The RMW Real Bride Hen Do.

Before I begin I just need to make it clear that Adam and I can take very little credit for the amazing RMW Real bride Hen Do, it was the brain child of our real brides, headed up by Shirley, with Kim from the Pink Pumpkin organising all of the activities and details with one wave of her perfectly manicured hand.

As well as Shirley, Kelly, Jo, Alex, Amanda and Celine some of our other RMW bride finalists also joined in the festivities – Laura, Lisa, Amy, Larissa, Emma, Laura B, Rachel and Jenny…

And they were joined by make-up artist Mariam Jensen, hair maestro Severin Hubert, his wife Roz and the rest of their team, Sam from Mamfii Bridal and Jo from Something Blue PR…. Good job the folks at The Swan provided an endless stream of cupcakes and cocktails.

We had a really great time, I spent the majority of the day killing myself laughing and thought all of the girls were just gorgeous, we are so lucky to have such lovely ladies as part of the RMW crew.

With huge thanks to Ben at Touch for capturing all of the fun, humour and general merriment.

As I mentioned the do was at The Swan at the Globe in their swanky function room, think dreamy decor and spectacular views of the River Thames, St Pauls Catherdral and the Millennium Bridge – the perfect backdrop for Ben to capture all of our brides in their foxy finery.

Kim from The Pink Pumpkin had organised two main craft tasks for the day, D.I.Y decor in the form of painting your own initial (you can buy the plain card letters from Hobbycraft – genius for a multitude of W-day uses) and jewellery design.

Sam from Mamfii had provided a vast selection of delicate beads and swarovski crystals and was a dab hand with the pliers – our brides created some seriously pretty pieces, in fact I am hoping to see some bespoke baubles in their big day reports….

Sam from Mamfii also provided a range of fabulous frocks for our brides to try on (yes we tried to get Adam in one but unfortunately he refused…) and I have to say I thought some of the gowns were literally “made” for certain girls – check out Jo in the strapless floaty number.

Lunch was a fancy afternoon tea, with crustless cucumber sandwiches, carrot cake and a delicious selection of chocolate treats with various toppings. I think we all may have indulged in a wee bit too much sugar but…. who cares?

Severin Hubert was on hand with his immense equipment and styling products making everyone look red-carpet worthy, Rachel ended up with the biggest hair I had ever seen – I was very jealous, Rachel if you’re reading I am expecting to see some serious beehive action for W-day please….

And in true Charlotte/Sev tradition I had to ask him to create a never-seen-before barnet “creation” for me, and having neglected to decorate my “C” thought I could combine DIY with erm…. hair styling, i.e. have a giant C secured onto the back of my head…

Me: Sev I want this C on my head please.
Sev: I beg your pardon? you want this C in your hair?
Me: Yep – At least I won’t forget what my name begins with…
Sev: Honestly Charlotte I do other industry professional’s hair and they want so much sophistication…you just want crazy
Me: Wouldn’t do for us all to be the same now would it 😉

And true to Sev’s amazing skills my C was Lady Ga Ga gorgeous in no time, I was actually slightly gutted when I had to take it out… (although Adam did make me wear it into the service station where I received some mighty strange looks..)

One of the main highlights of the day was seeing just how flawless “face-hate” Alex really is – this girl has no freakin’ clue how darn pretty she is and I have no idea what she is concerned about when it comes to her W-day pictures, if she can look this amazing in an every day scenario then what is she going to look like as the bride?

Unbelievable that’s what.

And can I just mention Kelly’s luscious locks? so long…so shiny , Sev had to walk about 10 yards away from her just to unwind the curling tongs. Oh and Amanda’s mohican – LOVED that. And Celine’s cute green dress, I wanted to steal it whilst she was upping it in the glamour stakes in full-on bridal wear.

Obviously I didn’t – that would be rude.

Real Bride Jo has the most perfect skin – honestly, like porcelain velvet. I want whatever she’s having please… And Mariam Jensen painted on some sexy winged black eyeliner that made Jo’s eyes all sultry Bardot-esque, have a look at our 60’s siren post if you want to re-create.

All of the girls had their pictures taken with a selection of their letters, brand new accessories and various gowns – Ben from Touch was a real super star, he didn’t stop snapping all day.

Some of my favourite images are those that were taken on the balcony with the big smoke lit up like a film set, I may originate from the West Midlands but a piece of my heart lies in London, I can’t help it when it looks as dreamy as this.

