A Sunshine State Of Mind.


A couple of months ago Lolly and I were sat in a cafe, laptops and notepads to hand, discussing new innovative ideas for Rock My Wedding (there were also hot chocolates involved, with MAJOR marshmallow toppings) and so began the process of creating our first RMW styled editorial.

About five minutes into the aforementioned discussion, a caravan dropped into my inbox. Well not literally obviously but images of a caravan that photographer Matt Bowen had recently renovated to be used at various events.

I liked the caravan very much, as did Lolly. And so it was inevitable that this retro holiday home on wheels would become a significant piece of inspiration for our first attempt at providing you gorgeous lot with some super pretty and easy-to-replicate ideas for the big day.


Both Lolly and I are huge fans of the 70’s era, from a fashion perspective possibly my most favourite era of all. I love the whole hippy vibe, flowers in your hair, loose plaits and long lashes, denim, crochet and maxi dresses in the softest chiffon.

As well as a sexy caravan we obviously needed a wild flower meadow to add the perfect backdrop for our 70’s inspired sunshine-filled desires (and um…the actual sun to put his hat on as it were). Lolly was also very keen to build a beautiful fort, the perfect outdoor space for lounging, reading and daydreaming – more on this later but if you are in anyway considering having a section of your wedding outdoors then this kind of thing provides an amazing backdrop for portrait shots or simply an area for your guests to relax during post ceremony drinks or the evening reception.


Our model Gabriella worked two hair and make-up looks, a soft natural glow complete with silver stars (I know – we all wanted to wear some) and a loose crimp/wave and two plait braids with a subtle bronze shimmery eye and a summery coral lip. We’ll be sharing all of the products used and how to re-create both looks next week on RMW so keep your peepers peeled.


Gowns were for the main part, floaty and bohemian from a selection at Naomi Neoh and Belle and Bunty. I also threw in a few shorter styles from ASOS, a crochet covered shift and a crinkled cotton bell-sleeved A-line, either would be amazing as perhaps a “second” dress but also as an addition to your honeymoon wardrobe.


Talking of honeymoon wardrobe, we also threw in some pretty prints that would work for the bar or the beach, and if you really fancied it, even as alternative bridesmaids dresses – we would LOVE to see a brides best girls in a cut-out-back star print… Floppy hat optional.


The flowers…oh my gosh the flowers. This saw Lolly and I shouting across desks to one another about the beautiful blooms we wanted, namely a giant bouquet of delphiniums, feminine hues of peach and pink and floral crowns…..only not just any old floral crowns. We wanted a variation – something altogether more “I have actually just stood in the middle of a field, picked a bit of everything that was available and this is what I’ve come up with”, we were thinking wheat and lots of natural greenery.


When Claire from Lily and May opened the back door of her van to reveal what she had created there were multiple squeals of delight. There may have also been some clapping.

Here she is to explain exactly what varieties were used should you lovelies fancy something similar:


Claire from Lily and May: Two very different floral crowns were created. Our first has a rustic feel, achieved by using a mixture of wheat, white nigella and astrantia. The second, a pretty romantic crown contains a mixture of pastel spray roses, nigella and pink rice flower with rosemary picked straight from the garden.

A bouquet of delphiniums in a variety of gorgeous pastels made a wonderful (and quite large!) bouquet. Apple tea carnations, astilbe, nigella, daisies, scented stocks and astrantia look great when used together to create a pretty pastel bouquet.

The White O’Hara (our favourite) which carries a beautiful scent is used on it’s own in the model’s hair.


The O’Hara rose was immense. And if you’re faced with what hair accessory to choose due to the multitude of options then this might be for you – undeniably beautiful as well as budget friendly.

Or of course you could opt for a delicate crochet headband and matching cuff as made by Evelyne at Urban Cosy. Or a single statement feather – also provided by Evelyne.


