I So Would.

That is what I think every time I see a Temperley gown. And it’s the one bridal designer I failed to investigate during my mission to find “THE W-day dress”.

Whenever we visit a show it’s the label that makes me go all a bit ga ga. The label that I would even risk being a bit naughty for and maybe pretend I wasn’t married…. just so I could go try one on.

The fabrics and the cut are truly beautiful, the designs are contemporary whilst maintaining a timeless elegance and they cater for everyone’s style from the bohemian princess to the catwalk queen…..


I so would.

And they have recently added some new numbers to their delicious repertoire, meaning there’s even more reason to go and have a peeky for yourselves.

The Dahlia: If you have seen the campaign then this is the frock you would have spied first. The attention to detail in terms of applique and embroidery is out-of-this-world. Oh and if someone wants to lend me a sample I will hang out in a big window all day a la the model just because…. well, you just would wouldn’t you?

The Goddess: Appropriately named indeed. I’m thinking Angelina Jolie in the film Alexander, gorgeous, glamorous and gladiator-esque. Whatever it reminds you of it sure is sexy as hell.

The Chamelia: A touch of whimsy and a whole bunch of bohemia, I can imagine this layered lovely being swished down the aisle in an outrageously pretty outdoor ceremony.

The Chloe: Understated chic and feminine drapery, this modern number would be complete perfection at both a city soiree and a back-yard BBQ. Wear as per the campaign with an elegant up-do to make the most of the folds and fancy.

The Lillian: This might be my favourite. It’s the combination of a high neckline that is almost completely transparent and the uber flattering shape. Both demure and a wee bit daring at the same time.

The Fashion Icons: If it’s Madam Middleton or Madam Kelly that you admire in terms of W-day style then the Jessamine (left) or the aptly named Grace are worth a butchers. And right now I can’t resist a ruddy lace sleeve….. Love.

The Temperley Classics: I desperately want to feature a big day where the bride is wearing the delectable dragon gown (left), it’s the ideal combo of fairytale meets red carpet. And the Honeysuckle. I worship at the puddle train of the Honeysuckle.

So then lovelies, which one would you like to run around in the sunshine in?

And do we have any Temperley brides amongst you gorgeous lot already?

Do tell.

Big I Am So Tempted By Temperley Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

16 thoughts on “I So Would.

  1. Oooooohhhh I went and had a trying on session. They were way out if my price range but it was lovely and the dresses were normal sizes!… Not like most wedding dresses that are about 5 sizes smaller than you are. (sigh) Maybe I will win the lottery, that honeysuckle dress is so gorgeous.

  2. The Grace could actually be my Mum’s wedding dress from the 1970’s. Which she had made from the lace capital of the world which was at the time, fifteen minutes from where we lived.

    And she still has it.

    Obviously I’ve tried it on. Obviously. Unfortunately a high neck doesn’t do much for a girl with a 32E-F bust.

    My favourite is the classic honeysuckle and the top windowsill dress. We saw temperley at the DWF last autumn and they float like an absolute dream. We’re getting married outside and they’re so boho beautiful. However, we hit boob train central again, first stop unsupport alley.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend the bridal experience because even at the DWF the temperley stand was staffed by the most knowledgeable staff there. The cut and quality of the dresses are exquisite. Unfortunately they appear to be designed for ladies requiring less support than I.

    Charlotte, you would be SO busted if you went dress shopping again as a faux bride! You have one of the most recognised faces in the bridal industry! Maybe a wig and thick glasses? And a big floppy hat?

  3. My friend had a version of the gladiator with turquoise beading in Australia a couple of years ago! She looked beyond beautiful! I need to investigate these although think sadly they may be beyond my price range 🙁

  4. My original wedding dress was Isaline by Temperley. I found it at the National Wedding Show at the NEC just a matter of weeks after getting engaged.

    It absolutely blew me away, I knew I wanted something different, something classic but a bit edgy. I totally loved it. Then…disaster. The shop I bought it from decided to close and wanted me to have my fitting A YEAR before the wedding. So I found a seamstress to do my alterations when I was ready.

    Anyway, to cut a long story a tiny bit shorter, the dress had to be couriered

  5. Oops!

    The dress had to be couriered to me as the shop was miles away and it arrived in a complete state. Marks And snags in the beautiful fabric. I was stressed beyond belief. It took another 4 months to get my money back and the search began again.

    And I ended up with the most beautiful, perfect dress from the most wonderful shop. I know that despite the tears and stress, the gorgeous Jenny Packham dress was completely meant-to-be.

    With (still a lot of Temperley) love,
    Jen x

  6. I am dying at the thought of Charlotte in a wig, glasses and floppy hat trying to get away with donning The Lillian!

    They are all a dream, aren’t they? The dragon especially. Do you think I could getaway with buying the Chloe as a nightgown? I’m sure Mr K wouldn’t even notice, as I posed on our window sill in that. Looking totally subtle.

  7. Anna K, and a large broadsheet newspaper with two holes cut where the eyes should be?

    MI5 could learn something from a Bride to be!

  8. I am currently at Adam’s parents house (did I told you RMW HQ was mobile?) and we are just killing ourselves laughing at the thought of me wandering into Temperley, wig on, floppy hat, and a broadsheet newspaper with two eye holes…..

    It might be worth it though. Just to try some of these frocks on 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  9. In the hunt for my dress, I went to Temperley’s store in London and tried on their lovely dresses….absolutely stunning, and one of their dresses made it into my last 2 – I genuinely wish I could have worn both! The staff were amazing…and the Jimmy Choos they brought out to try on with the dresses were fabulous!! Well worth the journey for the experience. I tried on the honeysuckle – beautiful. I think the main reason I didn’t go for the temperley was because I’m quite short bodied, and therefore, despite being quite slim, have a bit of a belly (I’m sure it’s because I’m short bodied and not because I like wine)….unfortunately Temperley dresses – at least the ones I tried, are not very forgiving. Absolutely stunningly beautiful, though xxx

  10. They will totally show up every single sin on my person I am so sure!

    But if I was lucky enough to be petite and svelte a la Temperley brides I would go for Honeysuckle, Jessamine and Lillian. In fact all 3 of them would be great!

    I think they are going to be out of my price range also unless in the sale but they are sooo pretty! I may just get one for maybe a big event in the future when not saving for so many things….like perhaps a summer bbq in 4 years? I think it could work.

    I am also thinking its a great idea for Charlotte to go “in disguise” but want to throw into the mix….a fake voice/accent! You know, cos everyone has heard your voice on the news etc!! Work on it…maybe foreign and gruff it up a bit a la Pat Butcher! xx

  11. I could soooo be wafting around in the dragon right now, so what if the neighbours bbq smoke is blowing all over our garden and I have Grand Prix dirt on me, its worth it!!

    mrs r.now x x x

  12. I LOVE the goddess its AMAZING!!!!
    But I will never have the body or money for it… so I will just enjoy looking at it’s beauty!!!

    And yes Charlotte Pat Butcher voice all the way!!!

  13. They are all amazing but my heart was stolen by the Temperley Long Argent dress. I just couldnt stop thinking about all the gorgeous petal layers but it was significantly over budget. I was in trouble. The search for a dress continued but nothing compared to the Temperley. We didn’t want to sacrifice lovely food and wine and so we’ve saved really hard, worked extra hours and I eventually managed to order it in April! It arrived last week and I’m far too excited. I can’t wait to wear it this September and really hope my lovely (and understanding!) husband to be loves it! xx

  14. I wore the Jean by Temperley for my garden wedding in May and it rocked my world. So comfortable and lightweight, no corsets or complicated layering. I just wish I could wear it again…

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