Adam you great ruddy poser – what do you think this is – the Next catalogue?

Must say a huge thanks to Rachel for lending me her “R” for Rock My Wedding, her star design was far superior than anything I could have achieved.

Last but not least I wanted to say thanks to our goody bag suppliers including Ark skincare, Pocket Typewriter as assisted by Adore by Chloe (those calendars were so cute!) and all of the generous discounts and offers Kim managed to bag (literally)

So lovelies, are you doing anything similar for your hen party? a day full of arts and crafts mixed with a generous dose of dress-up? or maybe just a laid-back lunch with your closet friends? Do tell.

Hair – Hepburn Collection

Make-up – Mariam Jensen

Bridal Gown Supply – Mamfii Bridal

Planner Extrordinaire – Kim at The Pink Pumpkin

Venue – The Swan at The Globe

Gorgeous People – RMW Real Brides

Cupcakes – Krishanthi

Photographer – Ben at Touch

I’m hoping we can have another party very very soon… who wants to come?

Big Shirley, Kelly, Jo, Celine, Amanda and Alex Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

45 thoughts on “The RMW Real Bride Hen Do.

  1. I might have already seen a sneaky pic of this, but wow what an amazing time you all had! Oh and Shirley was indeed the lady on a mission to get this organised – well done 🙂

    Just a bit gutted I couldnt be there to get an A in my hair!!! 😉

  2. Looks like you all had an amazing time. Been waiting to see these pics!

    Lovin the hair, the make-up, the food….and LOVING the C in your hair Charlotte! Fantastic! 🙂


    PS Does Adam always pose that much? Or just when there is a camera pointed at him? 😉

  3. Oh this was such a damn beauty of a day! I loved it so much 🙂 Just LOOK at the size of my hair…

    It made for some interesting conversations with the football fans on my train home that’s for sure.

    Don’t worry Mrs O’Shea, there will be some hair action for you to see come July.

    Thanks to everyone involved. Teeny bit in love with that dress…


  4. In answer to your (probably rhetorical) question … me! me! I want to come! You all look so glamorous. What a lovely day 🙂

  5. Arrrrgh! Gutted I missed it… But I was a week married by then and jetting off on the honeymoons.
    I still could have pretended not to be married and come though….although I would have stuck out like a sore thumb – you are all so glamorous and cool-looking! I think Shirley should turn her hand to wedding planning!

  6. I have a lot of questions about the shinnanigins (that how you spell that?!) that clearly went on…mostly relating to the C in the hair…but first things first…

    Those pink balls, in a bowl, with a spoon…what are they? And can I eat them all day long without getting fat?

    In regards to Alex’s ‘face hate’….she is TOTALLY beautiful but I too have the same issue and it’s horrible! (Issue with face hate, not being a total beauty, ha!). I can’t bear to look at photos of myself and even though in my head I am imagining all these amazing wedding photos of me in my dress (with seafoam balloons!) with the Big C…I am actually dreading that part of the day…and really the photographer is there all day long aren’t they…so does that mean I am actually dreading my wedding day!?! I don’t know how to get round it, I really don’t! The only pictures I like of myself are ones taken with my best mate, on a night out, where we do the same pose (that has been perfected over the years), ever so slightly tipsy! My mum even says it’s only ever the outfits that change in photos of me – same best mate, same pose! Eek!

    I think my hatred stems from when I was an overweight teenager (piccies then were not fun let me tell you) and no matter how hard I try, that’s what I still see when I look at a photo – all the imperfections and wobbly bits…It has even caused arguments between me and the Big C – he has bought a fancy schmancy new wedding / honeymoon camera and is scared he will be forbidden of taking photos of his new wife…come to think of it there are only three photos in existance of me and the Big C…he says our holiday snaps look like he goes away alone!

    Anyhow, to round of this rather long post…hen do…I am having a big one for everyone in March…however, the real one is actually top secret…but I’m happy to blow it on RMW…

    Me and the bestest friend in the whole world are off to the white isle for three whole days in July…not Club 18-30 Ibiza…more Jade Jagger Ibiza…CANNOT WAIT! I lived there for three years and miss the place so much I sometimes sob at my desk…I already have my outfit all ready for DC10 and will be wearing flowery eyelashes for Flower Power at Pacha…just need to remember to come back for the wedding and have photos taken…cannot marry best friend…which is a shame cause she’s flipping boss.


