…A Very Big House In The Country… Part 1

Lynsey and Barrett married on the day after the Royal Wedding, surrounded by rural charm at The Rectory Hotel in Malmesbury. This beautifully relaxed wedding with subtle vintage influence is all about the detail.

Who better to rely upon then than Jo and Simon at Shoot? The northern “super duo” record every detail meticulously and capture the elegance and the emotion of a day like this perfectly.

We didn’t want a summer wedding so spring was an easy choice and over a bank holiday was the perfect chance for everyone to enjoy a long weekend. At that point when we decided on a date the Royal Wedding wasn’t on the cards so we were totally surprised when they announced that it was on the same weekend. Another bank holiday on the Friday the day before the wedding was going to make it the perfect long weekend.

Like A Glove

I wanted to make a non-wedding dress statement, if this makes sense, and just stumbled across a Temperley outlet store on a trip to Bicester. I tried a few beaded draped similar styles but once I caught sight of the bright blue beads, I knew it was considerably different which echoed the style I was after. It fit like a glove and I just looked at myself and tried to make sense of the internal dialogue going on. It started with…. Right, I can actually pick both my children up without any major disasters – tick. Not too structured – tick. Shows off the right amount of skin – tick. Great colour – tick. Amazing bead detail – tick and finally I just felt great and couldn’t wait to show it off.

A Suprise In Store

My hair slide / accessory piece was given to me by my mother-in-law and was not vintage but just something she’d had for a while and once I tried it on I knew it just worked. I wore my watch that was a gift from Barrett for my 30th, and I was also completely surprised by a beautiful bracelet that the kids presented to me just before we got married. Which was made even more special as a couple of links were taken out to make Fallon a lovely little pendant necklace.

Bubblegum Shoes

I stumbled upon a scrummy pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes that completely matched the blue beads on my dress. I wouldn’t usually go for match matchy but they worked in a different kind of way, being slightly off the wall. Oh and one of the best parts… They smelled of bubble gum!

Making It Up

I did my own makeup and had a hairstylist come do my hair. I loved it more as the day went on as it got looser and a bit less formal.

Easy Street

I did mega research on the flowers as I wanted them to convey a vintage style mixed with a just picked out of the garden look. This was probably one of the most difficult details as I kind of wanted to do them myself but knew that I would totally be stressed if I did. So I managed to find a fab little store called The Fresh Flower Company with two great craftspeople that totally got my vibe. Easy street from there!

I provided most of the vessels that I’d collected from car boots junk shops and gran’s old bits and bobs. There was a mixture of lace covered jam jars, vintage battered tins and lots of glass vases. Each filled with a selection of vintage Amnesia Roses, white Spray Roses, Erygium, Hyacinths, Wax flower, Pussy Willow, Stocks, Antirinum, Veronica, Vibernam, Freesia-whites, creams, pale blues, pale pinks, daisies (taneceton) , craspedia (yellow balls) and hydrangea. My bouquet – I wanted a very natural un-arranged bouquet of Eucalyptus, Brunia, White Ranunculas, Rosemary, Blue Eringium, a couple green Hypericam berries, White veronica, White freesia, White Aster, grey Sennecio, lime green Vibernam. All tied with a little cream ribbon and finished with a gold brocade ribbon. Maybe a bit too much detail, sorry.

Fallon And Randall

We didn’t really have bridesmaids but our children were the ring bearers so we went with the notion that kids hate being put in something un-comfy and stuffy. So Fallon had a cute dress from I Love Gorgeous and Randall wore a great blue checked shirt and plaid bow-tie combo. Both good enough to eat. They were both happy with the choices as they did about 100 catwalk shows in the run up to the wedding, so as to ease the tension and huge ordeal of the whole thing.


In true Barrett style he only decided the day before the wedding what combo he was going to wear. He is totally in tune with his style and comfortable with making decisions based on his own feelings and not worrying what is ‘the right thing to do’ and ‘what others think’. Hence we were transported back to 1940’s as he sported a linen half placket back jacket with single vent, fine blue striped shirt with half penny collar and bright blue flecked bow-tie. WHITE trousers And his favourite ox-blood brogues.

A Total No Brainer

Simon and Jo from Shoot were the first people we called once we decided on the date. It was a total ‘no brainer’ choosing them to capture our wedding as we had worked together lots of times before and have always been blown away with their super talented style.

Venue – The Rectory Hotel

Dress – Temperley

Shoes – Vivienne Westwood

Flowers – The Fresh Flower Company

Photographer – Shoot

The beading on Lynseys Temperley and those colour pop shoes go so well together that it actually hurts.

Barrett clearly knows a thing or two about getting dressed too. To step away from the formal suit is daring enough but to go blue up top, white underneath and set it all off with a bow tie is simply inspired.

I wouldn’t be trusted to wear white trousers at my wedding, not if there was a chance of cricket in the garden… I’d be saying I do with green knees…

Also, I wouldn’t be trusted to hold the cake for a photo… no-one wants to eat cake off the floor.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

35 thoughts on “…A Very Big House In The Country… Part 1

  1. I f-ing LOVE that venue. LOVE. And the Bride is a classic beauty. And the Groom super duper stylish.

    I want to play cricket in the sunshine. Fails on two levels (1) I can’t play cricket (2) it is phissing it down.

  2. The bride looks BEAUTIFUL!!
    The dress is so pretty! I have chosen my dress already but wish I had seen something like that to try.
    Love the picture of the bride and her Dad.. A very emotional day.
    Groom and children look fab.
    Lace detail on cake and vases is really pretty.
    Congratulations x

  3. WOW-what a stunning wedding! I’ve just read it 4 times as there are so many breathtakingly beautiful elements.

    I adore the relaxed-yet completely fashion forward bride (and groom!) and their adorable children, the venue looks amazing, the flowers and buttonholes are to die for and the stationery is super cute. Not to mention the gorgeous pics!

