What are the most commonly forgotten wedding details when planning a wedding? Well, we’re glad you asked. Here are the 40 wedding details you need to remember. These smaller details can be totally overlooked when wedding planning but we’re here to help you remember as many of them as possible. Hopefully, if you’ve used our 18-month wedding planning checklist, you’ll have most of these sorted anyway. Granted, these wedding day details are definitely worthy of a mention since they’re the most commonly forgotten aspects of planning a wedding. However, if you do forget a few of these things or even almost all of them, as long as you can actually officially tie the knot and you’re happy on the day, that’s all that really matters. 

40 most commonly forgotten essential wedding day details

Wedding details to sort before the wedding 

This is a list of details that can often be overlooked and forgotten about in the midst of all the other important things you’ll be planning in the lead-up to your wedding, with everything from smaller decor items, and legal bits and bobs. We’ve put together this list to make sure none of the smaller details get missed off the list.

1. Double check all your external suppliers are confirmed

This is the time to make sure you’ve paid all your deposits, the suppliers know their arrival times etc. 

 It’s common if your photographer/videographer is staying all the way through to your reception for them to have a meal too! 

Well, you won’t be able to legally tie the knot without this so make sure you’ve applied for your licence! 

The wedding bar is often forgotten about and you might not want to decorate it. But we have 20 signature cocktail ideas and 36 wedding bar design ideas for some inspiration. 

We have a few of these ready to go on our Spotify

Save time on the wedding day by clarifying what photos are must-haves for you, and what guests you really want to have a photo taken with. 

Here are the five signs you need for your wedding day and a traditional wedding order of the day

You don’t want anyone’s names to be misspelt so check place names etc. 

If you're doing some morning of the wedding gifts for the bridesmaids/groomsmen and then thank you gifts you might give out during speeches, it would be helpful to assign this to a maid of honour or best man. 

Make sure to arrange some pastries or breakfast items, so you’ve eaten something before the ceremony. Even if you don’t feel like eating, there will be a large amount of time until you’re tucking into the wedding breakfast! 

Just to give yourself enough time to make any last-minute alterations. 

Most couples have a decorative piece like this for a photo opportunity and to give to guests after the fact. 

If your wedding dress has a bustle, these can actually be tricky to do. So get one of the bridesmaids to come to your final fitting to learn how to help you with this.

The best way to avoid blisters is to break in your wedding shoes.

If you believe in this old saying, take a look at our something blue wedding ideas.

You don’t need to do this all by yourself. Delegate tasks and responsibilities to the wedding party. They’re your closest friends or family members for a reason, they’d love to help you out. 

A guest book is something easily forgotten. Consider an audio guest book or some other alternative guest book ideas to make it easier to remember! 

Try writing a honeymoon packing checklist because the honeymoon can seem so forgettable in comparison to the hustle and bustle of wedding planning! 

Wedding lighting is so essential to creating the mood and ambience of your wedding day. It really brings your wedding venue to life! 

Consider those guests who might not have the energy to keep their dancing feet going all night long. A separate lounge area that’s away from the music would be ideal for some guests who might need a nap or some time to relax. 

21. Asking people to be witnesses to sign the register

Who will have the honour of signing your wedding register?

22. Assign your phone to someone

It makes it easier if this is someone who will be with you most of the day, so a member of your wedding party makes the most sense. 

23. Don’t forget to charge your phone

Make sure you pack phone chargers or battery packs! 

24. How are you going to exit?

A sparkler send-off, a firework display or a simple Grease moment as you ride off into the sunset, what will it be? 

25. Hangers for wedding dress/suit

Most photographers and you will want to get a shot of your wedding dress or suit hanging up before you put it on. Having a hanger that is photogenic and matches your wedding theme is key! 

26. Steaming the wedding party outfits

No unwanted wrinkles here! 

27. Thank you speeches

Will you or your partner be thanking the guests for coming? 

28. Walking down the aisle order

Which order is the wedding party walking down the aisle in and are they walking down the aisle to one song or separate songs? 

29. What kind of confetti are you having and how are you presenting the confetti?

Check whether you can have confetti at your venue and then decide on fresh or dried flowers. Perhaps you might be opting for a bubble exit instead? Then, how are you distributing your confetti? Personalised pouches or open baskets?  

30. What are you going to be announced as?

As you walk back down the aisle and enter your wedding breakfast, you’ll be announced as a married couple. But consider how you’d like this done. 

The day before your wedding details 

The day before your wedding should be all about soaking up the excitement and nerves you’ll be feeling. Most importantly, the day before the wedding is about preparing to marry the love of your life. There are just a few things we wanted to mention that you may want to do right before the best day of your life! 

31. Practice vows if reading personal vows and kiss

It seems silly, but it can really help ease your nerves. In the same way that a first look can. 

32. Storing your suit or wedding dress personal items

We have all the tips you need on storing your wedding dress. It helps to drop things off early to avoid last-minute stress. 

33. Get Pet or child care

If you have them, make sure your fur babies and your actual babies are being looked after on your wedding day if they're not attending. 

34. Share transportation contact info

You don’t want to be stressing about the arrival of the wedding transport on the day, so share this with someone in your wedding party.

35. Pack Your overnight wedding bag

Think of things you’ll want that will make you feel relaxed after your wedding day and maybe something sexy for the wedding night. 

36. Wedding gift caretakers

Have a responsible person who will look after all the wedding gifts and cards. 

37. Designate a legal document guard

In the same way, ask someone to be the guardian of all the legal documents on the wedding day. 

38. Get a Wedding emergency kit  

We have the ultimate wedding emergency kit and checklist so you can face your day confidently. 

39. Take some alone time

It goes without saying that your wedding day will require your full social battery, so get some me time in there! 

40. Get plenty of sleep

Beauty sleep is essential. Try and get as much sleep as you can. Your day will be amazing and you’ll enjoy every second of it.


Try to remember you're not the hosts of your wedding, you're the guests of honour that everyone has come to celebrate. 

Must-have wedding day details you need to remember  

All of these extra wedding day details are important, but it’s not the end of the world if you forget any of them. We recommend making sure you have an emergency wedding kit on hand though. Because if you do forget any of these things, that kit will certainly ensure you’re prepared either way. Wondering when to book your suppliers? Our wedding planning timeline is a handy tool in making sure you book your suppliers exactly when you need to. Not a moment too late or too soon! 

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