  7. @Rachel – I’m holding you to that 😉

    @Pamela – your comments make me crease! I am sure just like Alex there is no need for you to have face hate issues but there is nothing wrong with you finding a pose that you like for pics either (obviously EVERY pic in said pose would look a little odd but everyone usually has a “side” they prefer)

    I think your hen do sounds immense – I am very jealous. And unfortunately I can’t fib and say those pink things have zero calories (although I’m sure a few wouldn’t hurt?)

    Charlotte xxx

  8. @Charlotte – my sister and my dad call me Brucie due to my chin…I like to think I have a ‘heart shaped’ face…when really, lets face the facts of the face…it’s a pretty pointy chin…

    As for the ‘pose du jour’ – it’s not really about a face side…more of a ‘I will always stick my arm out and put my hand on my hip for fear of the arm flab over hanging my clutch’…soooo glad on the wedding day you get a bouquet to hold because I seriously will not know what to do with my hands…

    Saying that I actually met the Big C because of a photo…we were at the Warehouse Project (big, dirty, sweaty rave in a carpark in Manchester) and said bezzie was making his friend take 100 pictures of us because we didn’t like any of the ones we had…

    I was not partaking in the photos so stood on the sidelines with the Big C who was pushing a wheelie bin (tad worse for wear he was). I said: “What on earth are you doing?” To which he replied: “Pushing this wheelie bin, clearly.” Long may the sarcasm continue!


  9. @Pamela you don’t know what your starting by asking about those little pink things!!!! They ARE millions!!!! So don’t listen to Kelly if she trys to tell you any different!!!!

    And if you go to the pub near by the venue you may still find quite a few on the things on the floor!!!

    As for your face I’m sure it’s delightful, BUT DON’T let it affect your day! Just forget about the photos and enjoy the day!!!

    As for they ruddy amazeballs hen party! IT WAS DELIGHTFUL!!! Thanks to everyone that made it possible it’s a day never to forget!

  10. Erm. Well jell.

    What a truly lovely, happy, friendly day that looked! Darn it- why didn’t the boy propose in time???

    Kelly has the most luscious long locks I’ve ever seen! xx

  11. What a fabulous day! I’ve seen those letters in Hobbycraft and never knew they could look so amazing. Great venue (although I may be biased because that’s where our ceremony is), I walk past it every day yet still love seeing photos of that area – my favourite view in London.

  12. It all looks like so much fun! I have bought table numbers from HobbeyCraft and need to decorate them but have no idea how to make them look as good as those initials!! Especially curious about how you decorated the letters in ‘Cake’?! Do tell.. Paper/paint? xxx

  13. Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!! HOW EXCITING IS IT TO SEE THESE!!!!

    We had so much fun, I wish we could do it all over again (rock the frock outing please!). I hate looking at my face too (in particular, I hate the big dark circles under my eyes that never disappear regardless of how much concealer I put on there).

    MASSIVE thank you’s to everyone who helped organise it, it was brill!


  14. Lush! WHY couldn’t Class of 2011 have done this?!
    I would’ve been so up for it. Ladies- you have set the Real Bride bench high! x

  15. @Naomi I’m pretty sure the ‘c’ and ‘e’ are wallpapers and the ‘a’ is decorated with pieces cut from lace and the ‘k’ is the same as the a but painted pink first.
    Best thing to do is get a bunch of paint, papers, fabric, glue and scissors and play!

  16. Wow! Our RMW hen night was beyond amazing! Seriously massive thanks to Shirley for coming up with it and of course Kim for the planning, also mammoth sized thanks to Charlotte, Adam, Sam, Sev, Roz, Mariam and Jo for making it such a day to remember! It was fab meeting you all!

    Anna, he curled it all and gave it some oooomph and then pinned it all back…I’m lying if I say anything technical cos I couldn’t see…but it was just beautiful!

    Thank you so much Charlotte for your lovely comments about my face, they have made me really smile. And worry slightly less about wedding pics.

    Pamela, it’s crap isn’t it not liking pics of your face, I only usually put ones on facebook that I have posed for repeatedly until I have an angle I am happy with. Yawn.

    I have my letter at the side of my bedside table and it makes me smile when I see it, it was a really brill day.

    I really loved meeting you all and wish you were all coming to our big day, obviously Adam would totally steal the camera limelight with his smoulder so perhaps he would be limited to minimal camera time haha!

