Pop (Up Shop) Tarts.


I’m going to spend approximately 31 words dwelling on the fact it’s been a bit doomy and gloomy these past few days, big brands going bust, the demise of the The Designer Wedding Show…what we really want to do is bring you some news that is JOYFUL..

And so we’re bringing a brand new concept to the W-day industry. Because we like coming up with new ideas. And we really love making you gorgeous lot H.A.P.P.Y.

The thing is…we would absolutely love to meet you, share with you some of our favourite suppliers, 2013 W-day trends and let you lovelies have a nosey at the pieces of pretty from the AW12 collection currently only available on-line via Rock My Boutique.

So in our bid to do ALL of the above and give our community the opportunity to spend a couple of hours generally having a good time we’re making our way across the UK over the coming months with a series of sexy POP UP SHOPS.

The first pop-up event in the calendar is the 17th March which will be held at Hampton Manor in The West Midlands from 12pm until 5pm.

Joining us will be some of our awesome RMB collaborators who will be bringing along a selection of their most recent collections and designs for you gorgeous lot to make you potentially look um well….even more gorgeous I guess.

Gracing us with their industry professional presence will be:

Debbie Carlisle from DC Bouquets (check out her shiny bits and pieces HERE)

Natasha from Natasha Jane (headwear inspired by Art Deco and Egyptian goddesses…see HERE)

Hannah from Coulson Macleod (awesome artwork…you can see some HERE)

Ruth from Harriet Wilde (shoes! you will LOVE them!)

Sinclair and India from Maids To Measure….. (We designed the Melissa dress with them…)

Karen and Gemma from Passion For Flowers and The Wedding Of My Dreams working their floristy/ decor magic.

AND special fashion guests Hannah and Alice from Belle and Bunty.

Yup. They’ve been in Vogue magazine and everything.


Maids to Measure and Belle and Bunty will have a selection of gowns for you to peek at but will also be running “taster” half hour try-on fittings throughout the day from 12pm until 4.30pm.

If you would like to enquire/book a session then please email:

For Maids To Measure: info@maidstomeasure.com with the subject “Pop Up Shop Fitting”

For Belle and Bunty: shop@belleandbunty.co.uk with the subject “Pop Up Shop Fitting”

And that’s not all folks…oh no.


At 1.30pm Team RMW will be holding a style session in the library where we’ll share with you all sorts of tips and tricks to make W-day IMMENSE.

I guess I should point out here that you don’t have to pay to attend our Pop Up Shops or anything, we’re not attempting to create a full blown wedding fair (although who knows what the future holds eh?) and our style sessions are also just there for your viewing pleasure… all we ask is that you register your place on the latter as there is limited seating available.

Please email your name (and the name of anyone you want to bring along) to:


And that’s not it either.



We also have a lip and lash bar hosted by Love Lust List member Jodie Hazelwood who will be demonstrating how to perfect both your flutter and your pout. This will cost you a fiver to cover the products used if you fancy a go but we PROMISE you will leave looking incredibly lush.

However, we would like to point out that we take absolutely NO responsibility for the WOW effect your beautiful newly made-up face will have on your other half.

In the words of RMW Real Bride KarenPLEASE LASH RESPONSIBLY.


If you are feeling naughty Hampton Manor has a lovely contemporary bar where you can treat yourself to a cocktail (or two), alternatively they also offer soft drinks, fancy coffee and copious amounts of tea.

And if you are feeling REALLY naughty you can also book a cream tea or an afternoon tea from £9 up to £22 per head.

I’ve heard they are really special so if you want to secure your scones please email:

info@hamptonmanor.eu with the subject “Pop Up Afternoon Tea

So um…

Do you fancy it?!!

I know there seems to be a lot of email action required but that’s only because we want to make sure everyone has a great time and take the opportunity to see and do as much as possible. And if you do have any questions just drop them in the comments box below.

Bring your best girls…your Mum…your Nan……even your Groom. Because by then we’ll have some brand new accessories for him. Adam is particularly excited about the prospect as you can imagine.

We’re just organising dates and venues for LONDON as we speak and will be in touch with an update as soon as we can.

