tackle in one. Luckily, though, we've got an article on the Traditional Wedding Speech Order, where we go over the variety of ways different genders can play a part in speech giving. If you're trying to think of other ways to get your loved ones involved in your big day, then our article on informal wedding roles is a great place for inspiration.

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