    My earrings have already been worn on many an occasion, including our practice shot with the photographer and a few nights out and will defo be wearing them on honeymoon!

    Fab girls and fab day and just lovely lovely memories, oh and just to say…the venue was immense!

    Big “only 11 days left to go and two left to work” love



  17. @Naomi – basically as Amanda says … a variety of crafty things and a lots of glue/paint! Have a play 🙂 There are plenty of ideas on google too. Try ‘decorate cardboard letters’ as a search and then click on images. Plenty to choose from!

    A huge thank you to Kim, who worked her socks off making this all happen especially the varied requests from us Real Brides about what we wanted to do on the day.

  18. It was such a wonderful day, we were very lucky girlies…. Massive thank you to Shirley, the brain child of all this, Kim who planned an amazing day for us all and to Charlotte, Adam, Sam, Sev, Roz, Mariam and Jo for bringing Rock My Wedding brilliance. God I wish we could do it again!! 🙂

  19. Been out today…. only just seen it! 🙂

    Massive thanks to everyone involved – you were all super stars!!

    What a truly fab day it was – I had a really enjoyable time with you all.

    @Alex – best wishes for your big day too!… and you will DEFINITELY look stunning – you’ve got a gorgeous face, with a lovely warm joyful smile & eyes as it is….. you will rock it for sure!

    Thanks again,

    Love & Hugs…. Ben the photographer xx

    If anyone is interested in seeing more pics…

  20. @Ben – you ROCK!! Thanks for being totally amazing on the day and giving up your time to come along and snap gorgeous pictures of us all.

  21. Thank you everyone involved for such a fab day! Was so much fun! If only I’d known Ben was taking my photo when Mariam was applying my lashes…me and my big nose!!!

    Thanks again!


  22. Sam hand made my wedding hairband…she is fabulous!! I really hope it was not a rhetorical question @Charlotte because I am in! 🙂 x x

  23. @Pamela totally get what you mean. I am so looking forward to my wedding day but I see all these beautiful pictures of other brides and put them in my ‘collection’ for my lovely best friend/ photographer and yet KNOW that mine will just never be as lovely.
    I’ve started getting really worried about make-up – I know this sounds silly, but I’m not a make-up person and have only recently attempted experimenting, thinking that perhaps that is where I have always been going wrong with photos? but then last week was at a big dinner thing, so happy with my make-up, photos of the occasion? I literally look like I have a big lump under my eye. No idea why, I just appear to be the MOST un-photogenic of people ever 🙁

    Any tips on how to look better in photos anyone? and how to pose for them without looking like an eejit? xx

  24. @Alice – I have to say that I’m really not a photogenic person. I rarely see a photo of myself that I like, and as I’m in the middle of having my jaw realigned, I’m also very aware that my jaw looks totally different on each side of my face. I have thin lips and look pretty sullen unless I’m grinning manically. None of them are good attributes for a nice photo!

    However, I would say that there are 2 secrets to looking good in a photo. One is be yourself and have fun doing whatever you’re doing. You will glow. Honest. Second is get yourself a photographer that you feel comfortable with, who goes out of their way to put you at ease and make you feel gorgeous.

    Ben (who did these RMW hen party shots) is actually my wedding photographer and so far we’ve had 3 shoots with him (one family shoot and two engagement ones). My blog post is coming up next week with our engagement pics in it that Ben took so have a look at them and then know that I didn’t feel fantastic whilst having them done (for various reasons that I will go into in my post) but the end results are amazing and no-one would ever know the circumstances if I didn’t tell them.

    You will look gorgeous in your photos because they are of YOU and your lovely man and you will be glowing and happy and many shots will be captured without you even realising it (and I personally think those ones are the best ones anyway). Focus on enjoying your day and the rest will come.

  25. Looks amazing!!! Complete party envy!! Charlotte organise us a do for all of us lot too! I’ll defo come!
    Hope my shooting- woodland themed do is as much fun as this whole classy chebang looked! Love love love!!!!
    Mwah xxx

  26. Okay super super jealous and sad that I couldnt make it!! Looks like you had an awesome time and you all look so gorgeous and lovely!!! (You as well Charlotte and Adam!!)
    Rachie xo

    PS: Isnt The Globe an absolutely gorgeous venue? We nearly booked it but it was a tad too small! Love those London shots

  27. I was feeling all jealous and whatnot, wistfully wondering why I couldn’t be a real bride eligible for a super stylish RMW hen-do and then I got to the pictures of Mr Crohill looking all Zoolander and I literally shouted “BWA HA HA!”

