A Crazy Idea.


Hello party people! This is Captain Adam speaking. Welcome aboard Venga Airways.

After take off we’ll pump up the soundsystem… Cause we’re going to Ibiza…


We’re Going To Ibiza

Heather The Bride: We originally had a UK wedding booked at a Barn in the Cotswolds but it was becoming a very big affair with lots of pressure and expense and as parents we couldn’t justify our children not having a holiday and the day just didn’t feel like Us – so we cancelled and decided to make a holiday of our Wedding with our closest family and friends. Many of whom thought we had gone slightly crazy…

There’s a big wedding market in Ibiza and to be fair all of the Venues are special. Within minutes of meeting Vickki from Eat Ibiza we knew we wanted her to take care of our day and after an afternoon of viewing various Agroturismo’s in the Ibiza Countryside we had one place left to view – Elixir Shore Club. Vickki had actually just bought Elixir and was renovating ready to open. As soon as we walked in we both loved it, the stunning view, the interior couldn’t be more our style and the menu looked REALLY REALLY good including a BBQ option, which was exactly what we were looking for. We were so excited to show everyone a year later and got the exact same reaction from all of our guests!


Hot Hair

I was certain I wanted my Hair Up because of the Heat and I didn’t want to have to think about my hair throughout the day. Once its up, its up!I couldn’t find an exact style I wanted but had lots of similar styles pinned on pinterest and Sara from Smack Ibiza came up with something that ticked every box.


With my make up I wanted to look young and fresh but not look heavily made up and again Sara got exactly the look I wanted. Before applying any make up my skin was nourished with REN products, it was like a mini facial and really relaxed me and then Smack use a MAC airbrush silicone based foundation which is their secret weapon in my opinion – it didn’t move all day. I treated my Mom and bridesmaids to the Smack Treatment too for their hair and make up and on the day we all felt at our best ever, Sara and Corina who run Smack take what they do very seriously and it reflects in their work!

I was planning on wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Classique but the night before the wedding I smashed it on the kitchen floor, I was gutted as it was a treat from Steve the day we flew out to Ibiza – so instead my bridesmaid Leigh donated a gorgeous Jo Malone scent!


The One

I saw my dress on the Annasul Y magazine advert and fell in love with the entire Collection, Samantha’s Boutique were the nearest Annasul Y stockists to me and when I tried a few of them on, I wanted them all! But my dress was definetly the one for me. I had my heart set on Lace and loved the way the Tulle flowed , the dress originally had a keyhole back but I had the strap across the top removed which turned it into almost a V Back. I love the detail and still managed to tie it up underneath and spent most the night on the dancefloor! My parents bought my dress which was so generous and I love it so much, now the day is over and I have it at home I just keep unzipping the bag and looking at it!


I originally wanted Louboutins but the day I went shoe shopping I found my Strappy Gold Kurt Geiger shoes that seemed so better suited to Ibiza, I would never have had them for a UK wedding and they were 1/5 of the cost of Louboutins!


No Distractions

It took me so long to choose between head piece or Veil! It was a tough battle but the Veil won 2 weeks before the wedding and after hours of searching online for the right one I found a Rainbow one on Preloved that another bride had changed her mind on, it was a gamble just buying it from a photo but it couldn’t have gone any better with my dress, the colour and tulle were an exact match and the veil flowed into the dress exactly how I wanted it to! I didn’t want to distract anything from the dress so went for minimal jewellerey with some pearl earrings I bought in Ibiza the day before the wedding!


Two Birds

Having just two bridesmaids meant I could treat them!! My sister especially as she is a very hard working Mom of 2 and doesn’t know how gorgeous she is, so I really wanted her to feel amazing on the day. I did look around at other Bridesmaids dresses but was always bought back to the Two Birds ones, they are the champagne colour which makes you think Gold but they’re more of a neutral shimmer and blended in so well with the setting and sunshine and I told them to choose the style they were most comfortable in so they didn’t match completely which I liked. The Two Birds app came in very handy whilst we tried to figure out how to wrap them securely!!