And you can’t not throw in a little bit of DIY to the Rock My Wedding mix, we’ll be sharing our button bottle DIY design and various downloadable designs such as our “Just Married” tin can labels (which should you have a caravan for W-day would go on the back of this instead of the car….obviously)


To capture all of this summer love we chose long term sponsor Ben from Touch Photography, this man knows how to capture a moment, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. He was even helping us pack boxes and un-stuff cushions at the end of a very long day.


Where as I tend to take responsibility for fashion, hair, make-up and general art direction of a shoot (this sounds very posh, what it means in reality is me stood in the middle of the flower meadow, getting bitten by scary insects and stung by nettles just so I can see exactly what shot we want the photographer to achieve…) Lolly is the styling princess. She and Lauren C from Fairly Light do things with plates, glasses and cushions that never fail to amaze me.


Lolly La Pop: Our 70’s inspired sunshine-filled desires were heavily influenced by the concept of the natural. Think of presents left by nature, vibrant feathers left behind in a flurry of flight, leggy grasses and ears of wheat, topped off with wild flowers plucked from hedgerows. We wanted to create a sense of a boho nomadic existence, of mismatched treasured items kept for posterity that were reminiscent of a magpie’s nest.


It was important that the shoot used items that that probably had a different use once upon a time but which had been hoarded, treasured, reused again.We used water jugs that doubled up as vases, a huge washing bowl and stools that had seen better days, old bottles covered in buttons, scraps of leather and remnants of the prettiest but fragile materials.


In the very early stages it was clear that we wanted to stage two table set-ups; one that even the most macho of muscle men would have been happy to sit down at and another that catered to our feminine side. Both were kept deliberately simple i.e. one plate and a knife and fork with no napkins or complicated arrangements. We couldn’t help but vamp the feminine table setting up a little bit with a lace tablecloth, 70s crochet cushions and some beautiful stationery by Abigail Warner which evoked a midsummer nights dream feel heavily influenced by dreamcatcher motifs and feathers. A plethora of cream, white, pink and lilac wildflowers were also added into vintage blue bottles to give a sense that they’d been scooped from nearby meadows.


The more masculine table used a palette of nutty browns, charcoals, creamy whites, sultry blacks and cobalt blues, bolstered by hard-wearing and functional denim cushions with homemade dreamcatchers, blocky patterns and 70s inspired square crochet bunting made by Urban Cosy that fluttered in the wind.


List member Charlotte from Buttercream and Dreams made our eyes widen with amazement and our tummies rumble when she revealed her gorgeous cakes for the shoot. We’d discussed at length the idea of naked cakes lovingly heaped one on top of the other with an overwhelming rustic vibe. Vibrant red juicy fruits made one sugar dusted three-tiered creation pop against a background of wild grasses whereas the lilac icing of the other double height miniature cake harmonised beautifully with the faded blue of the caravan.


Perhaps my favourite set-up of the day and my styling piece de resistance to date was the ethereal fort that Charlotte mentioned earlier. I wanted it to speak of hot summer days with only a whisper of a breeze and the sound of cooing woodpigeons overhead. Transience was the key – almost as if you could stumble over it one day in a dappled glade but perhaps the next day it could be gone. Oodles of lanterns and wildflowers, heaps of denim pillows and gauzy wisps of chiffon slung over the low hanging branch of a cherry tree, a straw hat and a vintage tambourine were gathered together to make one of the dreamiest spaces I’ve ever set foot in. All this was finished off with the most exquisite handmade bunting by Urban Cosy strung nonchalantly from the branches.