    Also loving all the little details-the cute containers, the lace and the buttons-and that cake! Would love to know where it’s from (would also love to know where the cake stand is from!)

    What an amazing day xx

    P.S. Forgot to mention the bride’s hair-love the fact she had two different styles-and her make-up looks lovely. Do we know what products were used?

  4. Oooh, I have those shoes in ivory with the gold heart (I considered the blue too but my dress wouldn’t have worked as well as hers did!) The venue looks absolutely stunning and I wish I could do my makeup to look like that.

    The only thing they made me a little “booo” was to see a bride in a watch! I never like to see a bride wear a watch!

  5. I have a tendency to stalk Shoot’s blog on a regular basis so I saw this wedding on there a few weeks ago…..and I keep going back to it! It seems to get better each time, and I notice something new every time I look at the photos.

    This is without doubt one of the best weddings I think I’ve ever seen grace these pages. Truly inspired and completely individual. AMAZING!!!!

  6. This is thee most stunning wedding ever featured! If I wasn’t married I’d be taking plenty of inspiration (ahem…stealing all the ideas)

    Bride is absolutely gorgeous, and that dress…Yum!


  7. This is definitely one of my favourite ever weddings that I’ve seen on RMW; just beautiful! Our children were at our wedding too and I completely empathise with including them but not making them feel uncomfortable. I’m going to try and find the time to re-read this post all day! x

  8. I am in LOVE with that dress. I’m actually gutted I’ve got married and not found that dress. Can I do it all over again just to wear it?

    Seriously. In love with it!


  9. Wow, wow, wow and wow.

    Everything is so beautiful, love that style of dress. When I first started my dress hunt there was a very similar dress in Monsoon which I tried and loved apart from the fact I was about 3 inches too tall. Now only a month away from the big day I have just been dress shopping with my brother’s new fiance for her dress and spied, again, a very similar Manuel Mota dress, and now this… I am not having a dress wobble, I am not… eek!

  10. That dress is fabulous. Beautiful bride, beautiful groom, beautful kids, beautiful venue. Father of the Bride shot – stunning! x

  11. oh Adam and Charlotte you guys are on fire! Soooo much pretty so much variety, silly me for thinking it couldn’t get any better!

    So this family is just too beautiful! The bride=stunning, the Groom=FIT and the kids are just sooooooo cute!

    And the dress, so pretty! oh and the lace on the jam jars and amazing groom outfit… ok I just loved it all! Part two now please!!!

  12. OMG – I think I just died and went to Heaven!!!

    I want her dress, her hair, her shoes….I want to be Lynsey! And Barrett – wow! Amazing venue, gorgeous flowers, stunning children….can this just be me…please?!


  13. Rebecca – your comment made me spill tea

    Maria – I know, what a shot that is….

    Yes it really is a bit of an emotional tear jerker this one…. and just wait for part two (sounds like some of you can’t!)

    Amanda – thanks, let’s hope we can keep it up. With weddings like this it’s going to be easy! (ish)

    There are still lots and lots of clever details to this day that remain under wraps… you are just going to have to be patient and wait for part 2



  14. I love that they involved their children. I went to a wedding where as soon as the photos were done, the bride told her children (aged 3 and 5) that it was HER day and they were not to bother her or their dad, put them on a table out of the way and then went off on honeymoon and left them to be handed from relation to friend to relation for a fortnight! It’s lovely to see them as an integral part of the celebration.

    Adam – I’m with you. I looked at the photo with the cake and felt fear!

  15. I generally prefer more traditional wedding dresses but that dress has taken my breath away. It looks as though the dress was literally made and designed for Lynsey to wear it. Too beautiful.

  16. My favourite wedding blogged on RMW so far this year! Beautiful bride, groom and family, and the photographer captured a beautifully relaxed ambiance. Love the dress, flowers and other super stylish touches!

  17. That picture with the Brides Dad totally caught me off guard and had tears streaming down my face whilst sat at my desk. So lovely to see that type of emotion.

  18. Oh my goodness this is simply the most beautiful wedding ever featured on RMW! everything is absolutely gorgeous. The bride and groom make a very handsome couple, their happiness just beams through 🙂 cannot wait for part 2!!!!

  19. One of the best weddings i have ever seen (and i see A LOT!) The bride looks amazing, the groom looks super cool and the kids are such cuties. I love the venue, the dress, the style and of course, the photography by the amazing Shoot. Huge well done to the bride on being so creative and individual. I’m going now to have another look – gorgeous 🙂 xx

  20. What fab hair, wonder if mine would go like that!? All goes beautifully. Amazing venue, anyone know a similar type place in Surrey? xx

  21. Love it !
    Gosh Lyns- You 2 need to start being wedding planners.Makes both Kates weddings look rubbish!
    I am truly blown away!
    Sure you had the best day ever,you all had me in floods!
    Love to you all.

  22. One of the most beautiful weddings we have ever photographed without a doubt.

    Lynsey is seriously talented. Just so thrilled to have photographed it.


  23. Adam – I went to school at Nonsuch High School next to there and we had our leavers ball there, wasnt all that years ago but have heard all been done up very nicely, def on my list of venues to visit – Thank you! x

  24. Such a lovely wedding. Does anyone know the name of the dress? I am in the US and am having trouble finding Temperley dresses. Am looking at the Long Jean but this one is really lovely. Thanks!

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