100 Little Moments… Part 2

Welcome to part 2 – I guess that means we have about 50 moments left to get through this morning so lets jump straight back in…

Chocolate Tiers

A friend of my aunt’s baked our cake – two tiers of chocolate. I sourced ribbon from VV Rouloux in London that matched the colours of the wedding and posted it to her. I didn’t get to taste any (how did that happen?!) But I am told it was a fabulous chocolate cake – it certainly looked fantastic. Planet Flowers provided some bright pink hydrangeas to decorate.

Strings Attached

As our service was in a garden, we chose Apollo String Quartet, in which a friend from school is the cellist. It was fantastic to have a personal connection and they were outstanding on the day, particularly as the weather was erratic and they (and their precious instruments) were outside. They are very talented musicians with an extensive repertoire, and apparently a sideline in groom psychology as Dan has commented often on how they helped him get through the 30 minutes I kept him waiting. At night we had The Elliot Murray band, another personal connection through my mum. They were outstanding – a great selection of music and the dancefloor was filled from start to finish.

I Want To Rock Your Gypsy Soul

This was a bit last minute. Dan and I love music, but don’t have a particular song. We went for Van Morrison’s “Into The Mystic” for the first dance, which is a gorgeous and chilled song. We are not great dancers, and in the end there was an element of body popping to entertain the crowd as we panicked at the attention towards the end of the song. The fact that the song is quite short was a blessing!

Pick Up A Penguin

For each guest we chose a Penguin recycled classic. We picked them with each guest in mind and had a special bookplate put inside to commemorate the day. Our stationers supplied the bookplates in the same style as the invitations. A lot of our guests have told us how touched they were to receive a specially chosen book, and we have warned them that we’ve kept a record and there will be a book quiz at some point! For the children, we set up plant pots in the wedding colours (an Ikea find!) filled with small games and toys to keep them occupied but also give them a wee treat. I remember witnessing one child whack her sister across the head with the bat-and-ball set we included, so apologies to both the sister and the parents!

D.I.Y Legend

We had the fantastic assistance of 88 Events, who we brought in at the last minute but who couldn’t have been more helpful and lovely to work with and despite having only a month or so to help us with the wedding. They hung white paper lanterns throughout the barn, and arranged beautiful chairs, napkins and hurricane lamps. Sheila at 88 Events was incredible at knowing, within minutes of meeting us, what we’d like – and she was spot on. Her team were fantastic on the day, and we really felt we were in a safe pare of hands. We made the table numbers ourselves out of papier-mache numbers from Hobbycraft, painted in bright pink to match the décor. My dad made stands for them – he’s a bit of a DIY legend. Our stationers supplied the menus for each guest, however I uncovered a secret love of DIY crafts and spent the two weeks before the wedding hand-making stamped place settings and orders of service. I ordered wooden stamps from Paper Source, a fantastic US-based stationary and crafts store that I used to haunt when I lived in San Francisco.

Choosing Every Element

The best thing about our wedding was the ability to choose absolutely every element of it ourselves, with no restrictions. Our venue came as an empty shell, and we had the opportunity to work with some extremely talented wedding suppliers who could not have been more inventive, stylish and helpful. Our caterers, 88 Appetite Direct, were awesome and we’ve had many comments about the quality of the food. From tuna sashimi and haggis canapés, an excellent wine list and fantastic team of people on the ground who provided cheery, seamless service on the day.

photography Lillian and Leonard

Flowers Planet Flowers

Venue Kirknewton House Stables

Dress Vera Wang

Shoes Christian Louboutin

Necklace Pieter Erasmus

Hair Freddie Antabi

Make-up EyeCandy

Entertainment The Apollo String Quartet and The Elliot Murray band

Wedding Planning 88 Events

Catering 88 Appetite Direct

And yet again, some amazing photography from Cara and Nye at Lillian and Leonard.
Hope you liked part 2 as much as we did folks.

And just for the record – my favourite moment was moment number 74.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

21 thoughts on “100 Little Moments… Part 2

  1. I have a SERIOUS question.

    We are also getting married outside and I am dead worried about my heel getting stuck in the grass. Is there a secret weapon I’m not aware of?

    ALSO I love the stationary. I will most definately check out paper source and hobbycraft for those letters. I love.

  2. This is beautiful and is seriously making me rethink my muted colour scheme!

    Rebecca- you can buy heel protectors to stop you sinking in the grass!

  3. right, so that dress is even better in part 2 that it was in part 1 (if that’s possible!)

    and the colour scheme really comes through so strongly and fabulously. our venue is very similar, a blank canvass, so this gives me hope that it will look amazing!

    r.now x x x

    oh and HOW leggy are those bridesmaids?! twit twoo!

  4. OMG I think we are having parallel weddings and im so pleased as yours looks just beautiful!
    I too am having navy blue ushers, hot pink colour scheme, peonies and hydrangea’s….oh and our first dance is the same song.
    Its lovely to hear you had such a wonderful day and if mine turns out anywhere near as good as yours I will be happy!! x

  5. I have that BM dress. I had NO IDEA it would look that amazing with pink shoes. I might even carry some pink blooms to match. So stylish.

    But this wedding has bags of style. The bride’s dress is just…well, I know it’s Wang, so it would be…but it’s so, so beautiful. It makes me quiet.

  6. I love this weddding – especially the decorations with the flowers in different shades of pink and the bridesmade dresses with the pink high heels look gorgeous.

  7. Hi Rebecca, I did some research for my brides who wanted photographs outside but were nervous of stepping onto grass and sinking in. There are a few options, firstly taping up the heel with clear binding, or you could put a perspex stopper on after the ceremony. Both products are available online if you google: angel heel protectors If it rains during your photographs, you could also invest in some cream wellies or flats, hitch your dress up and enjoy not having to worry about your footwear at all. Hope this is useful!

  8. SO so pretty, I love the tablecentres and the hanging white lanterns/globes, does anyone know where I can source these from? x

  9. I now have even more dress wobbles, Vera Wang *swoon* I am so buying that french connection blue dress if they still do it, for me that is not my maids 🙂

  10. Oh look!…they had Planet Flowers (Gem genius strikes AGAIN) and Oh look!… Paper lanterns in their reception venue and oh LOOOK vera wang aaaaand oh look outdoor ceremony with hydraaaaaangeas…ok, you get the idea. Lilian and Leonard, you are amazing, I feel like I’m there. So many perfect moments,xxx

  11. Hello! The big numbers were from Hobbycraft – we painted them pink. It takes quite a few coats to get the colour right – so leave yourself some time!

    PS thank you to everyone for the lovely comments about the wedding, and I’m thrilled that LillianandLeonard and Planet Flowers are getting the huge recognition and reputation they so deserve. Very pretty, beautifully photographed world domination will be theirs!

  12. Such a lovely wedding! Where did you get the swallow stamps that are on the place settings and order of service? I have been looking everywhere for one!! 🙂

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