If you're a fan of gorgeous gowns and forward fashion trends, then this Notan editorial shoot at Settrington Orangery is going to be right up your suitably accessorised street. Notan refers to a design concept originating from Japan. It explores the interplay and arrangement of light and dark elements when juxtaposed with artistic compositions and imagery. The team behind this shoot managed to capture this concept through bridalwear perfectly - which is certainly no easy feat. The luxe couture feel of this shoot heightened by the Notan concepts makes this an aesthetically pleasing dream. And we have Recommended supplier Emma Pilkington Photography to thank for that. She managed to capture the essence of this shoot superbly. 

Settrington Orangery light and dark Notan bridal wedding inspiration

Our shoot was inspired by Notan. This fashion-forward bridal editorial was a fusion of minimal Japanese design with couture fashion seen on the catwalks. We wanted our inspiration shoot to have a luxe haute couture feel, giving fashion-conscious brides inspiration for their day. With a tablescape inspired by the decor of luxury fashion events such as Dior.

Emma Pilkington Photography

Settrington Orangery meets Notan 

Notan is a captivating design concept originating from Japan. It explores the harmonious interplay of light and dark elements within the realm of art and imagery. It involves the deliberate placement and balance of contrasting tones to create visually striking compositions. In Notan, the careful arrangement of light and dark elements is considered crucial. This is because they interact and enhance one another's presence, evoking a sense of depth, rhythm, and balance. This shoot offers bridal looks infused with its essence that exude a unique and mesmerising allure. It's these final touches that draw inspiration from the captivating design concept of Notan. The interplay of light and dark elements takes centre stage at Settrington Orangery. It transforms the bride's appearance into a living work of art. Delicate lace patterns intertwine with strategic bursts of intricate beadwork, tulle, and dainty florals, creating a harmonious dance. The brides' gowns embody the balance between these contrasting elements, with soft and flowing fabrics cascading gracefully alongside structured silhouettes. And that's not all that helped complement the Notan-inspired ensemble. The brides' makeup delicately accentuated the natural beauty, embracing a subtle yet striking play of light and shadow.

Tulle dresses with puff sleeves and pink and white off-the-shoulder wedding gowns? Sign us up.

Jean Jackson Couture created a bespoke pink brocade dress for the shoot. As well as some of their beautiful stockist's dresses including Rue de Seine and Rish Bridal. The super fashionable accessories were from Megan Therese and Victoria Fergusson completed the look perfectly. Sarah Morten provided natural hair and makeup looks. Finally, we finished the looks with some gorgeous Bella Belle shoes.

Emily Pilkington Photography

If you hadn't heard of Notan before, no doubt you're just as obsessed as we are now. The different shapes, dimensions and depths in this shoot are just incredible. High fashion meets art. And having Settrington Orangery as a backdrop? Love, love, love! Finding the right venue for your vibe is essential when planning. That's why we wrote an article about how to find the right wedding venue for you. It's not just the dresses that make this shoot spectacular. It's the tablescapes, too. The monochrome, the quirky decor... Chef's kiss. It would be the ideal tablescape for a wedding breakfast. Speaking of... Lots of people don't actually know what a wedding breakfast is. If you're one of those people, our article breaks it down, real simple. 

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Photography: Emma Pilkington Photography | Dresses: Jean Jackson Couture , Rue De Seine , Rish Bridal | Hair and Makeup: Sarah Morten | Styling: L27 Weddings | Florist: Sassflower | Cake Maker: Poppy Pickering | Accessories : Victoria Fergusson , Megan Therese | Shoes: Bella Belle | Stationery: Bureau Design

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