Steve was the complete opposite with 3 Best Men and 2 Ushers and we got all of their Suits from Next so they could keep them. We were so impressed with the style and quality of them and I love that shade of grey!

Steve went for a Blue Suit to seperate himself from the Groomsmen, it was a Simon Carter suit and the fit and colour were perfect for him, he never wears suits so it was extra special to see him in one on the day, I loved it!


Pretty Bits

There wasn’t a particular theme we strictly aimed for – the venue is so stunning that you don’t need to go mad with decor, I did still add some pretty bits from BHLDN like paper fans and pinwheels and lots of Lace around each chair, napkin and the Cake but our main priority was that the day told our story, we’ve been together for 10 years (since we were 18) so I spent so many nights putting together a photo line from our first ever photo together as a couple right through all the big moments in our relationship.


I set up a secret instagram account and spent hours uploading photo’s, instagramming them and then ordering polaroid prints from printed.com but it went down so well! Seeing all our guests look through it made it more than worth it! Then photo’s of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents wedding days and little signs scattered around the venue. My best friend/bridesmaid made us some runners for the tables with Fabric we got from Birminghams Rag Market, which really finished them off nicely, every guest commented on all the little touches and decor we had which made the very heavy suitcases worth it!


Pretty In Pink

All fresh flowers are imported into Ibiza and the venue advised us to use their selected florist, but I was very relaxed about them as I’d seen lots of pictures of their previous work and it was all gorgeous! I just asked for a selection of Amnesia Roses in a dusky pink with Peonies and lots of Gypsophila (I LOVE Gypsophila.) I couldn’t have been happier though, they were so pretty. Even the buttonholes were amazing, we had bouquets for the Maids and I and then a gorgeous big bouquet as a Centrepiece for each table and on the back of our chairs for the Ceremony, it all tied in so well!


Exactly As We Wanted

We used Anna Kathleen from Ibiza Cermony, we wanted it to be relaxed but meaningful and she personalised it to us so well, she spoke about how far we’ve come already, especially as we are parents and included our 2 sons and so much of our history in the ceremony it was lovely and really reflected how much we’ve been through to get to this point.


Some of the things she said were like she’s known us for years and a lot of our guests said the same, we’re not religious people but being married means the world to us and it came across exactly as we wanted. I was so nervous at the thought of speaking up for the vows but when the time came I felt so comfortable, the ceremony was the highlight of the day for both us, it just felt so perfect and well suited to us.


Mardi Bum

We booked a DJ for after the meal and decided to do the rest of the music from our own selection on the iPod, as the day got closer I did worry that it would seem a bit boring just having the iPod played through the soundsystem but I really don’t think any entertainment was neeeded, everyone was busy mingling, chatting and soaking it all up and the music just complimented it. The music was Steve’s department as he sat and did playlists for different parts of the day. We are both big music lovers and even managed to bring it into the day, we named the tables after songs;

Artic Monkeys – Mardi Bum
Pharell & Jay Z – Frontin
The Killers – Mr Brightside (top table/first dance!)
Justin Timberlake – Senorita
The Kooks – Naive


Each song triggers memories from different parts of the last 10 years together!

When each table song came up it was their turn to go to the BBQ, this worked so well and I’ll never forget the ‘Frontin’ Table dancing their way to the BBQ, it was so funny and again was a little something I’d worried people wouldn’t get, but they did!

We both hated the thought of a first dance and decided not to do one but then on the day we decided to do The Killers, Mr Brightside with our sons Joel and Ellis which took all the First Dance pressure off and just made it really fun!


A Decent Meal

This bit was really important to us and we really wanted to give our guests a good, decent meal as a thank you for travelling to be there, it turned out that the package we went with included a free bar too which was a nice surprise for our guests as we were keen to make them feel looked after for the day!