    This is why I love you guys. One of you is a mental who affixes random stuff to her head and the other one is getting all Tyra Banks. Brilliant. And unexpected.

  28. Jenny… I’m with you on the Adam compliment. I got a little fluttery over that smoulder!

    Girlies… you all clearly rocked it. I’m a tad jealous that this never happened for our round of RMW Real Brides.

    But Alas!! I will make it to a RMW meet up one day in the future. I can still come even though I’m married, right? I’m thinking maybe August/September?

    Jenny, we could co-ordinate trips to the UK!!

    Ok, calm down Naomi

  29. Ben!!!! I missed you off the list because I am such a wedding brained idiot! Oh my god you are amazing, you were so lovely and so great to take the pics of my hair for me.

    Shirley is one lucky lady!!

    Again thank you soooooooooo much for capturing the best day!!! xxxx

  30. It looked like soooo much fun!! Love the letters that were designed, really great idea!
    Adam made me lol on the bus-such a poser! And the cake letters made me laugh after the other post this week! Charlotte I hope you had a cupcake this time!

  31. @Cloggins – Your comment came through late last night whilst I was in bed and I burst out laughing, my husband wondered what on earth was going on! And you are so right with the Zoolander thing – genius. I can’t decide whether I am going to spend the rest of the week calling him that or Tyra Banks…

    @Jenny – I can’t wait until you are so you can! you can take the reigns for organising the beauty bar!

    @Naomi – And you Madam, get your glowy self over here right away!

    @Sarah26 – I did indeed have many cakes pet 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  32. Right my turn – I think everyone has been thanked a million times by now but you guys all totally deserve it – Shirley’s brainchild combined with a few of the best peeps in the industry made it a day to remember.

    I hadn’t met Ben from Touch before (not in real life anyway) and by the time we parted at the end of the day it was like leaving an old friend. That is exactly what you want in a photographer… oh and great pictures too so I guess he ticks that box as well!

    It was ace to finally meet all the super lovely real brides – you guys made it what it was on the day because you were all so friendly… it wasn’t very long at all before everyone relaxed and got stuck in!

    And regarding my catalogue posing – I wasn’t going to let a room full of beauties upstage me now was I? (I am including Sev in that comment too).

    Adam x

  33. Er, can I just say that I’m gutted that this happened on my manor and I missed it.

    Not that I’m a real bride. Or getting married (being an old married). Nor am I a stalker.


  34. This looks like SOOO much girly fun! Love the idea of crafting something cute to use for your wedding / home decor after the big day.

    Charlotte, that C ‘do…there are no words. What will you have Sev do next?! 😉 And, more importantly, how do you still manage to look gorgeous with a big C attached to your head? x

  35. Majorly late to comment, but just got back from Skiing so I hope that lets me off the hook. This was one of the bestest days ever and it was great to finally meet everyone, who BTW was more gorgeous in real-life, particularly Adam. Was a little shy in meeting Charlotte and Adam, cos lets face it, it’s like meeting royalty!!!

    I had so much fun and loved getting my hair done by a GOD, literally.

    Ben was so cute and his pics speak for themselves, do you think I passed as your apprentice at the end?!

    I was of the opion that the round sweetie balls were dweebs or less known nerds, but alas, I was shot down and told they were MILLIONS. I even left a few on the floor somewher!

    I would love to meet everyone again. RB photoshoot pweasssse! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  36. I’m just back from skiing too *waves in a jetlagged manner*

    This hen do was SO MUCH FUN! Truly a day to remember, and very surreal, meeting a group of girls who chat via FB daily, but who’d not met before. You are all awesome 😉 And Charlotte and Adam – you totes ROCK!

    Mariam Jensen is a legend – I would book her in an instant if I could. Sev and his team are brill, Sam is completely lovely (and makes AMAZING jewellery!), Kim is a miracle worker, and Ben is both uber-talented and totally hilarious!
    The Swan was the most perfect venue for the event – we all felt like princesses (Adam included, judging by those Blue Steel pics!!)

    Kelly Reds – MIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLIONS! And you didn’t leave a ‘few’ on the floor – you left A LOT on the floor of a pub 😉

    I second the RB photo shoot idea – pretty please!!!

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