Maria & Louis celebrated their gorgeous 10 years of marriage at this breathtakingly beautiful vow renewal ceremony at Syon Park. With a Bridgerton-inspired theme, incredibly elegant outfits, an array of pastel flowers, timeless decor and much much more, it's safe to say this ceremony is a sight for sore eyes. The couple really went all out to provide entertainment for their guests. With a staggering 7 entertainment suppliers, from live music and caricatures to incredible music and a mirror man, Maria & Louis threw the most incredible bash. Capturing the sheer love, beauty, joy and vivacious energy fantastically was Recommended Supplier Michael Maurer Photography.

10 year vow renewal at Syon Park with sparkly embellished wedding dress and pastel flowers 

It's not every day you celebrate 10 years of marriage. Our vow renewal was nothing short of magical. Everything about it was intentional, from the theme (Bridgeton - our favourite TV series) to the venue (my all-time favourite venue - we wanted it way back in 2013 but couldn't afford it at the time). And ultimately having our very closest friends and family, many of whom were there 10 years ago celebrating our love. It was amazing having our children there to witness our recommitment, too.

Maria & Louis

10 year vow renewal 

A vow renewal ceremony is a poignant celebration that goes beyond the mere reaffirmation of promises; it's a testament to the strength of love and commitment. In a world that often rushes by, a vow renewal allows couples to pause, reflect, and honour the journey they've travelled together. It's a chance to celebrate not only the milestones they've achieved but also the challenges they've overcome hand in hand. In Lamen's terms, it's like hitting the "refresh" button on your love story. It's not just about saying "I do" all over again, it's a high-five to the journey you've rocked together. This beautiful ritual is a reminder that relationships, like fine wine, grow richer and more complex with time. By recommitting to their vows, couples not only strengthen their bond but also set an inspiring example for their families and friends, showcasing the beauty of lifelong partnership. Maria & Louis clearly got this memo, because their celebration did all of the above - and more. Whilst of course they were showcasing their love and commitment to one another, they ensured that everyone had an absolutely amazing time. With fabulous entertainment, delectable food and drink, and wedding outfits to talk about for days, this renewal will be remembered fondly forever. 

Syon Park

Nestled in the heart of enchanting landscapes, Syon Park stands as a truly captivating wedding venue. With its grandeur and charm, it's like stepping into a fairytale. Or like stepping into Bridgerton - which is exactly the vibe Maria & Louis were going for. The historic architecture exudes timeless elegance, providing a backdrop that whispers stories of bygone eras. From the sprawling gardens that seem to hold secrets in every petal to the majestic Great Conservatory that bathes events in natural light, Syon Park crafts an atmosphere where dreams are made. The couple originally wanted to have their wedding at Syon Park back in 2013, so to be able to come back for their vow renewal was truly magical. Maria wanted to go for something bright, beautiful, and timeless. And trust us when we say - the vision was certainly met. The suspended pastel florals blended perfectly with the opulence of the venue. A great venue also needs a great outfit - and the couple had that sorted. Louis was rocking a super cool velvet blazer, tying the outfit together with some killer sunglasses. As for Maria, her incredible illusion v-neck sheer long sleeve crystal and pearl beaded wedding gown was made all the way in Nigeria. Both outfits brought the theme and the venue together perfectly.

The pairing of that groom's velvet blazer with the bride's illusion embellished wedding dress? A match made in heaven!

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Maria & Louis

It's no secret that we love weddings here at Rock My Wedding. But by that, we mean we love huge celebrations of beautiful love. By that metric, Maria & Louis' fabulous 10 year vow renewal at Syon Park is a WINNER in our eyes. Filled to the brim with love, joy, dancing, entertainment, food, drink, incredible outfits, a very Instagrammable wedding venue, and so much more, this celebration is everything. If you're after a similar timeless elegance like Maria & Louis' when it comes to your wedding tablescapes, our article on wedding table centrepiece ideas will be your best friend.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Venue: Syon House | Photography: Michael Maurer Photography | Videography: Samon Films | Entertainment: DJ MRI, Vixcaricatures , Your Moment Photobooth , Folly Fresh , Solosax , Wedding String Quartet, GG Staffing | Florist: Tubes Floral | Food: Favours Catering | Drink: Beardedman Cocktails | Hair Stylist: Honeyhand | Makeup Artist: Mana Mumin | Bridal Outfit: Matopeda | Planner/Stylist: Special Touches | Stationery: Personal Luxe Design | Decor & Hire: Victor Rose, Yes Events | Fashion Accessories: My Royal Ears

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