If you've never heard of a sunset disco theme, then get ready to be wowed by Karen & Jules' fabulous Fabrica Brighton wedding. Every phase of the wedding exuded enjoyment and vibrancy, with color at its core. Countless inventive and distinctive ideas can be found in every corner. The visual style embodied a blend of sophistication, opulent textures, and lively motion, complemented by sprinkles of wit here and there. Also - Karen made her dress herself, with help from her mum! Talk about creative genes. The vivacious, beyond-stunning florals are courtesy of Recommended supplier Magic Flowers and Gifts. The funky, modern disco ball decor added a sprinkle of silver glamour to the day, and meshed with the flowers superbly - and we have Recommended supplier Luna and the Lane to thank for those. Recommended gift list Prezola was also on hand to deliver the couple the most epic gift list for the most epic couple.

Sunset disco theme at Fabrica Brighton wedding with colourful flowers and disco balls

We’ve waited a long time to get to have our celebration. We have been to a lot of weddings, so we really wanted it to feel like us - not a wedding factory. Also, we wanted to celebrate all the amazing guests who have been our greatest support. Neither of us has much family, so it was a real friendship-heavy event. We wanted the overall vibe to feel luxurious and abundant, but fun and joyful. So magnums of champagne and massive flower arrangements, mixed with personalised newspapers and piñatas. Our sunset colour palette and disco balls worked perfectly for this!

Karen & Jules

Disco balls, pink flowers, and puppies at Fabrica Brighton wedding

Fabrica Brighton wedding venue stands as a converted church that transforms into an art gallery during the day. This space, remarkably spacious and impressive, particularly for Brighton's city centre, serves as the sole backdrop for the entire day's proceedings. Ensuring a profound impact was essential in this single setting. Infusing vibrant color into the dark, wooden expanse proved to be an impeccable choice. The floral arrangements held immense significance, designed to be a constant presence and an unmissable sight throughout the day. The blooms, radiating brightness, playfulness, and unmatched uniqueness, were positioned at varying heights, gracing the stage flawlessly. Their hues stood out vividly against the backdrop of dark wood, along with the disco balls and fabrics thoughtfully selected to resonate with Karen's background in fashion. Penelope Peaches assumed the esteemed role of Dog of Honor. The entrance was accompanied by a rendition of "Penny & the Jets" performed by the band. A delightful pinata added to the guests' enjoyment, while wedding newspapers featuring a quiz spiced up the speeches. The event boasted a three-tier cake stand and speeches were delivered from the pulpit, adjacent to the stunning floral installations. 

Newspaper wedding stationery is on the rise - and we're absolutely here for it!

We both had lovely mornings with our people at our Fabrica Brighton wedding. The ceremony felt so special and not at all “the boring bit”! This was then followed by cocktails and canapés with the surprise magician... Everything felt like a highlight! Our band also did a spectacular job of our first dance, and we’d saved some magnums of champagne for drinking straight from the bottle on the dance floor with pizza... I don’t think I could recreate such a joyful day! I’m really glad we chose to do minimal posed photography. The documentary style really illustrates the beautiful reality of the day.

Karen & Jules

We love a wedding that really feels like the couple. And that is definitely what we're witnessing here - a day that simply exudes Karen & Jules in the form of a Fabrica Brighton wedding. Don't fret - you can have the same thing for your big day, as long as you have a good wedding planning timeline. We adored the retro simplicity of the tablescapes. If you're angling for a similar effect, we've got 40 different wedding table centrepiece ideas to pique your interest.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Venue: Fabrica Brighton | Photography: Ashley Ford Photography | Florist: Magic Flowers and Gifts | Drinks: Dudley Jones Fine Wine | Cake Maker: Sugardough | Hair Stylist : Occasion Hair | Makeup Artist: Frankie Meredith | Groom and Groomsmen Outfits: Edit Suits | Decor and Hire: Luna and the Lane, HireAll, Allens Hire | Entertainment : Oscar Wolf Magician | Stationery: Newspaper Club

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