D.I.Y Wedding Stationery Wednesday…


Good afternoon ladies and Gentlemen. How’s the wedding planning going? What’s the budget looking like….?

Spent it all have you?

Twice over already you say…? Oh dear….

Ok, so what if I could do you a table plan, some table numbers/centre pieces and some amazing table decorations all for about two quid?

In fact… If you’ve got a Nan with a drawer full of old buttons (and who hasn’t?), if you’ve got a groom-to-be who enjoys the odd brewski and if you are prepared to “borrow” a few bits of paper out of the photocopier at work then todays D.I.Y extravaganza may end up costing you roughly naught pounds naught pence.

Cheap does not mean chaff though, everything you are about to see here was featured in our recent self styled shoot A Sunshine State Of Mind, and the general consensus was that it all looked pretty fine and funky.


Collect together the items you see above. As I previously mentioned drawers are a good place to find buttons. To clarify Im talking about chests of drawers here, not old fashioned underpants. Your Nan probably has both so don’t confuse her by telling her that you’ve come round to remove all the buttons from her drawers.

Next you need some empty beer bottles, a tube of strong adhesive and some barbecue kebab skewers. This is firm dad territory… Get yourself invited over to your parents house for a barbecue. You’re bound to be able to snaffle a few skewers and find some glue in the shed whilst the menfolk are scratching their heads trying to make charcoal go on fire. And by the end of the night if there aren’t any empty beer bottles lying around then it is unlike any barbecue that I have ever been to.

With the help of the downloads at the end of the post you should be able to knock up something like this pretty quickly.


The downloads are fully editable word documents so you can add your own numbers in and we have provided blue and grey options. Of course you can make your own design entirely if you wish. It’s simply a case of folding the edge of the cut-out flag over and gluing the skewer in place.


To finish off the bottle you can glue some buttons on to the front, we think a geometric line looks good but feel free to experiment. If you are going to use these bottles as table centres then it might also be worth filling the bottles three quarters full with lentils or chick peas to add stability.


The Finished Result

It really is that easy.

Once you have made a few of these they really do start to look great – in our shoot A Sunshine State Of Mind we decorated some bottles with buttons and others with feathers to mix it up a little.


This idea would really suit an outdoors rustic or festival styled wedding and there are limitless opportunities to modify and make the design your own. You could add ribbon or lace, make flags out of fabric of vary the type of bottle you use – maybe you have a favourite tipple?

I know I have enough Hendricks gin bottles lying around my flat for a wedding with approximately 700 guests. Mmmmm… Gin.


So there you have it. Just one last thing – the table plan! Courtesy of another super-duper free RMW download this escort card style table plan can be yours in just a few clicks of a mouse. It matches in with the table numbering and the addition of a few buttons gives it the perfect final touch.


We decided to hang our escort cards in a tree using some ribbon, but again you can get creative and add your own stamp to things. Maybe your venue has a particular feature or piece of decor you can utilise?

As you can see we had a lot of guests for our fake wedding who were all called Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw and we put them all on the same table!… Of course you can edit the downloadable word document and type in your own guest names and table numbers. You can invite Lauren if you like but we make no appearance guarantees.


So, there you have it. That’s all folks…

Apart from the actual downloads of course. Look below and on the Left you can click the flag to download the table number template, the escort cards download is on the right and if you want to use our font you’ll need that too – click it and it’ll take you the free font site we found it on.

That really is it now.

Bye bye,


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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  1. This is great info! And I absolutely agree! Its my number one advice for all my friends and brides to have atleast a day of coordinator who meets with you before the wedding, its a life saver on the day of the wedding!

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