We knew the food would be good but we were blown away with how good, Chargrilled Prime Fillet Steak, Slow BBQ’d leg of Lamb, Sticky Champagne & Mustard Sausages, Local Fresh Fish Parcels and the best Salads and Sides I’ve ever had. For Dessert an Indulgence Platter of bite sized chocolate fudge brownies and Madagascan Vanilla Bean Baked Cheesecake with Wild Strawberries. I think every one commented at some point how good the food was. We also did the Speeches before the meal so everyone could sit down and enjoy their food without speech nerves spoling their appetites!


As Favours everyone got a CD with a picture of the View printed on and 20 songs from the day! It’s the most random album anyone will own but we’re still getting messages from guests now saying they love it, also in each CD case was a scratchcard for everyone to do after the Speeches and a Cancer Research Pin Badge, we’ve got some lovely photo’s of guests opening their favours and looking very touched by it all. The Children got Kids Albums with lots of One Direction and Gangham Style which have gone down well too! We had One tier Chocolate swirl cake with white chocolate swirls with a madegascan vanilla bean flavour, it looked gorgeous and tasted so good!


DIY Invites

I made our invites which were luggage labels directing people to the wedsite we made www.kavanaghwedding.co.uk which gave everyone details on the wedding, accomodation, flights etc to make it as easy as possible when booking up!

I also used stationer Julia Eastwood. I found Julia through RMW when she joined The List and I’m her biggest fan, it was originally just for Order of Service booklets but once I’d received them I then added Place Name Tags, Table Plan, Table Names and then finally little stickers for the front of the CD Cases for the Favours and some gorgeous Eye Spy Cards for each table. Her style is so pretty and unusual and top quality, the majority of guests took their paper goods home as keepsakes.


Once The Party Is Over

A massive must is photography, do your research and find someone that really captures your day, there are a lot of photographers around and choose carefully, also book up as soon as you’ve set your date and venue, the good ones are in demand! We see our photo’s as an investment as they are all we have left now the party is over, yes you will pay more for a good photographer but I can’t imagine the horror of being disappointed with your photos, remember it’s possibe that your cake will not be eaten and no one will see your Shoes so if you have to reduce your budget on other aspects of the day to cover your photography it will be worth it.


We are SO happy with Nicola from Daffodil Waves, I think I’ve told her that I love her more than I have Steve since the wedding day. I literally didn’t know she was there all day and the way she got photo’s of everything is perfect, our pictures are so real and I’ll never forget the day we received them, we laughed and cried as we looked through them all!


A Sunshine Celebration

Make decisions together and let your day be the way you want it to be, don’t obsess about following the rules and tradition or worry what people think. We are so happy to finally be married and just wanted a Big Party in the sunshine to celebrate!

Everybody says it I know but it’s so important to Absorb every moment of the day, from the second you wake up it will be filled with little moments and gestures from all the people you love and will be over in a flash, don’t waste any of that time on stress, just relax and enjoy!


I can pick out so many special moments from our Day and can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing. Going abroad was originally a risk in our eyes but turned out to be the best part about it all. I feel so lucky that we made good decisions with all of our suppliers, picked such a stunning Venue and decided to stick to what seemed like a crazy idea of getting married in Ibiza, we’ve had 12 months of funny looks off strangers assuming we were getting married in the middle of a nightclub or something but now we have our favourite little part of the world and all our friends and family know about it too!

Oh and our boys are the coolest kids in the class going to Ibiza for their Mom & Dad’s wedding!!!!


Venue: Elixir Shore Club.
Hair & Make-up: Smack.
Dress: Annasul Y.
Venue: Samantha’s Boutique.
Shoes: Kurt Geiger.
Maids: Two Birds Bridesmaid.
Groom: Simon Carter.
Stationery: Julia Eastwood.
Photographer: Daffodil Waves.

Click here & view all images from this wedding

What a perfect addition to Sexy Summer Scorcher week. Heather and Steve had a total party-fest of a destination wedding. Served up with ice and a slice.