The RMB Pop Up will also be at the SAVE THE DATE event on April 14th in Nottingham, so if you can’t make March maybe we’ll see your faces there instead.

Hope so.


Big POP UP Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S If you liked all the images from this post then you may want to follow us on pinterest ….we’re putting together boards of pretty.

49 thoughts on “Pop (Up Shop) Tarts.

  1. Rather excited by the prospect of this…even more excited by the prospect of London dates! Yay! Can’t wait to introduce all of my best girls to RMW 🙂

  2. What a bloomin’ brilliant idea team RMW!

    Sounds absolutely fabulous and sure the event will be bursting at the seams!

    Please please please bring one down South as although London is central it’s incredibly expensive to get to from the South Coast!


  3. @Kitty received and understood! We’ll certainly look into this for you – are there any other South West brides that might be interested?

    @Emily stay tuned for London dates – we’ll be posting them on the blog shortly…

  4. Oh YES!!! Good work. Can’t wait for this, it’s totally driveable too if any North West girls fancy a road trip?

    Looking forward to a spot of binge lashing.

    Can I also suggest a Liverpool / Manchester sesh?


  5. Yay! Sounds immense guys!
    Very excited to see it will be coming to London!!! Cannot wait (crosses fingers she can make chosen date!)

    And am definitely up for some lash & lip actions!
    (would be interested to know if they are suitable for sensible souls like Moi!)

    Now hurry up & get that London date sorted, I can’t wait!!! haha

    ps. I am now craving a sugared ring doughnut soooooo bad!!!!

  6. @Lolly We’re not used to glamourous events round these parts and local fairs and shows I’ve been to have been a bit underwhelming – a visit from RMW would soon sort that out! I’d be more than happy to help out with supplier contact details, possible venues or promo for it 🙂 x

  7. Ooooh! London dates you say? How very, very and thrice very exciting! This is a brilliant idea and as a newly engaged bean (who may have been a lurker of these beauteous pages for a good few months…ahem…) I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store!

  8. What a ruddy lovely idea!

    @Kitty I didn’t realise you where on the South Coast too! Where abouts are you?

    And on that note: RMW you must come to BRIGHTON!!!! You’d love it and it you!!!! But can I still come even though I’m married of!? I’d love some lash and lip goodness if you came down south!

  9. @Amanda Brighton sounds pretty epic – I’ve never been…perhaps I can persuade the rest of the RMW team to take a road trip.

    @Pyrus I LOVE Edinburgh so any excuse to visit again is much appreciated.

    So come on then, hands up who has already booked onto our style sessions or more importantly sorted out their cream tea??

  10. Wow!!

    That’s amazing stuff!! Congratulations on this wonderful new idea. I wish all the lovely ladies involved lot’s of luck.

    Knock ’em dead …

    Oh yes …

    Ps. Pop up store in South Africa? We have such a beautiful country 🙂 you gal’s will have to come visit soon!

  11. Next step .. World Domination!!
    (or should that be Wedding Domination!)

    Super cool. Bristol / Bath is full of lots of lovely people!


  12. Brighton IS epic…although you will have to keep me away from the arcade and the 2p machines *addicted*

    @Jolene I am WELL up for South Africa!!

    Cannot wait to meet you all 🙂


  13. Oh sounds amazing! But I am so jealous of all you ladies able to go. I want lots of pictures of everyone lashed!

    I third a north of the border Pop Tart! Pleeeeeeeeeaase! Edinburgh sounds like a great shout!

  14. @OneJollyGirl – hey car buddy!

    @Lolly – There’s room in my hen weekend house in Brighton in April. Get your pert little tushies down there! x

  15. OMactualG. I’ve just realised this is the weekend of my hen do, so I can make this my last stop of the weekend. So in actual fact, you will all in effect be AT my hen do….

  16. You will NOT drink my share. *hmpfff* (secretly totes happy for everyone celebrating their hen’s btw)

    @Bex – thanks for your lovely comment. Will be great to see you in London!

  17. Would it be really sad if I attended as a married woman? (10 days to go!!!) If not, I’m hitching a lift with Karen please! x

  18. As a bridal supplier & a bride to be – Come up North! Come up North! I’m based in County Durham but would be up for the trip to Edinburgh too 😉

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