Click here & view all images from this shoot

Styling, Concept and Art Direction – Rock My Wedding
Assistant Stylist – Lauren C at Fairly Light
Stationery – Abigail Warner
Cakes – Buttercream and Dreams
Bridal Gowns – Naomi Neoh and Belle and Bunty
Print dresses and short white gowns – ASOS
Crochet Bunting, Crochet Cushion Covers and Bridal Accessories – Urban Cosy
Leather Feather Headband – Rock My Boutique
Floral Chiffon Headband – Belle and Bunty
Ceramic Jug – Rock My Boutique
Denim and floral print cushions – H&M
Bouquet Sequin Trim – Rock My Boutique
Belle Crystal Necklace and Bracelet – Rock My Boutique
Bottles, Glasses and Cutlery – Stylists Own
Blooms – Lily and May
Make Up Artist – Kylie McMichael using Clarins SS 2013 and Kryolan Lip n Cheek.
Hair Stylist – Lucy Spary using Bumble and Bumble
Caravan – Florence from Matt Bowen
Photography – Ben at Touch Photography

If you would like more information on any of the gowns, styling ideas or accessories used then please do drop us a note in the comments box below. We would love to hear your thoughts on our shoot and if as a result any of you are inspired to add a splash of 70’s sunshine into your own weddings.

Such as a tambourine.

Or perhaps a demin-clad fort.

Big Styling Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

33 thoughts on “A Sunshine State Of Mind.

  1. Absolutely love this post – Your model Gabriella is stunning and Ben the photographer shots are so cool….

    Thanks you for a really interesting and inspiring piece of work.

  2. Surely the most important question, the one that everyone wants to know the answer to, is this…tell me you got to eat the cake??!

    You never fail to outdo yourselves you clever clever clever ladies (and Im sure the boy had something to do with it as well)

    Bloody love it. I’m off to scroll back through the immenseness.

    Love x

  3. Oh my goodness……those delphiniums, and those dresses, and that fort, and that CAKE! I covet. I covet very much right now. There is a LOT of sunshine in Texas, and yet it NEVER looks like that. There is definitely some magic to the English countryside when the sun shines….particularly when you throw in a gorgeous model with silver stars! Ladies, once again you have out done yourselves. xxx

  4. I LOVE Florence and am currently working out where she’s going to go at our wedding, probably between the porcelain coloured Camper and Beetle. I think she needs filling with flowers for a romantic photo-booth/hiding place… x

  5. @Becky would it surprise you that Ste managed to eat an entire tier of the fruit bedecked sponge to himself?!

    @K Oh I LOVE the idea of a flower filled Florence as a photobooth!! Epic!

  6. Please can you let me know where I can find the grey/ blue full length dress from – it is perfect for my bm’s. Natalie x

  7. This has just made me very excited about the lovely O’Hara roses that will be in all of our wedding flowers – a great alternative for a wedding out of peony season x

  8. @Sarah – honestly the O’Hara were so beautiful – if you could bottle the scent it would be the most perfect perfume ever. Are you having them in your bouquet?

  9. LOVE THIS!! Excited for the follow up DIY posts as well, not that I need them anymore

    Off to draw stars on my face with tippex (limited office resources) xx

  10. So, so happy that I was lucky enough to spend a day frolicking in the sun with the delightful RMW team and the rest of the fabulous suppliers.
    @Becky – I managed to end up with the bottom few tiers of the scrumptious cake. Mr C was over the moon!
    @Karen – Do be careful my love! x

  11. @Karen – I used to paint my nails with tippex…..and isn’t white polish really “in” at the moment?

    I also used to stick my stars to my face when I worked at Morgan in House Of Fraser…..I was clearly way ahead of the times at sweet sixteen. Or something like that (!)

    Charlotte xxx

  12. Just love these pictures. Such gorgeous light. What colour lipstick is the model wearing in the second set (the ones where her hair’s plaited)? It’s such a lovely shade. Thanks!

  13. @charlotte – I also painted y nails with tippex. How very odd. Why didn’t we just buy polish? #boredinGCSEGerman

    @Lolly & Lauren C – I cannot believe I missed out on cake! blurgh! Maternity leave sucks! 😉 x

  14. Oh my…. I LOVE THIS! I get married in 6 weeks and this makeup is the look I have been after for ages! Please hurry with the products and tutorial – can’t wait!

  15. Wow love this shoot! So many great ideas! I absolutely love one of the wedding dresses in a couple of the shots, it’s the one in the last photo on this page, can you let me know which one it is as couldn’t spot it on either of the designers websites? Thanks!


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