It’s not often that I feel compelled to make a special mention of the menu from one of our featured weddings but I am patting my belly at the thought of Chargrilled Prime Fillet Steak, Slow BBQ’d leg of Lamb and Sticky Champagne & Mustard Sausages right now. That’s my kind of wedding breakfast.

That was epic wasn’t it? I used a lot of photos this morning because I simply couldn’t decide which of these beautiful images from Daffodil Waves could be left out. I reckon you should go and see them all in our gallery.

Thank You For Flying Venga Airways,

Captain Adam.

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

24 thoughts on “A Crazy Idea.

  1. Amazing. We get married next week (eek!) and keep saying I wish we’d done that I wish we’d done this. And this is the biggest I WISH. We wished we’d just gone off abroad and done it with a small bunch of friends and family!!

    Looks amazing, love the dress and the photo’s are LOVELY xx

  2. Erm……………..can I go on holiday now please!
    Pretty please with cherries on top?!!!

    What a gorgeous summer destination wedding!
    Food looks lush, decor looks fab, bride’s hair looks gorgeous & as does the beautiful bride herself!!!

    That last photo………….I just want to dive straight into that gorgeous blue sea!
    Big Kudos Heather & Steve on taking that leap and having your perfect day.

  3. This just looks….AMAZING. And how lush is Heather’s hair-do?! perfect for the heat.

    Thanks to Adam I now have the Vengaboys song firmly stuck in my head.

    Charlotte xxx

  4. Look like such a fun relaxed wedding, I too sometimes think i wonder what it would be like if we sneak away with our nearest and dearest…@Charlotte totes agree, amazing hair, i may style this style as i cannot settle on mine?! Congrats Heather and Steve – looks amazing, so nice you made the right decision for your family and for you guys. Also am sure your boys are way to cool for school now 🙂 xx

  5. This is stunning! So glad Heather and Steve had the confidence to cancel their UK wedding.
    The flowers look gorgeous against the tanned skin too…and the Julia Eastwood stationery is so cute and quirky…
    And the colour of the sky – dreamy!
    Swoon at the whole thing really.

    Fern x

  6. Beautiful pics from Nicola as usual, and what a lovely wedding.

    I utterly love those mum and dad cards…you wouldn’t be able to tell me where you got them from would you? x

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the bridesmaid dresses too. They work perfectly with the setting. Keeping everything crossed that we have weather that good on our day! x

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments! This is the icing on the cake after our dream wedding day!! RMW was like my wedding planning bible so it’s very surreal to see ourselves on here today!! The cards are from Marrygrams via Etsy, we also had best men, bridesmaids and even one for my Nan! Xx

  9. Thank you so much for the amazing feature and for all the lovely comments. Can’t begin to tell you how much of an amazing time I had. KB and Carly, I’ve given Heather a heads up about your questions and she will be here soon x

  10. Love, love, love, this is absolutley stunning and has made me want to go get married in Ibiza now…I don’t think I’ll be holiday browsing this afternoon, I think I’ll be Ibiza weddings browsing!! xxx

  11. Heather you look fabulous, what a gorgeous wedding, and I am SOOO excited to look through these photos as I have already booked to get married at Elixir next year…it’s just stunning and we couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else once we’d seen it! xx

  12. Wow – so amazing! We have booked a beach club on the Costa Del Sol for a similar style relaxed wedding (Not until 1st Sep 2015 though!). The photos are incredibly stunning as is the bride! Can I ask, how did you create your wedding website? I have currently created one through a wedding site but would like to do an independent one. Thanks.xxx

  13. Really lovely comments thank you, the website was through http://www.wedsite.com and made life so much easier for a destination wedding and guests knowing the plans etc! And Dani, you will have a perfect wedding day at Elixir, Such a gorgeous venue and Vickki is amazing! X

  14. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of Heather and Steves day….a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple and family. Heather can you get married every year please so that we can do it all over again? 🙂 x

  15. Hi Heather! We are getting married at Elixir next year… I don’t suppose I could email you with a couple of quick questions? X

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