Matara Centre Wedding Venue Cotswolds

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The Most Perfect G&T.


Nope. It’s not gin and tonics for us this morning but rather the delicious wedding of Georgie and Tim which is equally as refreshing and will make you just as giddy as if you’d consumed ten of the aforementioned beverages.

This morning’s wedding is a corker and I’m more than a little bit smug to be sharing it with you. If you’re a sucker for a bespoke cocktail bar then this one is for you. If you love romantic veils and beautiful couture wedding gowns then I can say hand on heart you’ll lust after this. And if you go weak at the knees over elegant bridesmaids in uber chic hot pink skirt and top combos then you better go and get yourself a chair.

And I haven’t even mentioned the awesome stationery or the chocolate and strawberry tiered cake or the bird emblazoned table plan nor the blossom at each guest’s table setting.

I’m telling you folks this big day is going to be pinned to within an INCH of its life.

An Elegant English Wedding At The Matara Centre In The Cotswolds With A Bespoke Jenny Lessin Wedding Skirt and Top And Hot Pink Bridesmaid Dresses And A Gin And Tonic Cocktail Bar By M&J Photography._0001

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English Cotswold Charm With A Touch Of Pink.


Oh Polly and Glen, you really do make a beautiful twosome don’t you. This classically elegant wedding this morning took place at the Matara Centre in the Cotswolds and was bought to you courtesy of Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography.

Filled to the brim with colour pop pink florals, glitzy Miu Miu shoes and and heapful of lace and love you also need to check out Polly’s exquisite Jenny Lessin frock too; it fits her like a glove!

Elegant English Wedding At The Matara Centre In The Cotswolds With A Jenny Lessin Dress And A Pink Bouquet By Lillian & Leonard Wedding Photography._0001