All About The Pretty – The Best Bits.

As you will all know team RMW can currently be found presenting our “All About The Pretty Seminars” at the National Wedding Show at Olympia in “that London”.

Once again we packed up our office and stuck it in a great big white van, drove it all the way down to the big smoke and reassembled it – ready for three days of live W-day inspiration.

It’s our last day today, but already Charlotte, Vix and I have managed to have a ball (maybe even an amazeball). As always it’s great to meet our community (in real life!) and put names to gravatars, so a massive thanks to everyone who stopped by and said Hi.

There is always a bit of action and a story or two when RMW hit the road, already we have received a parking ticket (I overslept), we smashed one of our vintage bottles all over our stand (Charlotte being clumsy for once, not me), we had a power cut 2 minutes before our first seminar and we lost a few of our super cool inspiration books to the now infamous “National Wedding Show Fairy.”

On a brighter note though, we had a right old “celebrity” moment today when a TV crew for SKY descended onto our set and asked if they could interview Charlotte… I think we managed to play it cool but secretly inside I think we were jumping about like kids who’ve had too many blue smarties.

All in all it has been a really busy but really rewarding few days. We have had to shout out our inspirational talks to packed audiences, Charlotte has been working miracles seeing as many of you as possible in our 1 to 1 sessions and Vix and I have done our best to keep everyone on the stand entertained inbetween our seminars.

If you are planning on coming along today, please stop by and say hi! We do properly love to meet you all and we look forward to seeing those of you coming to the National Wedding Show when it arrives on our home turf in the Midlands in a few weeks time.

Thanks to Coulson Macleod for providing us with their (always) stunning limestone slates and BRAND NEW paper prints, Pocket Typewriter for our bespoke RMW love labels and Elizabeth Marsh for providing the beautiful blooms for our stand.

Happy Sunday peeps.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

20 thoughts on “All About The Pretty – The Best Bits.

  1. Looks awesome folks! So pleased it’s been a success once again.
    One thing that really annoys me though – people half-inching your stuff!! Soooooo rude!

  2. Your stand looks amazing as ever! Love all the pretty little details-they really do make all the difference.

    I so wish RMW was at the National Wedding Show when I was planning my own wedding-I enjoyed the show the two years that I visited but always felt like there was something missing inspiration wise and I think you guys have filled that gap perfectly.

    Glad to see your quest for world domination is continuing 


  3. Aww, I was wondering whether you’d have anything nicked this time round. Cheeky buggers.

    I would have loved to come along to see you guys again. Didn’t get to say hello to Adam or Vix when I came in October, I think I was a bit star struck by Charlotte’s beautiful peach jumper and gorgeous hair!

  4. great seminars and lovely to meet you on sat.. thanks to Adam for discussing photoshop vs illustrator problems with me (determined to make my own stationary)! Shame on those who stole your books. maybe it’ll rain on their big day -karma’s a bitch.. x

  5. Hi RMW!

    We were at the Wedding Show today, and saw your presentation on Decor and Decoration, and absolutely loved it!! My fiancé said it was the only thing out of the whole day that he actually found useful, and so refreshing to just have someone offering good, sound advice, and not just trying to ram their products down our throats!
    As a newbie to RMW (I actually came across it almost by accident a few weeks ago when a friend posted a link on Facebook, but unrelated to weddings), and I’ve been loving the bits of inspiration I’ve found on your site, and I’d just like to say thank you for your refreshing approach to all things weddings!!

    Julia x

  6. I came to the show yesterday and listened to 2 of your seminars. Both were really interesting and sent us away hunting some stamps to hand make our invitations to save money! We have since been thinking of lots of DIY ideas! So thank you for your inspiration!

  7. I’m so excited for the Birmingham show in a couple of weeks now – your stand looks so pretty!

    Debating whether to book a one-on-one?! Are there any spaces left for Friday?

  8. It was sooooo ridiculously nice to meet you all at the National Wedding Show today (I was the one with the RMW-inspired stamp stationery pics just after the 1:15pm presentation!). You’re all just as nice and friendly as I knew you’d be after MONTHS of religiously reading RMW, and I’m so glad I got the chance to have a quick chat about some of my W-Day stuff. Will definitely send you through some more pics of my DIY stationery once it’s all done.

    Lots of ‘Hooray-I-got-to-meet-y’all’ love 😉 x

  9. ooooh the thief strikes again, I can come and be a buff bodyguard!!! Your stand looks amazing as usual, can’t wait to finally get to one and SKY hey???? Autographs from you guys please! xxxxxxxxxx

  10. Hello everyone!

    So lovely to come home to such nice messages – especially from so many newbies!

    @Lizzie – it’s from Reiss pet, was in the winter sale

    @Lauren A – Ikea only £15 for the easel! – you can put little pots of flowers in the “shelf” bit which looks cute.

    @Amy – Good luck for your stationery designing 😉

    @Julia K – Glad you found us even by accident (!) and it’s great to have some feedback from your fiancé – thanks so much!

    @Cass87 – Pleasure, hope to *see* you more on the site!

    @Ruthie_Ruth – I do indeed have sessions, I will drop you an email!

    @Lara – Ah yes, your stationery was awesome! definitely send us the pics when you are done!

    @Kelly Reds – Ha Ha Ha, I think all this stuff is going to go to Adam’s head 😉

    Happy Sunday!

    Charlotte xxx

  11. Hello hello! Is there any future plans to up sticks and bring all that RMW loveliness Up North ie. Scotland? I was at the Scottish Wedding Show (SECC) and it was sorely lacking in unique gorgeousness!! Please say you’ll come, all us Lassies will be so chuffed xx

  12. Loved the stand and the presentations. And thanks very much for the advice. It was kind of wierd to see you in 3D though! It’s like you really exist in the same time-space as us mortals…

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